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We’re hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) today starting at 10am EST and going throughout the day. Please swing by and ask your questions! We’ll also have Austin Wintory answering some questions as well!

Our AMA is now live at — come join us!


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Last Week for Pre-Order

We finally made it — we are in the home stretch to launch. In 8 days The Banner Saga officially launches. It’s been a long road and we’re excited to get this out the door and in to your hands.

This also means it is your last week to pre-order and get the discounted price as well as the Insane Viking Pack. You can learn more here. Thanks folks! Looking forward to next week.

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Album Cover

We’re in the home stretch and we’d like to highlight our soundtrack by our fantastic composer — Austin Wintory. Coming soon to his own website check out this preview of the album cover!

It’ll be available via at Austin Wintory’s site soon!

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Meet the Twins! Hogun and Mogun

Hogun and Mogun are two identical twins. Their weapon of choice happens to be the axe. That happens to be the extent of their likeness as from that point onward they have different ideas on most things including battle. Despite both having differing opinions on almost everything they are still brothers and will always have each others back in battle.

Despite their smaller weapons, these two brothers are both adept at dealing a lot of damage to their enemies using their axes and their battlefield cunning as Thrashers.

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Happy Holidays!

#HappyHolidays Everyone — enjoy this festive rhyme from our forum member “Slimsy Platypus”
Twas the weeks before Yule, within the city of Strand
The young ones training for battle, with Stoicmom lending a hand
Armaments readied for battle, and laid out with care
With hopes that our enemies’ Warhawks, would not find them there
The men were restless, snuggled up with a pint
Drunk off their arses, on the mead hall floor for the night
The men dreamed of archers, with their backs turned
Grins across their faces, for victory! – they yearned
Then all of a sudden, there arose such a clatter
A large bang from the Great Hall; what could be the matter?
On Griss, on Iver, on Egil and Bersi!
If that is the Dredge, we’ll slay them without mercy!
The men rushed to the Great Hall, taking two steps in stride
For glory! For honor! For renown! For pride!
When they arrived, and much to their surprise
Was a single old Varl, a grey beard, and old eyes
“Ubin’s the name, and excuse the noise”
“I’ve prepared some gifts: some weapons, some new toys!”
Ubin grabbed a sword off the rack, and looked at the floor
“A sword as sharp as your wit, Iver it yours!”
Ubin then grabbed a tunic, hardened fast and leather
“To keep you safe Egil, and as light as a feather!”
Ubin then reached in his pocket, and leant out his hand
“Steam codes for all! To bring everyone to this land!”
Cheers and happy holidays everyone!

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Archers can deal a ton of damage at range as well as provide some interesting choices on the battlefield. With their great range, you can pick apart weaker enemies or you can choose to try and break down the bigger targets.

Archer abilities include setting traps for enemies. These traps can consist of setting a small area on fire or even placing a hidden trap that will stop an enemy in its tracks. Use your archers wisely as they need to make use of their range and keep enemies at a distance so that they can stay safe.

You can choose to focus your archers in to one of these unique classes:

Siege Archer — shoots fiery arrows that hit an area
Sky Striker — traps tiles, shooting enemies that pass through the tile
Eagle Eye — can hit multiple targets in a line



You can learn more about Archers by visiting the classes page.


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Meet Tryggvi

Tryggvi is a well-known character in his town where he is mostly avoided due to his raucous nature. But, there’s no denying his weight in combat as a skilled spearman, and you’re a wise man to engage his services to fight on your side.

Well known in his home town, for being the guy you hope doesn’t sit next to you in the mead house, or is yelling loudly in the middle of the night or building a collection of spears far more numerous than most men would need in a lifetime. He spends a fair amount of time by himself.

Learn more about Trggvi by visiting our characters page.

Make sure to gain access to Tryggvi by pre-ordering.

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Pre-Order Now Available

It is a big day for The Banner Saga with our pre-order going live today. We couldn’t have made it this far without you. To help continue this saga, make sure to let your friends and family know they can take advantage of 20% off the price if they pre-order the game and the Insane Viking Pack.

The Insane Viking Pack includes an exclusive character, an exclusive item, and 3 exclusive audio tracks!

**KS Backers automatically get the Insane Viking Pack

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The Dredge

The dredge are an ancient race of enemies who have clashed with men and varl since earliest memory. They were pushed into the icy wastes of the north centuries ago through the weaving ways of the Valka and have been kept largely at bay by the varl, but they’re starting to reappear again in number…

Dredge in-game represent the largest combat challenge as you will often be pitted against these colossal stone-like beings with strength that far outmatch even the most heroic vikings under your banner. Deploy the characters strategically and lead your caravan wisely as it’s often times brains and not brawn that may put you in a position to help them survive.
You’ll encounter many varieties of dredge in your journeys within The Banner Saga. Get prepared for combat on January 14th 2014.

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Meet Sigbjorn

We just unveiled another character from the game — Sigbjorn, a drunken varl warrior who players will stumble (depends on their drink of choice) across.

As always the case you should never underestimate a varl warrior and the same is true for Sigbjorn as long as he’s sober.


Learn more about all of our characters here!

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