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03-11-2013, 07:52 PM
You're smart, so you know there's no way you can talk about a multiplayer strategy game before you learn the jargon. There's a fair amount of it in this game. Let's start with abbreviations. First off, TBS:F is The Banner Saga: Factions. Some units have multiple common abbreviations in game depending on the player's preference. Alternates are indicated with a slash (/).

Unit and Ability Abbreviations

Base class

Advanced Class


--Shieldwall - SW

Thrasher - TS/TH

Bloody Flail - BlF

Backbiter - BB

Run Through - RT/RTh

Raidmaster - RM

Stonewall - we just call it stonewall

Shieldbangers (SB):
--Return the Favor - RtF

Provoker - PK/P

Malice - we just call it malice

Strongarm - SRM

Battering Ram - BtR

Shieldmaster - SM

Bring the Pain - BtP

--Puncture - we just call it puncture

Siege Archer - SA

Slag and Burn - SnB

Sky Striker - SS

Rain of Arrows - RoA

Bowmaster - BM

Bird of Prey - no one really abbreviates this but if we did it would probably be BoP

Warriors (war):
--Heavy Impact - referred to commonly by its effect - "echo damage" or "splash damage"

Warleader - WL

Forge Ahead - FA

Warhawk - WH

Tempest - TP

Warmaster - WM

Sundering Impact - SI

You can represent your build in initiative order using > between units. So, if I'm running with a WH in first position, followed by 3 raiders, a PK, then a BM last it might look like:

WH > TH > RM> BB > PK > BM

This is an easy way to clarify that you are indicating not just the build but the initiative order as well. Similarly you can represent ability combos this way, for instance an old combo from beta was SnB > FA. This shorthand indicates that you would throw a slag and burn and then forge ahead the Siege Archer for an additional move directly after.

Some builds, like the popular four raider builds can be abbreviated to 4xBB or 4xTH, in general referred to currently as 4x builds.

I will update this as new classes/abilities are released or if the playerbase comes to a consensus regarding a change to the lexicon.

Stat Abbreviations

Armor - arm
Strength - str
Willpower - wp
Exertion - ex
Armor Break - ab

Glossary of Random Terms

Masterclass - This refers to the four classes with master in their names. Formerly known as "Pure" classes in early beta.

Break - This refers to the armor break stat on the unit. It can also be used as a verb in reference to the break attack itself, as in "My plan is to break first and then utilize puncture to stop my enemy's PK."

Maim/Hobble - To maim (or to cripple) a unit is to specifically reduce its str pool as low as possible without killing it, so as to keep an ineffective unit in play on the opposing team. Hobble is similar and sometimes used interchangeably, but is more specific in its usage. It refers to reducing the effectiveness of the unit's special ability or specialized task, for instance breaking enough armor off a PK so it can't malice without dying or being maimed, or, as another example, hobbling could mean reducing a WM's str so that it is no longer a huge str threat (but not necessarily maiming it to 1).

Turn Advantage - Abbreviated as ta. There are two types of turn advantage. The most common reference to ta is when one player has less units on the field than their opponent. The player with less units will have turn advantage as they will be afforded additional moves with their remaining units in a cycle. For example if you have two units left and your opponent has four, you will effectively move twice with each unit before a full cycle completes. The second meaning of ta refers to the turn advantage afforded by strategic positioning, wherein your unit gets the first hit against your opponent's.

elo - this is the system used to quantify rankings and matchmaking; for more information check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system.

rank - this is the unit level, often abbreviated to r1, r2, or r3 depending on the rank of the unit.

power or powerlevel - this refers to the sum of the team's power. Often abbreviated as pl. A rank 1 unit is worth 1 power, r2 is worth 2, r3 is worth 3. So a team of all r1 units is said to be a 6 power team or 6 pl.

Random Number Generator - Abbreviated as RNG. This is the internal system that determines the outcome of percentage shots. ex. someone might say "The RNG doesn't like me today" after their BlF misses the last hit multiple times in a game.

Matchmaker - Often abbreviated as MM. This is the system that determines who will match from the pool of players searching for a battle. Tournament and Vs. queues are independent but both affect Overall elo.

If you are new to multiplayer gaming you may have noticed people saying gl;hf, which means good luck; have fun. gg is a common thing to say at the end of a match; it means good game. Some players may also say wp at the end of a match or after a particularly clever maneuver -- in this context it means "well played".

Any addtions, corrections, or formatting improvements you'd like to make to the jargon list, please post below.

03-11-2013, 10:14 PM
Great stuff, Jer.

I prefer to spell the class and ability names out most of the time myself, but I have heard RTh used for Run Through often enough for it to deserve a place next to RT, I'd say. Also as a side note, maybe mention that masterclasses used to be called pure classes way back in beta for those who might have missed the change?

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Thanks KRD, updated with your recommendations.

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I'd suggest renaming the thread to "Terms and Abbreviations" as all standards generally state :)

Also "cripple" for maim synonym.

Also wp for "well played" in netiquette slang (sometimes can substitute "gg" to be said by second player)

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Suggestions integrated.

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Thank you for making this!