View Full Version : Draft tournaments?

03-06-2013, 04:24 AM
Recently i have seen quite a few posts about balance of units and builds. Many posters agree that some builds need to be specifically countered. This situation is not uncommon for a game with pre-battle "deck-building". And while studying meta can be quite fun process by itself, this situation may be detrimental for competitive gaming(e.g. when all tournament builds boil down to slight variations of 2-3 builds popular in meta with often predetermined outcomes, based on builds(rock-paper-scissors style)). I propose draft system for high-profile tournaments. Basically, it looks like this:

1) Matched people have some time to pick their builds. They see what opponent has picked. Pick order may be like this - 2-3-3-3-1. Pick pool is all units (not just player's proving grounds)
2) Matched people have some time to adjust stats of picked units.
3) Matched people play with this builds like in normal game.

This system is more complex than normal game with pre-builded team, so i propose to use it only for high-profile tournaments. Something like that:

1) Current tournament system serves as qualifier matches - they are open to everyone, top 16 make it to the second(closed) tournament

2) Second tournament is double elimination(for example) with draft system outlined above.

I am quite aware that implementation of all this can be difficult, but i think that competitive play must evolve and that is one of the paths.

What do you think of this ideas? Comments and thoughts are welcome.