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Creating the Banner

“The Banner Saga has been applauded by reviewers and fans alike for the art style, something we are incredibly proud of. We’ve seen such great fan art for the game that it made sense to ask our fans to assist us in designing a real life banner. We are looking for designs based on the traditional Viking runic art style as seen on the Godstones in the game,” said Stoic’s Art Director Arnie Jorgensen. “One way of recording history in early Viking times was for each family to contribute (sew) their own ‘saga’ onto their clan’s banner. Similarly, we plan to include some of the best designs submitted in this contest to create a twelve foot banner depicting our fan’s experiences with the game, creating a community ‘saga.'”

The “Creating the Banner” contest is now officially open for entrants to submit their original “Viking-style” inspired designs at Winners will not only get their design included on the final life-sized banner, but they will also be sent a mini replica of the final banner for display. Full submission guidelines, rules and regulations can be found on the contest website. Submissions must be in by 11:59pm PT on Thursday March 13th, 2014.

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The Banner Saga

Two years ago, the three of us at Stoic set out to make an epic viking game: The Banner Saga. We did, and people loved it, so we’re making another one. We won’t make a viking saga without the word “Saga,” and we don’t appreciate anyone telling us we can’t. claims they’re not attempting to prevent us from using The Banner Saga, and yet their legal opposition to our trademark filing remains.

We’re humbled by the outpouring of support and honored to have others stand with us for the right to their own Saga. We just want to make great games.



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Our First Patch

We are planning on putting the patch up first thing tomorrow (Wednesday January 22nd) at 9-10 AM CST. Here are the release notes:
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String Saga: Quartet Launches Music Video Based on Viking-Inspired Video Game

“Sean Pennington, Mogley Samter, Kveldulf Haursson, Anthony Barker, Michael Lancaster, & Eugene Taylor ready for action at the set.” — Photo by Mark Anthony String Saga: Quartet launches music video based on Viking-inspired video game By Jenka Eusebio In the world of tactical RPGs, The Banner Saga promises nothing short of epic: stunning visuals, gripping gameplay, compelling plot, and an ambitious score composed by Grammy nominee Austin Wintory have come together to form a work of art inspired by Viking legend. Backed by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $700,000, indie game developer Stoic firmly roots The Banner Saga on nostalgic territory. The game features hand drawn 2D animation sequences which hark back to the golden age of American animation and storytelling that doesn’t cut corners. Rolling out before the player is a narrative riddled with classic, novel-esque complexity. And so here we discover that time-honored, traditional artistic styles still pack a punch, and always will.
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Your Saga Starts Now

It’s official — we’re live! Thanks to all our backers and fans!

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Reddit Ask Me Anything

We’re hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today starting at 10am EST and going throughout the day. Please swing by and ask your questions! We’ll also have Austin Wintory answering some questions as well!

Our AMA is now live at — come join us!


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Last Week for Pre-Order

We finally made it — we are in the home stretch to launch. In 8 days The Banner Saga officially launches. It’s been a long road and we’re excited to get this out the door and in to your hands.

This also means it is your last week to pre-order and get the discounted price as well as the Insane Viking Pack. You can learn more here. Thanks folks! Looking forward to next week.

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Album Cover

We’re in the home stretch and we’d like to highlight our soundtrack by our fantastic composer — Austin Wintory. Coming soon to his own website check out this preview of the album cover!

It’ll be available via at Austin Wintory’s site soon!

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Meet the Twins! Hogun and Mogun

Hogun and Mogun are two identical twins. Their weapon of choice happens to be the axe. That happens to be the extent of their likeness as from that point onward they have different ideas on most things including battle. Despite both having differing opinions on almost everything they are still brothers and will always have each others back in battle.

Despite their smaller weapons, these two brothers are both adept at dealing a lot of damage to their enemies using their axes and their battlefield cunning as Thrashers.

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