The varl are a cross-breed of man and animal, created by an impatient god who wove together a twisted version the original Loom-mother’s creations. Varl are horned giants who are strong and aggressive and have the reputation of being impeccable fighters. Respected as warriors, they can live to be a few hundred years old if their lives are not cut short by a fall in battle. Despite their warlike culture, they too cultivate friendships and are not without emotions, similar to their human counterparts, and tend to do a better job of sticking together than the humans. Their attitude towards their human allies is somewhat condescending, believing that they are the superior beings, particularly when it comes to strength and fighting.


The humans were the original creation of the Loom-mother, a very clever and patient god who was responsible for weaving life into the tapestry of creation. As farmers, peasants, merchants, woodsman and warriors, they are the center of Viking culture in this world. Born out necessity due to the threat of the dredge, humans hold a casual alliance with the varl, tainted with the sort of mistrust that exists between any two different races of people.


Dredge are the colossal, armor clad ancestral enemies of the varl since the beginning. They were formed when one of the gods, jealous of his peers, took their creations and twisted them into something bizarre and unnatural and then set them free to wreak havoc on the land. After some long and bloody wars the dredge were thought to be extinct, but they started to slowly reappear and no one knows why.

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