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  1. Game Runs Really Slow
  2. The Factions Help & Support Area
  3. The official "How do I get into Factions?!!!111!!!" thread
  4. Renown Bug
  5. Spelling mistake in intro tutorial
  6. Matchmaking crashes now and then
  7. Mac OSX Crash / Adobe Air
  8. No access to stat banners on deployment
  9. Cannot log in
  10. Thrasher ability vs Raider modded armour
  11. Tiny bug; don't even look unless you are twiddling thumbs
  12. Another small tutorial bug: ? stat banner
  13. Strongarm info incorrect
  14. Another minor bug report
  15. Waiting for friends list...
  16. "The required version of Adobe Air cannot be found"
  17. Client Mismatch
  18. Constant crashes
  19. Crash every other time I start the game
  20. Currency differences in the Marketplace
  21. Loss of Renown/promotion bug
  22. Reporting Players
  23. Steam Overlay + Sale
  24. Cannot run at all (Black screen)
  25. Friend Still Stuck 1 Step Behind In Friend Matches
  26. Cut off screen
  27. Willpower Boost Movement Bug
  28. Saga Banner Faction crashes
  29. BATTLE:PlayerX Has left the battlefield
  30. SnB and Shieldbangers
  31. BUG! No units on field
  32. Steam Login / dev login screen bug
  33. Problems Downloading Factions
  34. Fullscreen Performance (Windows)
  35. Weird things happening with the daily streak
  36. Battles hanging once finished.
  37. Bloody Flail Bug(?)
  38. Matchmaking and Chat Issue
  39. BUG: Promotion lost
  40. Won't start since update 02-23
  41. Can't get into game...
  42. Mac Crash on closing
  43. Login/Network Issues Feb23/24 2013
  44. Lag time and animation are costing me turns
  45. Crash on startup around daily bonus
  46. Tutorial Fight Bug: Pressing Esc. During Combat
  47. Tournament Win Loss ratio bugged
  48. Unit overlay UI animation is very slow (and frustrating)
  49. Network Problems causing chat embarrassment
  50. BUG: battle map not loading
  51. Tournament "Matches Available Today" Reset Issue
  52. Client version too old
  53. Bug : End game crash
  54. BUG: Game never gets passed deployment
  55. Server reboot warning interval is too short
  56. Bug Report
  57. BUG Battles does not equal games
  58. Achievements not unlocked in Steam
  59. The Seas of the Network have grown Stormy and Violent...
  60. Bug: price in rubbles for 1000 renown
  61. Ending a fight?
  62. Drops out of full screen on match start, crashes, counts as loss.
  63. Only a 5 minute warning for downtime?
  64. Blue Loadup Screen: Dev Login
  65. Game crashes on startup
  66. Battle: x has left the battlefield - game doesn't end
  67. Game crashing and not responding
  68. Bug - Steam Overlay Disabled
  69. Game crashes every first start
  70. Constant lag/connection issues and other concerns.
  71. TBS: Factions -- Friend Offline even though he is not
  72. Client Mismatch
  73. Game is unplayable at the moment
  74. Resolution problems.
  75. Server Issues [Feb 28-Mar 1 2013]
  76. Friend mode disabled
  77. Daily Streak Reset
  78. change resolution
  79. Is it possible to fully disable the sound?
  80. "The Banner Saga Factions.exe has stopped working"
  81. Still crashing every 2nd launch after every re-install on Steam version
  82. Specific resolution for windowed mode
  83. Changing stats on Macbook?
  84. Bought Starter pack. But never received my units.
  85. Crashes on exit, references fmodex.dll
  86. Game finished, no finish screen
  87. In-game chat keeps spamming a same message by itself.
  88. BUG: When clicking on the Hall of Valor
  89. Steam Version of Factions Crashing at matchup
  90. BUG REPORT - Slag and Burn and Shieldbanger Interaction
  91. No game code for Kickstarter backer?
  92. Bug Report - Graphical Glitch
  93. Minor error in ability description for Shield Wall
  94. Bug (trivial): Unit limit total in Proving Grounds
  95. Question about Shieldbanger's counterattack
  96. Exploiting maps to force a stalemate and resignation
  97. Disconnected from server, Disconnected from server.
  98. Bug Report: Strange login error and unanticipated access to offline mode.
  99. Possible BUG: Archer can move and puncture?
  100. Bug: Repeating chat and player turn stuck.
  101. Bug: Elo achievement kicked in one match later
  102. Bugged map of something ?
  103. Bug: my party's dead but game doesn't end
  104. Blue version screen
  105. Bug: RoA didn't stop unit
  106. Bug: Game not loading properly
  107. [Bug] Do damage to Seige Archers by moving through coals
  108. Slag and Burn - Killing last two units in one hit
  109. TBSF:F has a memory leak
  110. Bug: archer teleports
  111. Underdog, in which case ?
  112. Login-problems with Steam
  113. Wow this game is amazing
  114. Is a steam key still needed to identify myself as a backer in Fractons?
  115. Tournament 06 03 2013
  116. [BUG] Hidden Obstacle?
  117. Warmaster graphical bug
  118. BUG Deploy UI
  119. Disabling SFX in Strand doesn't stop sound, just lowers
  120. Warhawk's Tempest triggers Return the Favor 2x
  121. Making the game work faster.
  122. Crash while loading games
  123. Bug Report: game glitches at finish with siege archer special
  124. The game goes to windowed mode and crashes
  125. How do I enable the Steam overlay?
  126. Tournament teams: all rank1 or teampower6?
  127. Killing blow - renown bug
  128. Can't promote shield varl to rank 1
  129. Abuser of game ==> Gabriel
  130. Game minimizing randomly
  131. Bug Report: ShieldMasters trigger armor break on Siege Archers when walking over coal
  132. Bug: No promotion received after match
  133. Bug: Renown
  134. Is Factions still in Beta? And what will this mean for my team?
  135. Build 1.6.25 is TOO NEW
  136. switch off sound options
  137. Didn't get a renown refund w/ the new patch
  138. I bought the permanent boost yesterday...
  139. Horn button not correctly positioned
  140. Renown Bug
  141. Bought the Starter Pack a week ago and now the pack is cheaper?
  142. BUG: Win count stopped
  143. Bug with pillage and fire map
  144. BUG: Invisable units and could not move
  145. Bug: "Rain of Arrows" doesn't have full priority
  146. Cannot play the game anymore.
  147. Complaint and suggestions about the Underdog Bonus
  148. Taunts displayed incorrectly ;(
  149. Unable to Launch Game
  150. Ingame Name change?
  151. BUG: Could not move unit correctly after using horn
  152. Bug: Backbiter can charge through impassable terrain.
  153. Bug: Win/Loss Ratio 0.00
  154. UI Bug: Chat hitbox overlaps horn activation hitbox
  155. [BUG?] Win Streak messed up
  156. achievements bug
  157. BUG Elo gain
  158. BUG Battle divergence
  159. Battle not ending after opponent surrenders
  160. BUG tournament winners
  161. Doesn't load battle properly
  162. Initial phase - strange tooltips
  163. Steam Achievements
  164. Skystriker Unable to Cross Arbitrary Tile
  165. "The Banner Saga Factions.exe has stopped working" (tourney match was in first)
  166. "All Time" Elo loss after client crashes or hangs.
  167. Bug: Quick match ending stalled, over 6 hours! STOIC PLS
  168. bug report~ movement issue
  169. Bug: Chat window not appearing during matches (when I didn't close it)
  170. game changing bug
  171. Raider Shield Wall description no longer accurate
  172. Game freezes on victory
  173. Corner Bug
  174. Skystriker not showing animation for RoA
  175. Disconnect/alt+f4 in tournament is not counted as a loss
  176. chatbox missing
  177. Issue opening the game
  178. If you want to cheat, read this forum
  179. Quickmatch not finding people
  180. Pathfinding bug on Maliced unit ?
  181. Bug: Fire Death Costs Turn?
  182. Trying to purchase Color Packs, BUT says Steam Overlay Disabled (It's Not :( )
  183. Chat box has two extra lines...
  184. Bug: No RtF on Strong Arm
  185. Assisting with Return the Favor bug squashing
  186. PG expand barracks button missing
  187. Non-english character bug
  188. Buggy server tonight - 3 tourney games froze at the end
  189. [BUG] Strange ELO calculation
  190. Game responding slowly
  191. [BUG] Stone wall
  192. Delayed 'Game found' animation?
  193. Vikings in space
  194. [BUG] Battering Ram over S&B no damage
  195. The game wont connect
  196. Warleader gives extra turn in pillage?
  197. Bug report: can't start a ranked game with level 7 party
  198. Can't get any match maybe about connection problem?
  199. Bug quit option
  200. Raidmaster eyes bug + minor typo
  201. [BUG?] Battering Ram and stone walled Raid Master
  202. BattleSyncData Divergence detected
  203. frames missing in proving grounds for units
  204. BUG: No floors. Only backgrounds.
  205. PG UI bug (1.8.95 build)
  206. Banner Saga doesn't start
  207. Slystriker Puncture not working correctly
  208. Are you sure <100% hit random is working?
  209. Crashing on Startup More frequent 1.10.51
  210. strange map loading bug report? transparent ground
  211. [BUG] Stormy Seas disconnection counted as defeat in Ranked-Match (?)
  212. client won't start
  213. unstable game
  214. Can't activate any ingame buttons
  215. Broken Horn?
  216. Some minor problem with fonts
  217. Color distortion issue.
  218. Full game content help
  219. My 9th barracks row is bugged
  220. Game hangs on launch on Mac Mini (2009)
  221. Loading Hang at Reynvik battle.
  222. [BUG] The Banner Saga
  223. Invalid login
  224. Population of the Factions Server
  225. Server Instability
  226. Bug - strange circles around eyes
  227. BUG - White circles around eyes of some characters
  228. Re: Steam chat bug
  229. Dying on coals in pillage
  230. [BUG] Banner Saga Factions is either stuck on loading screen or gives error message
  231. [BUG] On screen buttons inactive (iPhone 5s, iOS 8.0.2)
  232. [BUG] On screen buttons inactive (iPhone 5s, iOS 8.0.2)
  233. No sound
  234. Lags in Factions
  235. Stuck on Loading Screen at Startup
  236. factions huge delay
  237. Menu Illegible
  238. Fix for high cpu usage...
  239. IP Adress
  240. No sound with android version
  241. Android: stuck on download
  242. PS4: Import Savegame in BS2 from BS1
  243. Cutscenes stutter (MAC) help
  244. How to update non steam version of the game?
  245. MAC Steam Overlay not working
  246. Ultra Widescreen Support
  247. [BUG] Character duplicated (MAC)
  248. Animation For Allette not playing
  249. No audio on iPad
  250. Buying assistance