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  1. Where are all the other forums?
  2. I became a Kickstarter backer the moment I saw this frame...
  3. The big question
  4. Romances?
  5. What comes after The Banner Saga?
  6. For the Love of God, Choices!
  7. @StoicStudio Tweets
  8. Vikings...and Giants?
  9. Who's the Narrator in the Trailer
  10. So is there any resource gathering in this game?
  11. Banner Saga IRC Channel (Vote on Network!)
  12. Questions of Multiplayer.
  13. Loot and Crafting.
  14. Verisimilitude in Arms, Panoplies, Combat Mechanics, and Magic
  15. Mini-games?
  16. The Renown System
  17. Are there going to be POC (People of Color) in The Banner Saga?
  18. Availability on other platforms (Factions and main game)?
  19. Battle scale
  20. How will Class Depth Work?
  21. How will each chapter of The Banner Saga be connected?
  22. Interview with Stoic
  23. A chance at the poster?
  24. Austin Wintory gets a grammy nomination.
  25. Steam handles
  26. Tease us with more art Stoic! (here's some inspiration)
  27. You better be able to do this in the games story mode...
  28. The Voice-acting
  29. Animals in the Saga
  30. Two Questions the announcements made me have.
  31. Video/speech subtitles
  32. Is there any way to check match history?
  33. Kotaku just did a feature on TBS's art.
  34. Full controller support and Steam Big Picture Mode
  35. Puzzles
  36. Spelling and pronunciation of names
  37. It am really happy about this game and the fine community :)
  38. Unit names!
  39. Support of Bannersaga chapters for non kickstarters
  40. the low end of high elo
  41. If you want to enjoy combat in Banner Saga...
  42. Suggestion: 2 v 2 battles?
  43. Skinchangers
  44. Viking Themed Movies
  45. Gaming Expo in Austin!
  46. Ctrl+Alt+Delete post about TBS: Factions
  47. Rooster Teeth Podcast Plug
  48. Profile Picture Problem
  49. How I bought some sorrow.
  50. Is that Brigandine - Legend of Forsena inspired you?
  51. About the MP game..
  52. Who's on when!
  53. Funsponge.net review
  54. I come to ask to join the shield wall
  55. AI for the Banner Saga (and Factions?)
  56. Any idea on the price of TBS?
  57. What are some cool things our caravans might encounter?!
  58. An appeal (of one who missed the KS backing)
  59. Huge Artworks
  60. Are there going to be "secret" characters in the The Banner Saga?
  61. My experience playing the game at PAX Prime 2013
  62. Save files in the Saga?
  63. A short atlas of the world of Banner Saga (spoilers)
  64. Fan Made Banner Saga Trailer!
  65. Will the save file from Chapter 1 being able to be loaded in future releases?
  66. Mysterious Questions Surrounding the Saga
  67. Include subtitles please!
  68. Art direction behind The Banner Saga
  69. Let's Play Factions
  70. Can we all agree that this Saga image is breath taking?
  71. Items!
  72. Let's Speculate #1
  73. Travel Trailer Feedback
  74. What are your questions?
  75. How might combat be different in the single-player game?
  76. The Banner Saga TV Tropes page
  77. A master list of Banner Saga previews?
  78. Any info on the AI?
  79. Is there a DRM-free option for Steam pre-orders?
  80. The Future of The Banner Saga?
  81. Comparisons and Inspirations for Now and for the Future...
  82. Release Specifics?
  83. What is the estimated/expected HLTB (How long to beat) Time for Banner Saga?
  84. A Master List of Banner Saga Reviews
  85. My thoughts on Stoic campaign
  86. Banner Saga - Bug Report Thread
  87. First impressions/Early Feedback
  88. Is the game bugrfree from the beginning until the end?
  89. Crests Not Appearing
  90. My Series of The Banner Saga
  91. A Banner Saga Fanboys Release Critique
  92. Clear Decisions
  93. Please make things clear
  94. Any way to save Egil?
  95. iOS Version?
  96. Leaving Einartoft
  97. Ending / Stoic Strategy Discussion *TONS OF SPOILERS*
  98. Why only one save?
  99. Is it possible to recruit a Dredge?
  100. Pronunciation Primer
  101. Survival Mode DLC!
  102. Raising the skill rank
  103. Why is Hakon not a wardog?
  104. Confirmation message for skipping a video
  105. FREEDOM SURVIVAL MODE! (& a word on my first playthrough)
  106. Gaming Travel Events
  107. Modding? Can we have it?
  108. War. (What is it good for?)
  109. Feedback: need to see stats and powers on the "assemble party" screen
  110. Do not peek in here. Big spoilers! The effect of choices in your Saga.
  111. so back in 11/2012 what did i pay for?
  112. Chapter 2 Questions
  113. CPU Overheating
  114. Random events and caravan size thoughts
  115. Onef the immortal
  116. [Spoilers] Convincing Jorundr
  117. Info on the new units found in Saga
  118. Playthrough Stats?
  119. Endgame breaking party restrictions
  120. Cultural references in The Banner Saga
  121. A big THANK YOU to stoic and some well-meaning feedback!
  122. Alette bugged when attacking Bellower?
  123. I don't believe the devs fully realize how beautiful this game is
  124. Thank you so much guys at Stoic!
  125. Multiple endgame saves?
  126. In game traveling scenes video is not working correctly
  127. Suggestion - subtitles
  128. How to not loose a single battle ? (achievement)
  129. Some praise for a certain "insane" party member. (spoilers inside)
  130. The Caravan: Let them starve.
  131. Tuto: How character join or leave you (With the less spoiler possible)
  132. Quick question: does renown transfer to ROok after the end of chapter 3?
  133. Unique character who don't have unique design. Why ?
  134. What Heroes are on your Dream Team? (SPOILERS)
  135. Praises for the title
  136. Hello. a friendly question!
  137. Onef doesn't appear, and Alette mentiones Ekkil as if he was with us?
  138. Big oversight on the management side?
  139. Quality of Life Improvements I'd Love to See
  140. My Thoughts on The Banner Saga
  141. Rook's campaign balance
  142. brute force ... the easiest way to play the game? [spoiler]
  143. End of the Game? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  144. The Banner Saga not loading
  145. The Banner Saga Mysteries and Unresolved plots List!
  146. [Spoilers] Can Egil and Ekkil Coexist?
  147. Silver Arrow and Eyeless Rift
  148. Crest
  149. Classic Turn Order
  150. The Strides Forward and Missteps of The Banner Saga Campaign - Feedback and Review
  151. How to Fix The Banner Saga Crashes, Stuttering Cutscenes, and Black Screen Issues
  152. Combat - enough or not ?
  153. Difficulty settings.
  154. Can't fire the silver arrow?
  155. The banners of The Banner Saga
  156. Where I can buy the game (except steam)?
  157. Banner Saga an Pen & Paper
  158. Giveaway
  159. Idea: Separate Renown into "Experience" and "Plunder"
  160. Candy crush vs Banner saga
  161. "Final Boss" Disappointing [spoilers]
  162. Preparing for the sequel game
  163. Your coolest combos
  164. Suggestions on how to win the final battle (spoilers)
  165. How on earth do you win this?
  166. Camp Suggestion
  167. Conversations with Dead People (spoilers)
  168. Death not permanent? Confused new player here.
  169. Terrible Stupid Game-Ruining Annoying Thing During Endgame (Spoilers)
  170. [SPOILERS] Can we defeat bellower at einartoft?
  171. Free item awards?
  172. Technical Feedback
  173. Suggestion: Endless Mode with Randomly Generated Battles
  174. Map print file?
  175. How to save?
  176. Spanish translation when?
  177. Game balance issues
  178. Maintaining Good Morale: How?!
  179. Chapter 4 Starting Supplies
  180. The Sagas of the Green, Gold and Red Banners
  181. A detailed banner saga strategy guide and walkthrough
  182. A second playthrough?
  183. Any plans for further patches/updates to Banner Saga?
  184. What technology was TBS programmed in?
  185. I recreated the title screen on the web
  186. Unlock Tryggvi
  187. Summer Pass/High Pass bug?
  188. Random Events | Saga Part 1
  189. German Version in March ?
  190. Thoughts on the AI/Dredge/Balance etc.
  191. The Banner Saga 2 - how will the story continue?
  192. About the tag-shields...
  193. Better Achievements
  194. User-hostile interface decisions
  195. Kinda proud of this one
  196. Caravan Master secrets!(SPOILERS)
  197. Caravan Secrets
  198. Can you stop Onef from killing your party members? Please Patch this Stoic.
  199. Yrsa theories.
  200. Heloooooo!:)
  201. Zeno Content Editor - Knowledge Thread
  202. Future revisions for the new languages
  203. Names in TBS have hidden meanings...
  204. Spanish translation is a shame
  205. random pathethic ideas
  206. Fullest possible character roster? (SPOILERS within!)
  207. Overall quality of TBS translations
  208. Second chapter progress.
  209. Ekkill will be more important in the story in part 2!
  210. Chapter 4 ... 3 Supplies
  211. Consoles?
  212. Ekkil - TBS 2
  213. Feedback and Suggestions regarding Traveling and Population for future Chapters!
  214. Options Question
  215. Choices carried on to the next chapter, and the 'legitimate' ending
  216. iOS version
  217. Godstone Contest: Losers share your stories :)
  218. saga part 2 trailer
  219. Buying Food
  220. can someone mod a new character in?
  221. combat system questions for some experts
  222. How to Beat the Odds
  223. TBS2 Announcement Trailer
  224. My thoughts on the gameplay mechanics
  225. My thoughts on the mechanics
  226. Hacking the game because of Onef
  227. Thanks for this journey
  228. An idea I had after completing The Banner Saga
  229. An idea I had after completing The Banner Saga
  230. Getting rid of Onef
  231. Getting rid of Onef
  232. Banner Saga and WiFi?
  233. Happy 2015
  234. Hello and Zeno!
  235. TBS made it to the Angry Joe's top10 best games of 2014!
  236. mobile version
  237. Bloodthirsty Run
  238. Help with iCloud saving on iOS
  239. Android + PC
  240. Testing
  241. The Banner Saga Review
  242. Font modding
  243. Font modding
  244. The Banner Saga Steam Trading Cards
  245. Problems making a mod
  246. Top Ten Crowdfunded Games by Watchmojo.com
  247. Improve Spanish Translation
  248. Thank you for Linux Support!
  249. [bug] text missing in Linux
  250. [BUG] no text in Linux