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The Last Part of The Banner Saga Let’s Play!

Greetings backers, we have for you the final installment of The Banner Saga demo. In this one we throw a fight to show off a feature we haven’t talked about much…

This playthrough represents a small fraction of the full game (it didn’t even include travel!). Hopefully it gave you a good idea of the kind of decisions and gameplay you’ll see at major locations along the way and just how varied your story can be.

Next time we’ll be back to more in-depth content updates as usual. Hope you’ve enjoyed the demo and see you next time!


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Let’s Play: The Banner Saga Part 4!

Ready to see the result of your decisions? Thanks for your patience! We’re still working on getting the website back on its feet, but we’re going to keep the demo going. After this I expect there will be one more video.

A quick report: we’re making ridiculous progress on the game. All the major cities in the game are done. We’ve got items up and working (many of which are submissions from backers), and we’re starting to get final music in as well. Austin will be doing a music update in the near future. At this point the majority of what we’re doing is adding the remaining content. Then it’s on to polish.

We worked over the weekend to get a build done for Fantastic Arcade here in Austin. Drop by if you’re in town and try the demo yourself! Regretfully, we (again) won’t be able to personally attend, since we’re heads down on production from now until the game comes out.

Something of note— based on feedback we got on conversation, we’ve already made changes to the game that we think help significantly. Check it out in the video!

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Let’s Play: The Banner Saga Part 3!

A short but important decision to make:

Plus some commentary! Not to worry, the next update should be a little meatier.

Also, want a much bigger and in-depth preview of The Banner Saga? Rock Paper Shotgun just posted a HUGE article about the 4 hours he played of the single player campaign.

Check it out here!

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Let’s Play: The Banner Saga Part 2!

Ladies and Gents,

We’ve gotten many, many people who would prefer to get lots of updates, so majority rule, here. To those of you who do not want to see new emails from us every day or two, I’ve been told you can filter that through Kickstarter.

Remember to vote! And please, any thoughts, comments, suggestions that come up- just talk to us like normal people. Be polite. Stuff like that.

Hope you enjoy!


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Let’s Play: The Banner Saga

Hello backers! After a brief delay the first part of the PAX playthrough is ready to go! Keep in mind, this is all in-game and we’re still in beta so some effects, polish and optimizations are still in development. That said, we’re getting damn close!

At the end of the video we’ll need to make a choice. What would you do? Vote in the comments and we’ll continue on next time with the most popular decision, a day or two from now. As always, watching in HD is highly recommended…

A couple people asked that we not flood their inbox with a dozen updates over the next week. We’ll be hosting the whole playthrough on the Stoic forums. You don’t even need an account to watch. Feel free to comment on the first part here, and check in on the Let’s Play thread to see what happens next.

Thanks for watching!

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