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Slimsy Platypus
03-15-2013, 03:09 PM
Firstly, let me just say that I love these forums. I have read through other forums in the past (WoW, Diablo) but I never felt compelled to post in any of them until The Banner Saga hit me. Thanks to Sean and the other moderators! You guys have done a great job.

I digress, I'm making this post because I have a few minor suggestions.

Firstly, the word "Feedback" in your Community Support and Feedback section: I think this is being interpreted by many players as feedback for the game, as obviously there are a ton of threads not related at all to true "Community Support and Feedback". Perhaps this name needs a little tweak? I think with the subheading that currently exists, Community Support might be enough to give it an accurate description.

Secondly, since Faction's release, the section where we talk about the game has changed a bit as it was in the the beta. There is a lot more negativity now (people posting about things they don't like), and for me personally, I really don't enjoy treading through that to get to the stuff I like. Just as an example: when I used to read WoW forums, I remember going to the class forums and reading all about how my class was SOOOOOOO underpowered, and theres no way it could ever beat some other (arbitrary) class; this ultimately ended up giving me a "ughhhh" feeling when I got back to playing where I would just dwell on all the limitations rather than the really cool things that my class could do. I know there isn't a ton of rapid posting going on in the Factions area, but maybe subdividing the Factions forums into a General Discussion/suggestion forum and a seperate area to discuss tactics/builds might better organize the diversity in posts we are seeing. I realize that if I'm trying to avoid negativity, I should probably not use the internet, but I think this would at least help me get to the stuff I like a little easier.

My third (and final suggestion): following the recent build a lot of players have been asking in-game where you can find the patch notes. I'm wondering if after a new build gets rolled out a link could be placed somewhere that would direct you to the build-notes from within the game. Maybe another banner (like the daily streak one) or maybe just some way to navigate from the options menu.

Also as a final contribution, when I'm feeling super crazy I tend to provide a little flair in my posts with some fan-fictionish lore. So just to keep the streak going, humor me...

Of all the raiding parties in Strand, only one is limited to four. Known as the Stoic Moderators, this band is feared to the bone due to a long list of tales villagers dare only to whisper... It is said that in the proving grounds an initiate once began to ask a question, and before he could mutter a second word Raven provided two answers and directed him to a thread for more information. Sweetjer... I can vouch for personally. I once was cornered in an dark alley in the marketplace; a sharp toothed, wild, snarling double post was encroaching... with nowhere to turn to I called out... SWEETJER! And with a swing of his mace, the double post was no more. Guğmundr once set out to compile a two word story, he later published an 18 edition novel. And Sean, perhaps the most feared of all, has been known to slice a spammer in twine faster than any Varl thought capable. So I warn you, if you come across this unruly band, do not provoke them... or you may never post again... [queue dramatic music: camera pans out and I am typing with stub hands]

03-15-2013, 05:17 PM
I like suggestion #2 particularly. I would really like to see a tactics-only section (where people discuss the game as-is, talk about builds, post puzzles, etc.) cut off from a suggestions section (where people can tell stoic what to do :)).

So, if folks want to discuss imbalance as something they (think they see and can) take advantage of, it belongs in A; and if they want to discuss imbalance as a problem they (think they see and can) solve, it goes in B.

03-16-2013, 01:46 AM
I shall ponder this.

It's a good idea, I just worry how this will work in practice. I have a feeling people will still end up posting in the wrong place if it the discussion area is subdivided. I do like the idea of renaming community support...but then would people perhaps mistake this for game/customer support as well?

Hrm...<strokes imaginary beard>.