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New 16-08, 11:07
Let's face it: These forums just don't want you, spicy
New 16-08, 12:59
Yeah... can't you be a little less spicy? The Forum is sensetive
New 17-08, 09:35
New 17-08, 09:35
I'll figure it out asap, Spicy
New 17-08, 12:41
@janice9900 -- Wiped your message. Dunno what was hidden under that link. You'll be watched...
New 20-08, 01:32
you guys! lol
New 21-08, 07:58
Spicy, you are now saved - you should be able to see what you need and can be as spicy as you like. <3
New 22-08, 00:18
thank you!
New 22-08, 03:17
@khatie --- I still had to approve @spicy's post to show up in the "Welcome" thread, even though he had 55 posts in the forums already...
New 22-08, 06:36
perhaps my inability to access Kickstarters is because I have a mac
New 22-08, 07:48
No no... I get the same page as you - we all do I presume.
New 22-08, 10:30
New 26-08, 16:46
I think Aleo actually fixed the "moderated post" issue people were having! If anyone is still having posts moderated please let me know!
New 26-08, 16:46
Thanks, Aleo!
New 27-08, 12:22
At your service!
New 07-09, 16:11
Oh, me seeing color changes, on names at least :P
New 10-09, 01:13
thanks Aleo!
New 13-09, 14:49
Yah the names should be correct / reflective of the 'top' rank now.
New 08-10, 11:40
Hey, how do I activate Community Backer Key?
New 12-10, 12:07
Hi Gabriel! I am sorry I missed this question. You will be sent an email on how to use it later on when the Discord channel is open for backers.
New 16-10, 12:13
New 16-10, 12:15
@Khatie Attempted to follow the link to instructions for alpha battle backers, but was denied access. I am a kickstarter back of the appropriate level, though my account was registered only today.
New 16-10, 12:17
Disregard. Answered.
New 16-10, 12:17
New 16-10, 14:56
Glad to hear it, welcome!
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