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  2. Logged in but unable to post in other forums?
  3. Why can I not access the Kickstarter forum?
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  5. Forum and Tapatalk?
  6. Rss?
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  10. Sorry for the mess...
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  12. Have Not Received Physical Reward
  13. It is still possibel to back? (PayPal`)
  14. So there's no way to upgrade pledge amount outside of Kickstarter?
  15. Change of email address
  16. How do I change my profile picture?
  17. | new forum sections appear messed up
  18. Banner Saga Factions Beta Let's Play
  19. A couple of niggly forum things
  20. Crest design?
  21. Haven't received any emails regarding the beta keys/instructions/client
  22. Backer but not beta keyed?
  23. Official WHY CAN'T I GET INTO TESTING?!?! thread
  24. My Paypal email is different from my account email
  25. User Awaiting Email Confirmation
  26. The survey. and margin of error.
  27. Spambot on forums?
  28. Bought a beta key but wasnt signed in
  29. New to Banner Saga, Quick Question
  30. Gifting Beta Access?
  31. Pre-order
  32. Beta Adobe Air error
  33. Steam Connecting.
  34. Steam link for entering my beta key and dowloading the game?
  35. Banner Saga SP or MP??????
  36. Please refine chatbox so it doesn't jump to bottom on refresh
  37. Something that's been bothering me for a while...
  38. The Latest Post Bar
  39. This needs more players
  40. The Banner Saga - Factions Wikia
  41. The official "How do I get into Factions?!!!111!!!" thread
  42. help filling out a reference wiki
  43. Before posting in the Community Support & Feedback area...
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  45. Forum descriptions are way cramped
  46. Closed thread with no notification
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  49. Reporting abuse.. EgoreL
  50. We all know him
  51. Site Organization Constructive Criticism
  52. Before posting in the Community Assistance area...
  53. How do i get identified as a backer
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  55. Image Uploading Issue
  56. Howdy Folks - From VersusEvil :D!
  57. Accessing the KS Features
  58. GoG.com ?
  59. Missing Steam keys
  60. Let's Play Permissions/Conditions
  61. Suggestion -- Save Builds
  62. OST Format
  63. I get logged out of the forums whenever I try to post
  64. Steam Soundtrack
  65. [The Banner Saga] Display bug
  66. The game was great, except for...
  67. Another Reddit AMA?
  68. Creating The Banner Contest
  69. How to preserve game for part 2 ?
  70. @DEVS The Steam Community are very angry about STOIC!
  71. [BUG] Registration
  72. Is Alex Thomas no longer part of Stoic?
  73. iOS Crash
  74. No sound
  75. Continuous iOS crashes and stuttering
  76. How to obtain a KS refund?
  77. Banner Saga Android - Sound Stuttering
  78. Banner Saga Crashing Android
  79. iOS cloud saves support
  80. Screen 'jumps' - BSaga on Android
  81. Forum Posting Issues
  82. Just How Much Space Do I Need for this Game!? (Mobile)
  83. Single Player PC Slow/Delay
  84. Single Player On PC Sluggish/Delayed
  85. Rook crashing
  86. Oddleif is cursed
  87. Bug - Willpower Horn not working (Android)
  88. Downloading update on Andorid device is not loading
  89. The Banner Saga PC - Xbox 360 Wireless controller support
  90. Can't download from App store
  91. Unable to Initialize
  92. Xbox One loss of game save progress
  93. Banner Saga not working on iOS 9.2.1
  94. BS won't install from steam to Mac OS 10.9.5
  95. BS Not Working on Steam
  96. Spells
  97. Scathach's Trample ability dropped to Rank 1 after reaching Level 6 - help
  98. Graphics Glitch in Battle
  99. Bug during training woth Holfi
  100. Problem with Dytch's Track Ability
  101. Game wont progresses at old ford (help)
  102. Banner Sagas 1 & 2 Not working on Steam, Please Help!
  103. Help transferring Banner Saga 1 to Banner Saga 2
  104. Help, think game is bugged and can't progress! Spoilers.
  105. [Bug] [Minor Spoilers] TBS2 character deaths
  106. [Xbox One] Help! Banner Saga 2 keeps crashing
  107. Steam: The banner saga 1. achievements problem.
  108. performance on ps4
  109. Banner Saga 2 keep freezing/crashing on ps4 during battles. (Update)
  110. TBS2 Importing saves incorrectly.
  111. How to import saved games on iPad?
  112. Google play BS1 sync
  113. Requesting Community Assistance - Beta Testing TBS1 on Steam
  114. TBS2 - Problems with first choice on river
  115. Requesting Assistance - Localization beta of EspaŮol, PortuguÍs, and Русский!
  116. Linking KS account(s) to my profile?
  117. TBS1 lags on Android - Forums registration on mobile does not work.
  118. BS2 Survival Level 33
  119. Game won't launch from Steam when I start it on Mac 10.11.6
  120. Download error 495 android
  121. Survival mode keeps crashing, and each time , the game thinks I'm using a reload.
  122. TBS2 - HELP :< Cant Launch
  123. Banner saga 3 late Kickstaers
  124. Where can I report bugs?
  125. PRE-ORDER on XBOX
  126. Console Error (Red Screen) on Execution
  127. I can't import Banner Saga 2 save into BS3 on Xbox
  128. BS3 bugs post-battle
  129. TBS3 Russian Translate
  130. [Bug] [Spoilers] TBS1 No music playing during the second stage of the final battle
  131. Import bug from BS2 to BS3
  132. No Gold bridle awarded after ettingbekr fight on PS4
  133. 1000 day glitch BS1
  134. Horseborn losing abilities.
  135. Any news about BS3 for Android?
  136. PS4 BS1 to BS2 save import problem
  137. EmptySteamDepot instead of dlc folder
  138. Console Error (Red Screen) on Execution
  139. Hard cap on supplies in Banner Saga 1?
  140. Please update BS1 for Mac on GOG