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New 21-06, 13:20
Hey tutto. I zapped your post as it was unrelated to that thread you posted in (and a bit spammy too). Please be respectful of the forum rules
New 27-06, 12:47
Good evening, how can I delete my profile for the forum?
New 28-06, 10:07
If you can't maybe we (admins) can. But why?
New 29-06, 10:15
Njael why would you like to delete your account? If you send me a PM to explain why I can help you. Thank you.
New 01-07, 08:26
wow we got some action on the forum?
New 01-07, 16:31
What? Where?
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New 03-07, 13:49
New 03-07, 15:40
I hear laughter...
New 04-07, 10:03
So is that how we summon you, Aleo? With giggles?
New 04-07, 11:36
New 04-07, 12:10
Sounds of merry-making are always welcome in these quiet halls. Only shadows and whispers are to be found these days...
New 09-07, 10:31
Speaking of whispers in great halls, have you heard the stories of a land called Northgard?
New 09-07, 10:33
They say it is an Island of great beauty and wealth...
New 09-07, 12:37
I stranded there two suns ago, and it hold me well in its graceful grip
New 09-07, 12:43
but beware the bewitchment of these lands, for they leave a longing in your heart, piercing your senses to this world and scarring you dull...
New 09-07, 14:15
Hey grumpy Thanks for the warning! I am aware of Northgard. Actually, a friend offered me a key in exchange for beta-review. Alas, RL is hectic here (w/ work & baby), so I had to pass.
New 09-07, 18:09
HeyHey Aleo! So, you are bound to avoid the treacherous seas of gaming, not the least of feats I say. The elder spirits (and youngest feys) will prove good company to you
New 09-07, 18:11
Northgard is a fast-paced, more dynamic and very intelligent designed "settler"-type of game, of course in our beloved lore and drawn 2D art
New 09-07, 18:13
I can't tell much really yet, because I bought it only this weekend, but I adore it so far.
New 10-07, 04:39
I always read reviews from friends, so I'll be glad to hear yours, when you've had your time with it. I will probably end up grabbing it in a sales, to decorate my backlog :P
New 16-07, 01:09
hello all
New 17-07, 00:24
Heya spicy
New 17-07, 09:31
Hi all
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