Folka Part 4

The finale of this shot story series about Folka from Nika Harper


Folka heard the yox’s long moan outside and sighed. It had a tendency to free itself from the barn and yowl, trapped in the cold. Yox are not intelligent, and this one was nearly as old a family member as herself. Her boots were conveniently by the door and she trudged into the dim night.


Though, it was not as it seemed. Immediately Folka was aware that she was weaponless as she watched her yox get dragged through the crunchy snow. There must have been three thieves, their shadows barely visible in the night, and sounds from the barn suggested more. Folka had nothing with which to attack, but that’s never stopped a lumberer from fighting. Though the preference was strategy, she had learned to be resourceful. This would not be the first time it saved her.


Without even a grunt, she ran toward the stolen animal, eyes searching for something to grab and swing. The figures had stopped shuffling away and stood ready, when—


An enormous bulk dashed into them first, bowling into the mass and leaving deep gashes in the ice-crusted snow. It was impossible to tell the ruckus from itself, all screams and growls and the yox’s wails. Folka did not slow her pace, but leapt into the fray, twisting the first arm she saw and releasing leathery reins from its grip. It was mayhem and the yox reared back, the yoke catching a brigand in the gut and Folka in the face. Her blood joined the others in the moonlight, splattering on a sword she wrenched away from the wielder, hearing the pop of his wrist breaking under her force.


The barn was [...]

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Folka Part 3

Part 3 of this exciting short story from Nika Harper is now live!

The bear within Bolverk had awoken and he lumbered through the cold forest, hands and feet digging into the icy soil. The rites spoke of primal living, of natural existence, and shouldering the cruelty of desperation. Living at all costs was what mattered. Bears were built to withstand the harshest and worst winters, to flourish in the verdant summers. They could sleep through the cold months if the land had been kindly, but Bolverk shared the winter nights and days with the less fortunate and more hardened kind. His kind.

The rites of the berserk were strict and secret. Every few years, or any time as desired, they reconnected with the ursine spirit within them through trial and distance. Bolverk was wrong to keep any thoughts in his mind, wrong to use words in any capacity, but ever so rarely they crept back in.

The Ravens were temporarily absent of their captain. To what would Bolverk return?

Back to the woods, if all was gone. The Ravens were motley and not of his creed, nor of his capability. A finer bunch he could never find, but no fellowship among them. Bolverk was not the man to create it. He did not nurture, he enforced. The wind bit at his shoulder, an aching twinge from the scabbed arrow wound, making the cold feel deeper. That foolish girl. He broke the rites when he spoke to her. He should have chased her where she stood. That was the true way.

More land passed beneath his legs. Walk on until varl instincts were left behind.

Brigands held no interest to him, their presence only spoke of trouble elsewhere in the [...]

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Tech Blog #8 – Mobile Porting

John has just posted tech blog #8 this time it’s focused on the work required for the mobile port of The Banner Saga. Click here to head to the post. 

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Tech Blog #7

John has just posted a new tech blog – check it out now!
Click here for a link to Tech Blog #7

“My opinion is that if you’re taking on all the considerable effort and cost of making a game, it’s a waste to not go the extra step and make it available in as many languages as possible. Especially a text-heavy game like Banner Saga. So the first thing we tackled post-launch is localization.”

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Folka #2

Enjoy part 2 of this 4 part mini-series from the very talented Nika Harper!


Bolverk knew this sensation. It seared and held on tight, digging as deeply as it could, and he roared in unexpected pain.

The little arrow wasn’t so buried in his shoulder after all; Bolverk sat upright and nearly dislodged it from its place. He shrugged the thin frost off his bare arms, covering them in his bearskin cloak and growled, expecting a fight.

Finding a girl.

Her feet were solid in the deep snow, and her face showed no signs of intimidation. A bear would retaliate against the attack, Bolverk knew, but her bow faced the ground and she made no further effort to draw. In this ice-quiet place, sounds muffled by peaceful snow, Bolverk was at a loss for how to respond. He grasped the arrow, tearing it out of his skin.

“Your arrows are weak.”

“My aim is worse,” she said back, rigid as any tree in the clearing. “I’m not cut out for hunting. Thought I’d give it a try.”

“A bear,” his unused voice growled, “would have eaten you.”

“No,” she stated, “but it’s unlikely I would be eating bear. Hopefully there are other creatures to hunt in the forest that I am more accustomed to.”


She wasn’t as young as she seemed, with her hair tucked back with ribbon and her arms wrapped in thick leathers. The girl, though a woman after all, shrugged at him. “You’re not a bear.”

“You know so little, girl. I’m more bear than varl. And you’re no hunter. A tiny human has no hope of hunting either.”

“Clearly.” Her gaze dropped to the pack slung across her shoulder and rustled around to withdraw out a tautly-wrapped handful. She tossed it [...]

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The Banner Saga: Warbands

Austin, TX – July 30, 2015 – A trio of like-minded independent companies, video game developer Stoic, miniatures board game creator MegaCon Games, and video game publisher Versus Evil today announced The Banner Saga: Warbands, a miniatures board game based on the successful and critically acclaimed video game franchise The Banner Saga. With production already underway, a Kickstarter campaign will also be announced soon.

While no details about the miniatures board game have been released yet, an interest list is now forming and the MegaCon Games team, who are currently attending GenCon in Indianapolis this weekend at booth 1449, are soliciting fan interest for the forthcoming release. A website has been set up at for fans to receive more information as it becomes available.


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Status Update

Hello All!


It’s been awhile since we’ve given you a proper status update with information regarding what we’re doing and what’s keeping us busy.


First off, let’s talk a bit about The Banner Saga 2. We’re including a lot of improvements this time around based directly off feedback from the first game and so far it’s shaping up quite nicely. We hope the additions of destructibles, new objectives during battle and brand new characters and classes helps add some variety to combat. The story continues and picks up right where things ended in The Banner Saga and if you beat the first game you can import your saved game (choices, characters, stats and items) straight into The Banner Saga 2 to pick up exactly where you left off.


Secondly, The Banner Saga is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. This is taking a lot longer than we anticipated so we apologize. We’re wanting to give you the best possible experience on consoles and Vita so we want to make sure we get everything just right. When is all this happening? Well, we’re still not sure on an exact date yet. We have plenty of work left to do, but we’re making great progress.


Third, we’re working on a lot of other Banner Saga related projects that we think you will really enjoy. We can’t share many details on it just yet but we’re excited to see the world of The Banner Saga continue to grow and expand.


Finally, thanks so much for all of your kind words, your support and your continued understanding as we work on the game. We are eager to get The Banner Saga 2 in your hands so you can continue your [...]

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Banner Saga 2 Wallpaper

Howdy Folks!

We’ve got an awesome Banner Saga 2 Wallpaper for you! Please note that the first image is 1024×768, the second image is 1280×1024, and the third image is 1920×1080. Please share with your friends!

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Banner Saga 2

Last week at The Game Awards, Arnie and John got the opportunity to introduce Banner Saga 2 with a brand new trailer.

We’re honored to be bringing you more Banner Saga and can’t wait to share more details with you folks!

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The Ghost Varl – Support Bedlam

The minute I saw the concept art and heard the gameplay pitch of Bedlam, I was anxious to be a part of it. It sounds and looks like just the kind of game I would enjoy playing. The idea of adapting our technology to the task is exciting as well, because it lets us get more use out of the immense effort we put into The Banner Saga, as well as improve the engine through refinement and collaboration. I want to go to Bedlam! Check out their Kickstarter at .

We also got to make “The Ghost Varl” character for their game – check out the full color version at the link above!

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