Archers can deal a ton of damage at range as well as provide some interesting choices on the battlefield. With their great range, you can pick apart weaker enemies or you can choose to try and break down the bigger targets.

Archer abilities include setting traps for enemies. These traps can consist of setting a small area on fire or even placing a hidden trap that will stop an enemy in its tracks. Use your archers wisely as they need to make use of their range and keep enemies at a distance so that they can stay safe.

You can choose to focus your archers in to one of these unique classes :

Siege Archer – shoots fiery arrows that hit an area
Sky Striker – traps tiles, shooting enemies that pass through the tile
Eagle Eye – can hit multiple targets in a line



You can learn more about Archers by visiting the classes page :



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We’ve just unveiled a new class – the Shieldbangers!


The Shieldbanger is the varl equivalent of a living tank. He boasts high armor and strength and his abilities allow him to not only soak up damage, but also push enemies out of the way on the battlefield.


Shieldbanger – varl tank with shield

Strongarm – knocks enemies back with his shield
Provoker – Taunts an enemy, causing them to miss a turn
Shieldmaster – returns damage to anyone who attacks him


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Raiders represent the fierce up close and personnel type of fighter, the sort of man who fights for a living. He is your quintessential Viking.

Taking cues from historical combat, Raiders can huddle together to form shield walls, improving their own defenses as well as those of their allies. Put multiple raiders together in the same formation and this defensive bonus becomes even more significant.

Each specialty fills a diverse variety of roles. While all Raiders are highly mobile, the Backbiter takes this to the next level by getting behind enemy lines to wreak havoc while the Thrasher can deliver a flurry of blows to an opponent even when close to death. Meanwhile, the Raidmaster has perfected the shieldwall, becoming a one-man forward charge who can deflect blows that would outright kill a normal fighter.

However you choose to build your raiders they’ll prove to be valuable team players in battle.


Learn more about our classes by visiting our classes page!

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The Landsman

A scout and master of his domain – the Landsman is an ally everyone should want to have on their team. This human is able to mark targets for allies and grant willpower to allies. His utility on the battlefield makes him a huge addition to any team!


How do you see yourself using the Landsman?


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