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  1. A suggestion, complaint and a big thank you.
  2. A suggestion, complaint and a big thank you.
  3. Ekkill and Egil
  4. Indie Interviews: The Banner Saga 2
  5. Giveaway of iOS version of Banner Saga for owners of the Steam version
  6. Improvement of Russian localisation
  7. Improvement of Russian localisation
  8. Banner Saga on Android not loading
  9. [BUG][Linux]the game crashes when it starts.
  10. Tbs2 @ e3
  11. Banner Saga Movie - Kickstarter??
  12. I was just passing by and then..
  13. My Wishlist for The Banner Saga 2
  14. What can be done with modding?/mod ideas?
  15. Will characters from TBS 1 get more development in 2?
  16. Modding
  17. The Banner Saga 2 news ?
  18. [bug] [linux] distorted sound [workaround included] and crash at einartoft
  19. Some more Bellower rant (2nd fight)
  20. Xbox One Port
  21. PS4 Physical Release
  22. Unlimited Promotions Mod
  23. One Suggestion
  24. Console ports
  25. Need an Artbook
  26. The Banner Saga 2 :)
  27. The game needs more mage spells
  28. Iver's Arm
  29. I still haven't gotten my Banner Saga 2 key.
  30. The Banner Saga 2 Story and Ending Discussion [Spoilers]
  31. Onef & Ekkill
  32. Banner Saga Savegame Exchange
  33. Importing Saves vs New Game: Clan size issue!
  34. [MOD] YaK's SSLTBS1 Fixpack (Spare Some Love To Banner Saga 1)
  35. Banner Saga 2 - My Overall Review (Spoilers)
  36. Aleo's ability
  37. Banner saga 2 and 1 missing soundtrack?
  38. Record of kills from 1 to 2?
  39. Giving away an unsigned Poster for free.
  40. Some initial impressions on survival mode
  41. Thread of the needle bugged?
  42. Banner Saga 2 - What happened to Mogr?
  43. [MOD] YaK's Starvation and Morale overhaul for BS1
  44. Which BS1 characters do you consider underpowered, and how would you change them?
  45. Disappointing Ending in BS2 (Only because BS1's ending was so good!)
  46. Banner saga III and let's talk about rtwp design
  47. What alternatives solutions/options would you have liked to see?
  48. What console commands are there?
  49. A Game based and inspired by Brigandine:Legend of Forsena
  50. [MOD] Drake's and YaK's BS2 Fixpack
  51. Sign Up for our Newsletter!
  52. Clarifying Video Policy
  53. Banner Saga 1 - Balance Update!
  54. What's the most essential wardrobe element to the best viking costume?
  55. TBS Decompiler for new version of The Banner Saga
  56. Ratatoskr's Saga2 Issues & Typos list
  57. Problem about doable at all or bugged?
  58. Information about game that I am loved.
  59. What happened to the gods of The Banner Saga?
  60. *Spoiler* Chapter 11 Stonesinger (stoic omission?)
  61. some feedback
  62. Decision from BS 1 changing BS 2 *Spoiler*
  63. TBS3 on Playstation and Xbox Platforms?
  64. 2 Ability Ideas
  65. Just Noticed Something
  66. You are doing it wrong again Stoic!
  67. Musings on Banner Saga 1 Ending [Spoilers]
  68. Out of curiosity, the journey of Hakon and Juno from Einartoft to Boersgard
  69. General problems with Blackscreens during the game and especially with Bolverk
  70. Know your Banner Saga Memes
  71. When is GoG:com version of The Banner Saga 2 gonna get updated?
  72. Does The Unofficial Fixpack Work With The Good Old Games Version?
  73. Help with King Meinholf
  74. Concerning Eirik (spoilers)
  75. Discussion: How could Survival Mode be improved?
  76. "Prepare for battle" window.
  77. Crest
  78. Improvements and Updates Build for Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2
  79. Boxed trilogy for players already owning the three games ?
  80. [MOD] French localization/translation improvement
  81. Banner Saga 3 iOS release date and/or save transfer?