View Full Version : Is Factions still in Beta? And what will this mean for my team?

03-13-2013, 07:57 PM
I dropped in a few bucks to support the devs and build up my team, but I keep seeing people mention beta, and everything I know about beta means that our stuff will be reset when beta is over. Is this the case? And if so, what happens to the renown I bought?

Slimsy Platypus
03-13-2013, 08:47 PM
Factions is no longer in Beta and we are enjoying a full release! There will not be any type of renown or character reset, so feel free to build an unruly gang of Vikings of your choosing!

So do not fret, your renown is yours for the kepping :)

03-13-2013, 09:06 PM
Good to know. Thanks!