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New 16-10, 12:15
@Khatie Attempted to follow the link to instructions for alpha battle backers, but was denied access. I am a kickstarter back of the appropriate level, though my account was registered only today.
New 16-10, 12:17
Disregard. Answered.
New 16-10, 12:17
New 16-10, 14:56
Glad to hear it, welcome!
New 19-10, 03:51
Hello. I am far from a forum warrior, but does the backer key automatically fit itself to the forum user or do i actively have to do something?
New 19-10, 03:53
or is this the Alpha forum?
New 19-10, 11:31
Hi BechMeister! The backer key is not used here on the forums - you just need to have registered with your KS/PledgeManager email.
New 19-10, 11:31
The backer key is used on Steam.
New 20-10, 15:46
Is this the key on our reciept in Pledge manager?
New 20-10, 15:46
Because that doesn't do anything for me in Steam.
New 21-10, 00:37
@Talok Keep the key for now. It'll play a role later on.
New 24-10, 18:10
The Community Backer key is to use in our Discord channel - just send it in a private message to @Saga3-KS-bot and you'll be given access to the #kickstarter Discord channel
New 24-10, 18:10
New 24-11, 03:47
Haven't visited this chat in a long while...
New 24-11, 13:51
It shows
New 01-12, 01:19
chirp chirp
New 01-12, 13:08
Hi birdie
New 01-12, 15:48
Spicy birdie
New 03-12, 09:19
Chirp! Chirp! spicykorean (this is our journey language)
New 25-12, 17:07
��❇����❄⛄Happy Holidays to all our Banner Saga Community! ��❇����❄⛄
New 26-12, 14:39
Thank you Happy holidays all!
New 28-12, 11:27
iPad got an IOS update last night and after that my banner saga 1 game won’t get past loading screen. This happening for anyone else?
New 28-12, 17:10
Nevermind it seems to have fixed itself, when I got home and connected to WiFi, not sure if it was stuck trying to pull cloud data or what
New 31-12, 14:22
Glad you got that sorted out, Piscesjustinp!
New 16-01, 14:11
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