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Single Player Progress

Hello! I’m Alex, the creative director and it’s about time we updated you on some progress. Let’s get back to what most of you are interested in: the single player saga.

With Factions wrapping up shortly we have a very confident handle on the combat. We’ve mentioned it before: combat in Factions is combat in The Banner Saga single player game. We hope that you guys like being able to jump in and try it for yourself instead of just reading about what it will be like. That system was, by far, the most complicated and risky part of the game and we’re nearly finished with it, aside from the enemy units that we haven’t released yet. That’s a great feeling.

Moving on! Game development is often thought of as one big whole— you’ve got story, level design, gameplay, art, features, dialogue, combat, so on and so forth. All of this naturally generates a series of dependencies. For example, you have to do concept art and story outlines before you can do animation and dialogue, and prototype gameplay before a final combat system. We’re well past pre-production now, and deep into the meat of production. So let’s talk about what that means.

Please keep in mind that we’re basically showing everything— the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of this is polished and complete, other things are very rough and some might even look amateurish. Rest assured the final product will be as polished as Factions is now. It’s all part of the process.

From a top-down view, we have three key systems that interact with each other to create the core experience of the game: travel, conversation and combat. We’ve talked a lot about combat, but what about conversation, travel [...]

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Sound in The Banner Saga

Greetings! As you guys know, we do a monthly progress report to keep you up to date on how progress is coming on the game. We’ll have the usual progress report coming just next week with lots of progress happening this month on the single player Saga.

Today we have an excellent update from HUD, who have been doing an astounding job with the sound and audio implementation on the game, which you can already get a good dose of in the Factions beta.

Kpow Audio is Michael Theiler and Peret von Sturmer, working remotely from Sydney, Australia, and what you hear from them are thanks to your support, without which we’d be doing our own foley, and that would not have been pretty. I very highly recommend checking this out even if you don’t know much about sound in games. The depth in each branch of game development can be pretty fascinating stuff.

I’ll leave it to Michael from Kpow to explain:

Situating an Ambience
When creating ambiences for games (this applies equally to film), I am striving to make them blend into the background, and not mask any important in game sounds. For most ambiences, these are the most important qualities that I am attempting to resolve.

In order to achieve this, I need to firstly focus on the repetition and timing between audio occurrences in the sounds. This means spacing sounds, and adding and removing sound occurrences in my audio sequence. I then work on the frequencies in the sounds, using equalization to mold them into the right sound. Finally, I work on their sound propagation, and the sound of the space in which they are to inhabit. These are the steps necessary to mould [...]

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