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  4. A Budding Story
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  10. The Long Ships
  11. Fan Fiction: A Varl's Tale by Slimsy Platypus
  12. Diablo 3
  13. Strand: The Story so Far...
  14. Fill in the speech bubble above you (Factions style)
  15. The Girl and the Water
  16. Steelhammer Tribune #1. Interview with the champion
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  18. The Steelhammer Tribune!
  19. Choose Your Own Adventure - Factions Edition!
  20. Of Giants and Men (A short story)
  21. Steelhammer Tribune #3. As Bold as Platypus
  22. Create Your Own Character and Description
  23. 'The Mountains Awake', a short story (in progress)
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  25. Digital Painting - Backbiter Memories
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  34. Wrote up a review for the banner saga: factions, check it out!
  35. Brazilian unoficial site for the fans who speak portuguese
  36. Recording a Let's Play series for the game
  37. Round Egg Review: The Banner Saga (Video Review)
  38. Long-Awaited Review
  39. A List of Gripes for the Reviewers of the game: Setting Things Straight [SPOILERS]
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  41. Digital Fan Art - "Meanwhile in Nautmot..."
  42. Youtube Series!! Enjoy :) First vid too ;)
  43. Sweet art by Yula568
  44. Past Due BS Love
  45. Ridiculous voices and incredible fun!
  46. My Banner Saga Let's Play
  47. Inco Plays | The Banner Saga
  48. Idea: upload art texture for units
  49. Just did a sketch of Iver.
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  52. Banner Saga inspired City created in Second Life
  53. Let's Play with Weird Wizard! Because there is no such thing as too many let's plays
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  56. The Banner Saga: A Novelisation
  57. My Alette Cosplay
  58. Banner Saga Story/Writing Examination
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  60. Banner Saga 2 New Fantasy Casting
  61. Banner Saga 2 Title screen
  62. FireSnakeZero's First Banner Saga - Play Through
  63. Painted Banner Saga Warbands Miniatures
  64. All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Banner Saga
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  66. The story of Bellower, greentext version
  67. The Gift of Hadrborg by James Fadeley
  68. Only Bjorulf Knows by James Fadeley
  69. Inktober, 2017
  70. The Banner Saga Table Top RPG
  71. "Varl's book" fanart