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Slimsy Platypus
03-03-2013, 07:00 PM
Upon hearing the horn of the Week 1 tournament my men took up arms, rallied their brothers, and rushed to the great hall weapons at hand! Strand was rightfully ours for the taking, and if you asked us then, we would have told you we had never been so sure of anything. We cut our foes down with little resistance. Sliced through leather, bent iron... and crushed bone. Then... above the bodies of the slain arose a new opponnent, this one different from the rest. Tirean the Klutz! For once, I sensed hesitation in the men. We rushed onward, metal struck metal, it was Ragnarok once again! But alas, as the clamor died down none of our men remained. Bested by a better man. But now... there is a new fire in our hearts. The men's spirits have not yet been defeated... and we are now preparing harder than ever!... as we anxiously await for the horn to be blown once more...

Alright fellas, I've now turned the crazy Viking version of myself off, and regular me is back on. Now I awknowledge I am not the best player, maybe not even good at this game. However, I have managed to keep my name in the Halls of Valor since the soft launch so I must be doing something right. With that being said, I wanted to take the opportunity to post the build I used in the recent tournament to grant some transparency to high level play for the hoards of new players joining us this past week (Stoic it would be great to be able to lookup other player's builds in the future!). Please feel free to provide any comments, questions, or just throw some viking curses my way.

Meet the Gang


Bold Brendan's Build in Davemo's Build Calculator (http://tbs-battle-planner.herokuapp.com/#W1sidGgiLDEsMTEsMTEsW1siYSIsOSw1LDExXSxbInMiLDEyL DgsMTJdLFsidyIsNCwzLDEzXSxbImUiLDIsMSwzXSxbImIiLDI sMSwyXV1dLFsidGgiLDEsMTEsMTEsW1siYSIsOSw1LDExXSxbI nMiLDEyLDgsMTJdLFsidyIsNCwzLDEzXSxbImUiLDIsMSwzXSx bImIiLDIsMSwyXV1dLFsiYmIiLDEsMTEsMTEsW1siYSIsOSw1L DEyXSxbInMiLDExLDgsMTJdLFsidyIsNCw0LDExXSxbImUiLDI sMCwzXSxbImIiLDMsMSwzXV1dLFsic3MiLDEsMTEsMTEsW1siY SIsNywzLDldLFsicyIsOCw0LDhdLFsidyIsNyw3LDEzXSxbImU iLDMsMSwzXSxbImIiLDEsMCwxXV1dLFsid20iLDEsMTEsMTEsW 1siYSIsOCw2LDExXSxbInMiLDE3LDksMTddLFsidyIsMywzLDE wXSxbImUiLDIsMSwyXSxbImIiLDEsMSwzXV1dLFsid2giLDEsM TEsMTEsW1siYSIsOCw3LDEyXSxbInMiLDE2LDEwLDE2XSxbInc iLDMsMiwxMV0sWyJlIiwyLDAsMl0sWyJiIiwyLDEsMl1dXV0=)

2 x Thrasher 9/12/4/2/2
1 x Backbiter 9/11/4/2/3
1 x Skystriker 7/8/7/3/1
1 x Warmaster 8/17/3/2/1
1 x Warhahk 8/16/3/2/2

How to Play It
The concept here is to go big quickly. Opposition has a hard decision when approaching as really anything can be a pretty big threat if left unchecked. Lead with the Raiders first, but don't leave the rest of your team behind because you want everyone to be able to support eachother when your opponent finally chooses a target. Don't be afraid to blow some Willpower if a big STR hit opens up for a Thrasher, because likely by the next time his turn rolls around you wont be able to do that. When the Thrashers become maimed, Bloody Flail or ARM break for 4; when your Backbiter becomes maimed, break for 5. The real key to playing this effectively is to be able to follow up with your Varl on anything that approaches the Raiders, so be sure to position your attack accordingly. Use the Skystriker to prevent your Varl from taking big hits with Rain of Arrows, or to attempt to trap a pesky Raidmaster or ambitious Backbiter. Usually you will only get one big hit with your Varl, so make sure you've set it up with the appropriate ARM breaks prior to their turn rolling around.

How to Beat It
They key to stopping this build is stopping my Varl. However, don't loose sight of the high STR raiders as if they are collectively ignored they can mop the floor on their own. If I have a STR hit on each of my Raiders, and I was prevented from attacking with my Varl in the first turn after engaging, I'm probably going to lose. So work towards that. How the heck are you supposed to do that you might ask? Well, make sure when you attack my Raiders you can support your approaching unit with the rest of your team, if you can't, wait for me to approach (or until the next turn cycle) or I am gladly going to one shot that guy in perfect safety with a smile on my face. Cleverly placed Rain of Arrows can very effectively stop my Varl from getting their big hits in (or a good Malice preventing me from moving one of my units to make a hole for my Varl). Make sure to not muck up the positioning game, because if I get two maimed Thrashers behind the lines I'm going to reak havoc with Bloody Flail. Never assume that because my Thrashers no longer have STR that the threat is gone. The benefit to using two is they can support eachother quite well, and when standing next to eachother the option to swing in for 5 effective damage in the late game is going to feel devestating (even 3 wont feel great).


What I've Learned During the Tournament
I faced a very healthy variety of teams throughout the tournament and because of that I learned a ton about my build. In reality I dont have all that much break throughout my build, making me really struggle if I can't get big hits in on my opponent's Varl. The two game's I lost were absolutely dominated by just that: my opponent's Varl. In the first case a late game Provoker beat me down and against Tirean his high ARM Strongarm went toe to toe with my Warhawk and emerged an easy victor. Additionally, with such low armor on my Raiders, I often allowed my opponnents to "go big" on them really diluting the advantage I was getting from my openers with my Varl.

Official "See You Next Time!"
My hope is that some players will find the information in here useful and give them an idea of what they can work towards to propel their own names into the Halls of Valor. If you find this information useful be sure to let me know. And as always feel free to befriend me, fight me, or just curse my name!

03-03-2013, 07:06 PM
Thanks for this, Slim. Now get back to the drawing board so you can bring us more next week!!

03-03-2013, 07:11 PM
Cool stuff. Haven't finished yet, but noticed that you've marked your SS as having 3 break (which is not possible, right?). Maybe you could plug it into DaveMo's build calculator (http://stoicstudio.com/forum/showthread.php?1125)?

Slimsy Platypus
03-03-2013, 07:16 PM
Cool stuff. Haven't finished yet, but noticed that you've marked your SS as having 3 break (which is not possible, right?). Maybe you could plug it into DaveMo's build calculator (http://stoicstudio.com/forum/showthread.php?1125)?

Arghhh - yes will fix and add a link with Davemo's calculator - I promise my Skystriker doesn't really have 3 break

03-03-2013, 08:14 PM
Nice imitative to show your thoughts about your build, I hope it will become a standard!

PS: I wish double warrior builds won't get popular after this... they are already too popular ;)

03-03-2013, 08:21 PM
Why thrashers over BB?

I would think 2:1 BB:TH would be better.

Slimsy Platypus
03-03-2013, 08:33 PM
Why thrashers over BB?

I would think 2:1 BB:TH would be better.

Thrashers and Backbiters play out a little differently in the end game. You certainly could play the same build with more Backbiters, and I've actually ran it in the past like that for a bit. The benefit to Thrashers is that when maimed they do a guarenteed 3 effective damage with Bloody Flail and that usually can go up to 5 pretty easily with units supporting them on their sides. Some of that damage being STR supports my "go over the top" approach. Alternatively a maimed Backbiter can do 3 ARM damage, or Run Through and do 2 ARM damage with a chance at 1 STR. Being that my Raiders are my "meat shields", I've had some success with Thrashers.

03-03-2013, 08:39 PM
Being that my Raiders are my "meat shields", I've had some success with Thrashers.
Yea, the only reliable thing I find about them these days is that they soak up damage and die ;)

Slimsy Platypus
03-03-2013, 09:01 PM
Yea, the only reliable thing I find about them these days is that they soak up damage and die ;)

Let me clarify: in my build I've actually found my Thrashers to be quite effective. In my comment I'm not trying to imply that because they were "meat shields" they are useless. I'm saying because they are my "meat shields" they are often maimed, putting them in the position where they excel best - maimed but still able to keep up with 3-4 effective damage per turn.

Not to say they aren't also very good at soaking up damage and dying :)

03-03-2013, 11:21 PM
Very nice formatting, duly impressed.

03-03-2013, 11:25 PM
Slim I just read your flavor text again...truly awesome

03-04-2013, 05:36 AM
That's how I use 2 of them currently in my 4-raider 'armour-nightmare' build. Meatshield soaking up damage (and precious WP) capable of some sort of damage output, but to be honest the biggest advantage I see in them long-term is that they die rather than stay maimed giving me turn advantage :p