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03-17-2013, 11:29 AM
Issue №2

All the shots I take
I spit back at you
All the shit you fake
Comes back to haunt you
All the shots I take
What difference did I make?
Shoot me again
I ain't dead yet

As the swords clash, arrows fly in the air and warriors chant their prayers, the time has come for thee to get familiarized with the warrior you already know as one of the mightiest, the one that everybody goes to to ask for advice about their team composing and exhortations for the battle. So without further ado I present you Tirean the Klutz!

netnazgul: OK, hello here, Tirean! I'm glad you've condescended to my request for sharing a bit of your brilliance to the public.
Tirean the Klutz: Anytime, netnazgul! I am just surprised people want to hear the ranting of a madman (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean).

netnazgul: You are undoubtedly one of the most skillful and influential warleaders in Strand. Even devs say “The Brit” and everyone knows who they are ttalking about. Was it easy for you to achieve that level? How do you cope with all this fame?
Tirean the Klutz: Easy? As easy as it is to climb mount everest I’d say. Took me many many hours of playing, talking, playing, discussing, playing, testing to even feel like I could beat people consistently and I still come up against people who put me back in my place at times! The fame? Well so far its been pretty good but I sometimes forget that I need to watch my tongue a little as people seem to take what I say more seriously than others which is a pain in the ass as I like to have a little fun and poke at things (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean) sometimes!

netnazgul: With great power comes great responsibility, always that.
As for the part of your popularity - you’ve started what is now the most famous Strand show among the dwellers - your Viking TV stream. How have you come up with this idea and what do you think is the reason it is so popular?
Tirean the Klutz: Well the main reason I began to stream was because of the lack of replay function. During the beta I would have some stupidly close games and could only talk about them so I decided to set up the stream to record these. As for the reason its so popular? The english accent (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean) of course!

netnazgul: Doesn't it influence your gameplay a bit? It's great to see a good show and you certainly provide it, but when it comes to real results, doesn't it distract you? Streaming, chatting, moving the battle forces...
Tirean the Klutz: It does actually lower the quality of my play when I am streaming, as I try to keep people informed on what I am doing it cuts down my thinking time since I really enjoy explaining why I do stuff (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean), this is the main reason I have decided not to stream my tournament games so I can play with 100% concentration! However to make up for this i'll show off my tournament build to the public once it is finished and explain how to use it.

netnazgul: OK, as you've touched upon the issue of builds - many warlords would like to hear your observations about the match tactics. What’s your game style? Do you have a general aggressive or passive stance around which you experiment with different teams or it’s the whole different with each new team iteration?
Tirean the Klutz: Each new build I use has a specific plan. As I select my warriors they each have a specific duty to fulfil in the great scheme of things, this could be from surviving until the end game to show my mighty strength and crush some skulls to them being the sacrificial lambs which won’t get to see their families again. With testing I have found that it doesn't matter which approach you take be it aggressive, defensive or some strange voodoo magic where you cross your fingers and hope everything works. All that matters is that you stick to your build plan and make sure your vikings get to see their family after the fight (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean).

03-17-2013, 11:30 AM
netnazgul: As you are speaking about magic and that kind of stuff - have you tried the infamous "close your eyes, click anywhere and see what happens" strategy brought up by balnoisi?
Tirean the Klutz: I am afraid balnoisi magic is unrepeatable (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean) by us humans.

netnazgul: Maybe it is so, at least it hasn't worked out for me. Also judging by my dialogue with that balnoisi guy I've come to a conclusion that he doesn't reckon you too much. Can you respond on that somehow?
Tirean the Klutz: Well I am sure the moon thinks the sun isn't hot because they haven't met each other in a long long time.

netnazgul: So you've actually clashed swords with him? Was he the toughest opponent you've been matched against or you can recall someone else?
Tirean the Klutz: The strongest player I have faced is The Mad Fool but sadly he doesn't seem to be playing a lot anymore. Others? Used to be strange_carrots AKA raven but the guy to busy modding for the general public... So if the general public would give him less duties to do maybe I can resume my rivalry (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean) with raven!

netnazgul: I'm sure Mad Fool would return sometime and it would be a test for everyone's abilities to stand against him.
With this inteview coming to an end - I'd like you to say something to the public to sum it all up.
Tirean the Klutz: Play strong, never surrender and learn from your losses (http://www.twitch.tv/tirean)... Also remember that thrashers are always red... No other colour but red!

netnazgul: I prefer orange now, but they don't have the right clothes.
Thank you for this little chat and I'd wish you good luck on your tournament going as you are certainly to achieve the highest position in the current event!
Tirean the Klutz: Well now you just jinx me! Thanks for that!


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hilarious interview or spambot for tirean's stream? well played, netnazgul, well played.

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if only spam bots were this clever sweetjer, it would make your of cleaning the forums much harder :D

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hilarious interview or spambot for tirean's stream? well played, netnazgul, well played.
I don't know what are you talking about :cool:

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Great questions netnazgul. I was smiling through the whole interview.