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Zeb L. West Interview

By |April 18th, 2019|

We chatted with our Producer and Narrative Designer, Zeb L. West about his beginnings in the video game industry, and the hard work he’s put in to get where he is now. 
What attracted you to the game development industry?
Fabulous secret worlds were revealed to me the day my mother brought home an Atari 130ST – a lifelong love affair began with Wizard of Wor and a million other games to follow. I have a background in Theater Production and brought some applicable skills to when I transitioned from running a theater company in Brooklyn to project managing [...]

Lance Myers Interview

By |April 17th, 2019|

We recently asked our Lead Animator, Lance Myers how he started working in video games and what keeps him motivated.
How did you get your start in the game industry? What led you to this career?
I moved to Austin to study art at the University of Texas. There I made friends with all the cartoonists for the college paper. They all started drifting towards animation and helped me find my first job at a traditional 2D animation studio called Heart of Texas Productions. At Heart of Texas we worked on Space Jam, Anastasia, Quest for Camelot, and [...]

Danny Moll Interview

By |April 9th, 2019|

We recently asked our Senior Artist, Danny Moll how he got into the business of making video games and what keeps him motivated in this incredibly competitive field.
How did you get your start in the game industry? What led you to this career?
I studied art/game art in college and landed an internship at Disney Interactive in my last year of school, which eventually led to a full-time concept position. The honest answer is, World of Warcraft loading screen artwork – I loved that stuff and wanted to be able to make art like it.
What is [...]

Drew Clowery Interview

By |February 27th, 2019|

We recently asked our Gameplay Programmer, Drew Clowery how he got into the business of making video games and what keeps him motivated in this incredibly competitive field.
What attracted you to the game development industry?
I love games. I’ve always loved games, and honestly I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.
What are some previous game titles or studio names you’ve worked with?
I started in the game industry as a Customer Service Representative working on Dark Age of Camelot by Mythic Entertainment. After that I was a Game Designer on Pirates of the Burning [...]

The Banner Saga Animation Process

By |August 7th, 2014|

As most of you know, we went an uncommon route with the character animations for The Banner Saga, deciding not just to do 2D animation, but to use traditional animation techniques to really achieve the old Disney "Sleeping Beauty" effect we were going for with the game's art style. This decision was based on pure madness in retrospect, but more specifically a deep-seated love of classic animation. We wanted the game to always feel like you're playing an animated movie.

Travel, Story and Combat Choices

By |May 29th, 2013|

Thank you so much for being patient, it means a lot to us and we repay that kindness with work that has been, without a doubt, the hardest and most all-consuming endeavor I’ve ever undertaken.

Alright, enough personal stuff. This update will get more in-depth about travel and story.

First though, the usual ESSENTIAL Q&A for anyone just joining us:

Q: When is the game coming out?
A: Later this year. We used the much larger budget to make a much larger game.

Q: How long total has the game been in development now?
A: 1 year and 1 month

Q: How/where do I upload my [...]

White Box

By |April 4th, 2013|

Hello, backers. We meet again in good spirits!

We’ve got quite a bit of development progress to get into, but before we jump into that, we’re going to do a quick repeating feature at the top of every update addressing some of the common questions we get. Usually we get these same questions several times a day, so hopefully this will help keep everyone up to date:


Q: How/where do I upload my guild crest?
A: We’ll be including crest uploads as part of the actual game, so there’s never a deadline. It will only be accessible by backers.

Q: When [...]

Q&A with Alex

By |February 21st, 2013|

Hey everybody! We’ve had so much going on that it’s been hard to find the time to catch our breaths. With Factions coming out in the next week this seemed like a good time to catch up with our backers and have a nice chat.

Basically, we know there are lots of questions about the project right now. We’ve answered every question we can find, in as many places as possible, but we think it’d be helpful for everyone if we rounded them together for an update.

I’ll also be happy to field any questions in the comments section below if [...]

Single Player Progress

By |January 31st, 2013|

Hello! I’m Alex, the creative director and it’s about time we updated you on some progress. Let’s get back to what most of you are interested in: the single player saga.

With Factions wrapping up shortly we have a very confident handle on the combat. We’ve mentioned it before: combat in Factions is combat in The Banner Saga single player game. We hope that you guys like being able to jump in and try it for yourself instead of just reading about what it will be like. That system was, by far, the most complicated and risky part of the [...]

Sound in The Banner Saga

By |January 23rd, 2013|

Greetings! As you guys know, we do a monthly progress report to keep you up to date on how progress is coming on the game. We’ll have the usual progress report coming just next week with lots of progress happening this month on the single player Saga.

Today we have an excellent update from HUD, who have been doing an astounding job with the sound and audio implementation on the game, which you can already get a good dose of in the Factions beta.

Kpow Audio is Michael Theiler and Peret von Sturmer, working remotely from Sydney, Australia, and what you [...]