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03-13-2013, 02:03 AM
In my opinion the current turn system is abysmal. It can punish players for making kills and it can punish you for having almost dead characters alive.

1. You can actually screw your own game by killing enemy A, whose turn is coming up as it causes enemy B to take A's place in the initiative order instead of forcing the enemy to lose a turn.

2. I just lost a game where I had 6 guys to the enemy's remaining 2. Why? 3 of my guys couldn't do anything so my opponent got more turns in which he could actually do damage. I shouldn't be punished for having barely surviving party members.

3. You cannot "strip" the opponent of a turn by killing a character

The turn system should function all the time as it does in pillage mode.

03-13-2013, 02:11 AM
I believe that the turn system as it is now is a design decision.

Also I think that the turn system at the moment just makes you think harder strategy wise.

I see no need to change it.

B.R. Agility

03-13-2013, 02:24 AM
You are not the one to try and blame the turn system. It's surely not like what you may have seen in other games, but it is not better or worse than that, it's just different. Understanding this system comes with match experience, and when you are better with it - you'll notice how thoughtful it is and how it rewards tactical competence and vision.

Saying all that - you should always consider turn queue and possible turn advantage (it's a common game term already!) when deciding your next action. Some characters are just useless when they lose strength thus slowing your enemy's strategic advance by requiring him to move them, some are still dangerous and should be killed as soon as possible.

And of course you should remember that you win the game by killing all the enemy characters, it doesn't matter whether you have one man standing or the whole team. Sacrificing characters for the sake of winning the battle may be something of a meta-move in chess, but the same technic is actually phisically valuable in this game (due to aforementioned turn advantage).

03-13-2013, 02:34 AM
As you gain more experience with the combat system in Factions, you'll learn you actually have plenty of outs when preventing these situations or even turning them in your favour. If certain units on your team become useless when maimed, play them differently or distribute their stats differently so that they don't anymore make sense to keep alive for your opponent. Give them more natural armor break or ration their willpower more cleverly or switch them out for classes with abilities that don't rely on high strength to be effective or simply use them as annoying blockers positioned in such a way that your opponent is left with multiple bad options. Above all, over time, you want to develop a plan that works with the characters on your team, then perfect your execution of it in a way that is either not easily disrupted when your opponent gains turn advantage or actually turn the table and do the same yourself.

Long story short, Factions is both a better and more unique game for employing the turn mechanics that it does. Stoic did try it with a more conventional turn system too and it wasn't fun.