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03-05-2013, 01:22 AM
Issue №1

Fly away to a rainbow in the sky,
Gold is at the end for each of us to find.
There the road begins, where another one will end.
Here the four winds know who will break and who will bend,
All to be the Master of the Wind.

The sounds of tournament battles have been long calmed now, but the memory will remain forever. Long preparations, high hopes, brilliant victories and tough losses - all that we saw during the first great tournament held in Strand. One of the fighters has not succumbed to a single defeat, and he achieved the highest place on the pedestal made from the skulls and bones of defeated enemies. Standing on the top is balnoisi the brave and mighty. You are lucky to feel the grandeur in the following chat I had with him right before him being immortalized in Hall of Valor stone wall bas-relief.

netnazgul: So welcome thee, the mightiest! For the first question Iíd like to ask you - how has it happened that the toughest and undefeatable tournament viking leader is from hot Spain? I'd guess scandinavians are gonna be insulted!
balnoisi: Hey netnazgul, a pleasure to be here. Iím always available to you. You do the best interviews.
As to answer your question: I donít know about toughest, but I can tell you I had made up my mind about this tournament that it had to be mine. I felt in good shape, injuries had spared me for some time and I was really looking for it.
As for scandinavians - they never had a worldwide empire I believe, not until recent years with ikea. The fact that I am spanish shouldnít insult them, but it should turn scandinavian girls on.

netnazgul: Guess it is! So as we had crossed the theme of tournament - you are sure not a random person to win it, aren't you? Were you making some strategizing to get to the top (I hear that some other attendants did that) or just taking one battle at a time and see what happens?
balnoisi: Hmm. I was focused on winning at least one tournament. That puts your name not only in Strand for a week but in the tournament champions list for the years to come. I'm sure it will only get harder to win in the next editions and with the crown in my pocket I can play now without any kind of pressure from fans.
As for the strategy you are asking. I am going to share a very juicy bit of information gold with you here, first couple days I just cared about playing my games with my natural flair and position myself near the top, in a place not too high but good enough as to see the others. Then I focused on Bold Brendan, he was leading and confident in his chances. So I trailed him close, drawing circles around him, putting some pressure on. Without any stress you know, like I didn't care. But he miscalculated one step and I took advantage.
On the last day of the tournament the other serious contender Tirean the Klutz played all his cards soon. Considering he also had a defeat this worked in my favour. As I had all the day to plan my remaining movements with my technical team of ex-ww2 veterans.
In the end it just took a few games and that was it, left two battles in the chamber unplayed.

netnazgul: So have you met any of them, or other close competitors, face to face?
balnoisi: I am proud to say I have confronted the previous test tournament, Conundrum not once but twice. Other top ranked players I remember were starkmadness and Darial. The previous test tournament champion Conundrum, that is.

netnazgul: So what was the toughest fight of the tournament you had? Share your impressions about that.
balnoisi: There was one when I had struggled to reach the glass of water I had placed just an inch far from me on my luxurious mahogany table. You see I was sporting a set of ultrasone signature pro headphones (I have several of those in each of the rooms), they were connected and the length of its cable wasnít enough. Man was that tough, I thought I was going to die of thirst.
Also had a couple other moments like that in battles when I make silly movements I instantly regret, but then next turn I close my eyes, click anywhere to see what happens and it usually gets solved. I think it happened in one of the last matches against darial.

netnazgul: Luck is the luxury of the bravest I would say
balnoisi: You are right of course.

03-05-2013, 01:23 AM
netnazgul: Ok, let's have more general view on the Factions itself. It is a week since public launch and more than that when including pre-launch beta run. What do you think about it as it is now? Any suggestions to improve the game giving that you have a lot of gaming experience in it already?
balnoisi: It has been mostly a great experience so far, a polished, entertaining tactical game that leaves every player with a myriad of choices for unit and team configuration and then you are free to try them any way you want to smash noobs, whatís not to like? But I have to turn your attention into a couple things other players have complained about, and rightfully so: why female archers? Why female archers when we have male backstabbers, male threshers, male raiders, male war-animals, even male shieldmaidens. Why female? It just destroys the illusion, the setting, the fantasy is lost, the fourth wall y'know is shattered and broken.
And another thing I couldnít agree more: where are the people of colour? C'mon, we all know there were plenty of them in the cotton plantations in Lapland.
But for all this i have the solution: two new sections in the marketplace. The first is to beardify your archer, which lets you choose between a set of beards, they grant +10 in range for 5.99. And the second is a black color skin, which also magically increases some stat or another, also pay-to-win of course, thats Factions motto, right?

netnazgul: For pay-to-win to work we can have "10 win streak for 99.99" positions, it's the most direct version I can think of.
balnoisi: Awesome, I think Tirean would love a couple of those. He would have at least two or three more people watching his streams for sure.

netnazgul: Ok, to conclude this tiny chat on a positive note (not that it was so negative before, but even positivier) - you can give an advice to those sturdy warriors of Strand or whatever.
balnoisi: Sure! iíd recommend trying everything, any kind of tactic or configuration even if it seems crazy. Since itís always someone else in front of you not a machine whom you can mislead, deceive, surprise... My main concern when having a game in factions is: I have to do it my way, and let my opponent worry about it. Make him play "after" me trying to respond to my movements. If I am leading this tactical initiative i'll probably win. Or not. But then again I can come back and use my "close the eyes and click" tactic.

netnazgul: That's the true battle spirit! Thank you for sparing me some time for this convesation.
balnoisi: No problem, it has been my pleasure really. I hope it gets fully published in a lot of media.
Ambrosio can walk you out to the palace doors. Bye.


So that is the story of a great warrior Iím proud to tell you. I would bet that balnoisi will deny everything but nevertheless the whole story is true to a letter.

03-05-2013, 07:32 AM
Nice interview :D

netnazgul: For pay-to-win to work we can have "10 win streak for 99.99" positions, it's the most direct version I can think of.
balnoisi: Awesome, I think Tirean would love a couple of those. He would have at least two or three more people watching his streams for sure

And I wouldn't mind the extra viewers no :D

03-05-2013, 08:07 AM
A tabloid journalist shoving a mic through the front gate as Ambrosio opens it: What does this victory mean for the future of your youtube channel and its music? Are you planning to buy a yacht with your winnings? Oh, god! (as the guard dogs attack)

By the way, this is great! But white bold text --> won't show up in my mobile browser, so I read all the answers before the questions. :)

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GAHAHA, I love it. Blue Force Stamp of Approval. The inside jokes are a blast!

03-06-2013, 02:58 AM
Thanks for your comments :)

But white bold text --> won't show up in my mobile browser, so I read all the answers before the questions. :)
I'll look at what can be done there in the next issue.

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Great interview! Who knew balnoisi was funny? Did you? I did not.

03-19-2013, 08:55 AM
What an awesome read. Now I can't shake the picture of balnoisi playing from a mansion on the coast of Spain.