Long before the gods died, they learned the ways of creation, weaving patterns of mountains, streams, and even life. But who were these fabled world builders and what was their legacy? Now is your chance to carve a piece of history into The Banner Saga by creating a godstone tale for Stoic!

We’re looking to chisel three of the best, most creative stories from our fans directly into the mythology of the The Banner Saga 2. Imagine players resting their caravans in the shade of a massive stone dedicated to your god! Did she roam the land planting trees and safely guiding lost children home? Or was he a vengeful stag who wrought avalanches down upon his foes? We’re sure you can do much better than this, so give us your best. Their legends are limited only by your creativity…and the following few guidelines.

  • Your god should be different from any other in the The Banner Saga, but should still fit into a world with varl, dredge, and vikings. Sorry, Martians won’t cut it.
  • Find inspiration from nature and interactions with the The Banner Saga world: a god of sea storms and fishing makes sense, but a god of social media? Not so much.
  • Tight, concise descriptions are always more interesting, so tell us about your god in 250 words or less. You can do it!
  • Your godstone stories must be received no later than September 26th, 2014
  • Only 3 submissions will be chosen and those writers will work closely with Stoic!

For a list of our pre-existing gods – or great examples of what we’re looking for – go here. Better yet, play The Banner Saga ! We look forward to reading your entries and choosing the best stories to make The Banner Saga even better! Skal! Full contest rules are available by clicking here.



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