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New 04-05, 13:42
He last showed up a few weeks before Saga3 KS was announced.
New 11-05, 22:46
New 12-05, 02:10
Heya, spicy
New 12-05, 10:06
Happy birthday, ALEO!
New 13-05, 00:29
HP+ Birth Day, Aleonymous
New 14-05, 04:22
Thank you!
New 14-05, 20:42
I hope you celebrated all weekend
New 15-05, 07:18
Nah, nothing special. We had lunch out with my wife that day (Saturday), but it was a normal weekend otherwise...
New 17-05, 11:16
Lunch with your wife is *special*
New 17-05, 13:45
Hahaha, indeed. It's a commodity we rarely have now, after baby came, that is
New 18-05, 10:18
Exactly!! As much of a gift to your wife as to you, I'm sure.
New 18-05, 14:00
Hmm, we had a couple of Viagra-related spam attacks. Lately. Spammers are more than our regular posters!
New 19-05, 00:31
@Aleonymous "Spammers are more than our regular posters!" You're right. At this point, they're practically family
New 19-05, 01:49
New 19-05, 03:16
So, I should stop banning them?
New 19-05, 08:45
Nooo lol
New 19-05, 08:45
Keep banning them. We don't need Viagra to prop up our forum community! *snerk*
New 19-05, 15:58
New 21-05, 02:54
It's the off-topic sub-forum that gets the most spam attacks, because it is not "protected" like the rest... Maybe we should extend the protection measures (two post approval) to that one too?
New 21-05, 23:40
Why not. The traffic will only get more intense as the game moves towards release. We might as well prepare now.
New 22-05, 15:59
Alright. Will try to figure it out when I get some free time
New 24-05, 22:16
hello !
New 24-05, 22:47
Heya, spicy!
New 26-05, 13:25
Agreed re: protection for those. Thanks Aleo!
New 26-05, 13:25
Hi Spicy!!
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