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  1. A new global chat.
  2. The Video Puzzle Thread
  3. Thoughts about long-term metagame for Factions : Hero units, Items, Events ..?
  4. Vigrid Tournament Season II planning : let's decide on the format and rules
  5. Better match making
  6. Build 1.10.51
  7. TBS Fight Club!
  8. Different class limit options for friendly matches ?
  9. Steam cards/backgrounds/emoticons for The Banner Saga
  10. Breaking News -- Introducing Multi-Class Units!
  11. And now, after RTX...SAGA STUFF!
  12. Tirean the Klutz 3x Series
  13. Friends request I saw in global chat
  14. What happens when we don't need renown anymore?
  15. Is ranked/tourney game still alive?
  16. Bragging time
  17. Tournament: a proposal
  18. Upcoming Class: Landsman new info!
  19. A glimpse of a feature from the single-player game
  20. Factions Longevity
  21. Potential co-op in factions (in the far future!)
  22. My Suggestions From Steam (-RB- WTFNinja)
  23. A (re)look at Features you would want to see in Factions!
  24. Only one unit and no possibility to test a match
  25. Cool Idea Regarding Maps / Map Design
  26. Rank 0 unit pricing
  27. Playing Field Fairness for Everyone
  28. Removing/Reducing Cost for Acquiring and Upgrading Units
  29. Suggestions for easing New players into Factions
  30. Suggestions for a better game experience
  31. Suggestion -- Backbiter
  32. The New Class is Terrifying.
  33. New Varl Class Ideas
  34. Archers should have better range and not be able to fire aftter they move
  35. Should Factions come bundled with The Banner Saga purchase?
  36. Party Limitations...
  37. Banner Popups
  38. difficulty setting ?
  39. Estimated time for an update?
  40. Where to report Bugs/Suggestions?
  41. Tournament Play Request
  42. Community!
  43. update!
  44. Suggestion Change Backbiters Ability
  45. Which units in the campaign are you most interested in playing on factions?
  46. Captain America
  47. The Backbiter ability should break through the stone wall of the Raid Master
  48. WarLeader/Krumr
  49. Visual changes for injuries and power levels
  50. You disappoint me
  51. Random Build Tournament
  52. Contents of your roster
  53. Factions!
  54. Next Factions Community Tournament -- Discussion
  55. "...through the single player game... unlock new characters to use in multiplayer..."
  56. Factions warriors!
  57. How about some goodies for the long wait, Stoic?
  58. So with SP release we get a patch...
  59. some suggestions
  60. Official Clan Support
  61. Bad Manners?
  62. Adding "vs. AI mode"
  63. Are Raidmasters really just better Backbiters?
  64. UI suggestions
  65. Renown for Friend Matches
  66. Will there ever be an update to Factions?
  67. Is it good? It sounds good.
  68. Factions!
  69. difficulty setting
  70. Where are the spearmen?
  71. Party Limitations...!!!!