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  1. Your General Guide to Combat
  2. Your Guide to Strand (upgrading characters and building a team)
  3. Special Game Mechanics: Pillage! and The Horn
  4. Guys Smash, Girls Shoot
  5. Fan Interview, In case you missed it or haven't read it yet!
  6. Welcome to the Factions Discussion Area! [A MUST READ FOR NEW VIKINGS!]
  7. Fan-made Guides (A library and submission area)
  8. Linux, Mobile, and Ports, Oh my!
  9. Factions Live! Feedback - (Your experience and thoughts on Basic Units)
  10. Matchmaker Mechanics
  11. Renown
  12. Camera Auto-Pan
  13. TBSF wishlist
  14. Rankings and Tournaments
  15. Suggestion: Leagues based on rank
  16. UI suggestion: move the back arrow on the lore screen
  17. WM Ability - Rewording Needed
  18. Factions Screenshot thread! Post Awesome moments here!
  19. The Solution?
  20. The 5-kill "Promote!" alert let-down
  21. Vs. AI in Factions (Someday/Maybe)
  22. Surrender, an alternative
  23. Mentoring - Spectator
  24. Feature Request: Proving Grounds Customisation
  25. For earning renown, how important is winning?
  26. Factions Review
  27. No healing ????
  28. Tirean the Klutz "how to" video series
  29. Thank you, Wordplay
  30. AoE build?
  31. U.I. idea for stats
  32. Warmaster/Thrasher build Unbalanced?
  33. An area to view achievements?
  34. Tournament Clock
  35. Your Guide to Units
  36. Best links to share TBS:F love on social networks?
  37. unbalanced matches = entry barrier = un-fun
  38. New Vikings, Start Here! - Compilation of Official and Fan Made Guides
  39. Matchmaker SNAFU
  40. Calling all Streamers!
  41. Minor UI tweak that would really help
  42. Tutorial Suggestions & Issues
  43. Potential Rank Up Costs
  45. 51 Renown : 1 Battle -- and I didn't lift a finger
  46. When you win, it's because you were better - would be nice
  47. No male archers?
  48. Slimsy's Compact Guide to Factions Strategy
  49. General Matchmaking
  50. Clans/Guilds
  51. Rready button un-do or confirmation
  52. Suggestion: The Hall of Heroes
  53. 50 Renown for experienced unit...
  54. Pathing issues
  55. Achievements
  56. Levelling Raiders
  57. Thrasher Ability Breakdown: Probabilities
  58. Archers underpowered? - Missing shots
  59. Mini-Compilation of Known Unit Info
  60. Renown for Dismissing Units, Underdog, and more...
  61. Thank you for prolonging the Beta-Testphase
  62. Bowmaster vs. Warhawk 1 vs. 1
  63. Forging Ahead - Warleader usages
  64. Movement
  65. Recording games
  66. Draw Mechanic
  67. Factions Battle Planner (Build Calculator)
  68. tactics question: sacrificing for pillage
  69. Pole of Invulnerability ruined my match.
  70. Chat Window - Needs to be bigger
  71. Great Game!
  72. All Melee Builds
  73. User Interface Idea/sugestion!
  74. Map Suggestion Thread! What New Maps Are You Dreaming Up?
  75. Remove Auto-Scroll Down on Chat. Idea/suggestion!
  76. Please include a "Report rude messages" button in the game
  77. Opponent leaves the game to hinder promotion
  78. Fire Pit Map - Comments and Complaints
  79. Matchmaking and rankings needs an overhaul
  80. Shieldbangers (and upgrades) are Varl women!
  81. Is implementing a loadout feature feasible?
  82. Lucrative multiplayer with friends?
  83. Exertion and armor break display
  84. 2v2
  85. Archers owerpowered and illogical melee mechanics.
  86. How skillful must you be to enjoy TBS?
  87. Kills with a shieldbanger type vs. other types
  88. Tempest UI improvement
  89. Thrasher Buff?
  90. Successful Viking teams
  91. Bold Brendan's Week 1 Tournament Build
  92. [SUGGESTION] Adding Opacity in Combat
  93. Feed back so far
  94. Unit Roster Suggestion/Idea
  95. Unit Cap Idea/Suggestion/Request
  96. Video class guide.
  97. Friend Matches
  98. The Strategy of Ultimate Win
  99. Suggested Tournament Format
  100. stonewall ability
  101. Pillage Mode
  102. The Ways Turns Work - 3 Enemy turns in a row?
  103. To kill an archer: Armor or Strength?
  104. exagon map
  105. I Love Paying to Lose
  106. Promoting units could use a change discussion.
  107. Stoic,what is the purpose of factions for the players?
  108. Draft tournaments?
  109. Initiative when you have more/less units than the other player
  110. Raiders and shield wall
  111. TO THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM - Warhawk Suggestion/Question
  112. Four Lenses for Thinking About Strength
  113. Cripple but Don't Kill
  114. Suggestion: All Color Variations Pack
  115. Tournament not happening ?
  116. Warrior Upgrade, any help?
  117. Tirean the klutz: Puzzle section!
  118. 1st ranked, 101 killstreak player opinion on the game
  119. A new ladder system
  120. Cheers Stoic!
  121. Stat Tracking & Leaderboards
  122. Revamping the Renown System
  123. Higher ranked units added
  124. Concerning Ranks and Power Level and ELO
  125. hey Stoic, I have just spend 7 minutes looking for a match
  126. Future of Factions connection to Single Player [?]
  127. Always matched to higher ranks?
  128. Renown for cash?
  129. Underdog?
  130. Map with fire on the middle.
  131. Some propositions that should improve battle mechanics and make it more "authentic"
  132. How about a "play same rank bg" button in the matchmaker?
  133. Matchmaking: What do we want it to do?
  134. Percentiles completely innacurate
  135. Shieldmaster combat animation should be changed
  136. Rank 2 Return the Favor not working?
  137. The future of TBS without advanced class restrictions.
  138. 0 ELO gain when doing tournament games
  139. A modest proposal, offline play
  140. Factions Video Thread
  141. Low exertion issue and some ideas to fix it
  142. Bug report Cannot promote from 0->1->2 Warmaster
  143. One thing I'd really like to see in Factions: Replays!
  144. How many games to play in a tourney?
  145. Terms and Abbreviations, or the Official TBS:F Jargon Thread
  146. Dynamic Maps?
  147. Question?!
  148. Shield Master Buff
  149. Play suggestion to help with AFKs and squaters
  150. The turn system should be changed
  151. Warrior Varls damage output suggestion
  152. New unit ideas...
  153. Matchmaking findings...
  154. Where are the spearmen?
  155. Wins/losses offer very little differention
  156. expiriance gain vs kill ratio
  157. Armor Break Strat Advice
  158. Why nerf Backbiters?
  159. About Thinking Time
  160. Drafting your team!
  161. Vulgar Names
  162. The Banner Saga: Factions (Most Obvious Problems/mistakes)
  163. Video tutorial for new players - by Gritz
  164. Aggressive Big Hitter build - Advice?
  165. About tournament rewards
  166. Best Stats for Each Unit
  167. Kind of Army painter
  168. New Tournament modes
  169. Rank Reset (Wins-Losses-Streak-Etc)
  170. Warleader STats
  171. Surrender
  172. quickmatch should consider Elo
  173. Win streak suggestion
  174. A solutions to ranked match making
  175. ELO gains
  176. Tournament not starting
  177. my top 5 UI suggestions
  178. Quick match playing against ranked and elo gain/loss bug
  179. fire pit map -- does anybody like it?
  180. One bug, and three bits of feedback
  181. Balance at Different Progression Levels
  182. Class Battle #1: Warhawk vs. Strongarm vs. Warmaster
  183. Rank 3 skills with units that cannot have more than 2 exertion
  184. I am very dissapointed.
  185. Thrasher ability change.
  186. What should my team look like? Individual character roles in a team build
  187. Initial Deployment (+ firepit-map, Texas hold'em, Stalemate and double-or-nothing!)
  188. Is Strongarm working as intended?
  189. Suggestion: Buff the shieldmaster
  190. Warhawk doesn't know how to swing his sword (Tempest derp)
  191. Class Battle #2: Skystriker vs. Siege Archer vs. Bowmaster
  192. Build 1.7 (?) on the way -
  193. Why only female arches and only male melee?
  194. Suggestion: Taking timeouts
  195. Battle UI suggestions
  196. Concern: Effects of Power 12 on Team Cost
  197. Let's talk Strategy: Bold Brendan's week 6 Tournament Build
  198. Mission Impossible? Bring Your A-Game
  199. Tournament builds
  200. Warhawk friendly fire?
  201. What is Fun? (random list of fun things I've done today)
  202. Strand UI Suggestions
  203. Using 2 SA 2 TH 2 WarVarls efficiently
  204. Do we really need EXPERT mode?
  205. Shieldbanger Main Role
  206. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Streaming
  207. Some obvious flaws that need fixing
  208. Number of builds
  209. Class Battle #3: Provoker vs. Shieldmaster vs. Warleader
  210. Suggestion: Stat Banner Memory
  211. Suggestion/Barracks
  212. So let to guess all of the future classes & game-play changes based on nothing
  213. Applet for displaying Topview of a match snapshot -- A plea
  214. Official rules of the tournament
  215. Skins and monetization suggestions
  216. Class Battle #4: Raidmaster vs. Backbiter vs. Thrasher
  217. Is there any way to find opponents closer to my level?
  218. Ideas for City Building :D
  219. Custom friendly tournaments planning ! How, when, who ?
  220. Fan Sites?
  221. Power 12 teambuilding and promotion strategies
  222. Somewhat impractical graphical ideas
  223. Battle report from the Tournament
  224. Battle-Board Battle #1: Royal Rumble!
  225. Vigrid Tournament, 1st Edition - p6 and p12 ONGOING!
  226. Compilation of suggestions & remarks (just small- & medium-scaled ones, this time!)
  227. Vote on The Banner Saga: Factions
  228. How is class balancing going?
  229. Raidmaster discussion
  230. Vigrid Tournament Round 2 Coverage Video!
  231. Post screenshot of your barrack!
  232. RoA, small advice for streamers
  233. Understanding Malice pathfinding
  234. Bold Brendan's Edited Video Thread
  235. Banner Map
  236. Is the game still bad?
  237. Patience is a Virtue, the role of inaction in victory
  238. A mini game while we wait!
  239. Factions Randomizer
  240. What is Your...
  241. Ideas that might help bringing people into Factions.
  242. Factions classes compared to chess
  243. suggestion: Request for manual matchmaker option
  244. Tips on how to use WL effectively?
  245. Same-class units limit??
  246. Second weekly tournament idea.
  247. steam community
  248. maybe already addressed but i'm at a loss
  249. UI suggestion for Tempest
  250. Rensei's new project