26 04, 2014

Technical Blog #6 — Scaleform

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John Watson has just posted his next tech blog on the forums.

“The wheels of console porting are turning steadily, but slowly. I am currently evaluating 3 different development organizations that can help us do the ports. The way our game code is structured is fairly esoteric, so finding the right people is a challenge. The task requires previous experience with a fairly specialized piece of technology (Scaleform). However, I am in discussions with some people with very strong backgrounds in that area.

Autodesk, the company that owns Scaleform, has been very responsive so far. We encountered some early problems doing a rudimentary wrapper for our game, and they were very helpful in identifying the problem and possible solutions. We have been using the next generation ActionScript Compiler (ASC 2.0) for some time, but it turns out that the ActionScript Bytecode it generates (ABC) is not compatible with Scaleform. We have found a way to switch back to the legacy ActionScript Compiler, and those options are starting to yield results.”

Read the full update here by clicking right here!

10 04, 2014

Banner Contest — Winners Announced

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A heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted a design for The Banner Saga’s “Creating the Banner” art contest.  We were very impressed and humbled by the effort everyone made coming up with their designs to show support for the game and some of the results were fantastic.

Congratulations to the artists who’s designs were selected for the final community created banner.

1.       Katherine from Farmers Branch, Texas

2.       Jessie from Austin, Texas

3.       Anna from Massachusetts

4.       StandSure from Pittsburgh, PA

5.       Ian from Eureka, CA

6.       Chun-Chieh from San Deigo, CA

7.       Brian from Boise, Idaho

8.       Noah from Santa Rosa, CA

9.       Tyler from Seattle, WA

10.     Oleksandr from Foster City, CA

Over the next few days we will be highlighting the winning designs plus a few of the designs that didn’t make it onto the final community banner but that the team felt deserved honorable mentions.

31 03, 2014

Technical Blog #5 — Quality Assurance, Code & Ports

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John Watson is back to work and has resumed his Tech Blog where he goes in to detail on some of the things he is working on. You can catch up with John by visiting our forums at

28 03, 2014

The Banner Saga Stream

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We’re happy to announce that we will be chatting with the hitbox team courtesy of Indie Game Mag on Monday Night (March 31st) starting at 6pm PST. Come join the channel and chat with us and the hitbox crew. We’ll be live at Indie Game Magazine.

You can also catch up on the exciting Indie Game Mag news by checking out this link.

22 03, 2014

King and Stoic Studio Reach Trademark Agreement

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Stoic is pleased to have come to an agreement with King regarding Stoic’s The Banner Saga trademark, which enables both parties to protect their respective trademarks now and in the future. For more information, please check Polygon’s new article.

17 03, 2014

What is Stoic Doing Now?

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From Arnie Jorgensen —

Sorry we’ve been really quiet these days! Let me give you a brief run down on what John, Alex and I have been up to since launching the Saga and what we’re doing right now.

Leading up to the launch of the Saga we were working about 16 to 18 hour days for weeks upon weeks. No exercise and fueling the body on a diet of pizza and beer for long periods of time can really take it out of you. Since then we’ve only intermittently been in the studio. All of us have given back some time to our families who were as exhausted as we were. My wife has been taking care of my two boys. Taking them school, to cub scouts, giving baths, reading books before bed, camping, mowing our yard, making all the dinners, basically keeping the house running and doing it solo for over a year. The same holds true for the other guys in similar capacities. John, Alex and I gave pretty much everything we had to The Banner Saga, but so did our families. We wouldn’t do anything different. We knew getting this game up and running would be an effort but it was truly a labor of love (as cheesy as that saying is). Alex and family took off on a cruise, then went out to chill in Colorado. John hit Seattle then relaxed in Paris and ate really good fondue. I went skiing in Colorado then did a road trip to Florida to visit family. All of us needed to take a step back and enjoy life again… for a time.

That time is ending. We can’t wait to get back into the next [...]

13 03, 2014

The Banner Saga — On Sale for a Limited Time!

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Howdy Folks!

We’re pleased to announce that The Banner Saga will be on sale on Steam for a limited time. Go check it out and share the word while it’s 33% off!

Click here for more info.

11 02, 2014

Jorvik Viking Festival

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Versus Evil, an independent game publisher and Stoic, an independent game development company, today announced that they have partnered with the JORVIK Viking Centre, to present the award winning indie game The Banner Saga at the JORVIK Viking Festival 2014 in York in the United Kingdom. From Thursday February 20th through to Saturday 22nd February (10.00am – 5.00pm), visitors will get a chance to experience Norse mythology first hand at The Banner Saga interactive marquee on Parliament Street, York. The Viking Festival runs from February 15th – 23rd.

As well as experiencing The Banner Saga hands-on on one of four demo stations, visitors will be able to get a special discount code, which they can redeem through the digital download service Steam, and have the opportunity to randomly win a spot prize if they come dressed as a warrior of Norse Mythology.

For more details about the JORVIK Viking Festival 2014 please visit their site.

6 02, 2014

A Heartfelt Thank You

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The three of us at Stoic want to give a heart-felt thank you to all the fans who have supported us by playing The Banner Saga. We’ve gotten so many messages about personal experiences with the game that we’ve been quite honestly blown away. We didn’t set out to make a game for everybody, but the people who like it have been incredibly, overwhelmingly supportive, far beyond what we had expected.

Aside from the relief that comes with knowing that we’ll be able to keep working at Stoic for a long time to come, what has been really rewarding is the individuals who write to us saying things like “No game has ever been more worthy of the title ‘Saga’. A saga is something epic, something that will linger in the minds and memories of people for years to come. For that is what The Banner Saga is, a little slice of perfection that nobody else can spoil.” I can’t tell you how validating and important that has been to us. To each of you who have supported us to make this journey become a reality: thank you.

The feedback we’ve gotten from players and reviewers have really been taken to heart. We’ve already put out the first patch fixing issues reported by players about bugs and balance and after a short hiatus we’ll be coming back to work on the next game in the trilogy. If there’s one complaint we’ve heard over and over, it’s that the story isn’t done.

In short, we couldn’t ask for more, thanks to you.

—Alex, John and Arnie

5 02, 2014

Videri Viking Video

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The Videri String Quartet have released a music video and their inspiration was The Banner Saga. Composed by Austin Wintory, arranged by David Peacock, & performed by Videri String Quartet.

The Videri String Quartet created this video after hearing the soundtrack by Austin Wintory as well as seeing the game setting. Vikings, violins, and video seem to make a great combo!

While Stoic had no involvement with the video and it’s not anything official from us we would love to see more fan created videos like this or more awesome artwork for our banner contest that is ongoing at

The Videri String Quartet sent us a list of everyone who worked on the project including the little ones!

Violin I, Aubrey Holmes
Violin II, Renee Spadey
Viola, Roselie Samter
Cello, Jeremiah Barcus

Tricia Clark Gilly
Mike McWatters
Gene Taylor
Sean Pennington
Solari Mahirimah
Mogley Samter
Karen Samter
Rosie Samter
Weezil Samter
Joan M. Syverson
Anthony “Bob” Barker
Brian “Snowy” Vandegrift
Travis Holbrook
Sprague the Insane
Natalie Erikson
Michael Lancaster

Little Vikings:
Liam Dellwo
Naomi Dellwo

Special thanks to Austin Wintory & Weezil Samter. They played huge roles in making this video happen! From all us at Stoic — you folks all did great. Thanks for sharing this with us!

You can also purchase the track via at Loudr.