View Full Version : BUG: Invisable units and could not move

03-16-2013, 08:58 PM
Started a new game.

At first I could type and say "GL HF" then, after that in the placement phase I could not see or move anything. So dint see my own troops.

I tried to type and talk to enemy, and chat dint work, then after 2-3 turn started to work, I asked if he could see my unis, and move his troops, and he said that he could.

Also I let it go around 10-15 turns before I said "sorry" and surrender the game.

I also am a streamer, so all this was recorded on my stream

Its towards the end of the stream, Forward the video to 5h:11:xx to see the bug in action.


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Then I played some more games, no problem then 2-3 games later, bugg happens again.

Forward the video to 51min to see the bug in action again.

Atm, Im running
Windows 7 64bit
Crossfire, Radeon 6950
Grafics Drivers are up to date.

IF you need any more information just ask away.