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03-20-2013, 08:16 AM
Hi guys, I was thinking now that the win streaks are only registered in ranked match, with equal power level, why don't we upgrade the rewards for higher win streaks. For example, every 5 wins in a row add +1 renown to the current win streak bonus. In this case the risk/reward system is more efficient in my opinion, because it's more difficult to mantain a win streak high (you have more pressure every match) and as the win streaks only are registered on ranked games we also prevent experienced players to farm new player.

05-07-2013, 07:38 AM
TL;DR = I agree. Boost the renown-bonus from Ranked matches.

Hey Orath.

I believe that a very small portion of the TBSF community is actually playing ranked-matches (RM), compared to those playing quick-matches (QM). The reason is twofold:

the small renown profit; actually just the +1 for a win-streak
the general "fear" of losing Elo-ranking and/or current streaks

The first reason can be easily changed/balanced, by some renown-bonus change as the one you're suggesting. However, I'm not sure if boosting the Win-Streak bonus is the best idea; instead, I'd go for a boost to the win-renown, e.g. +3 or +5. Why? Read on...

The second reason, this "fear of losing", is perfectly understandable for semi-casual players like myself. Some people just don't like having sources of stress when they're playing, especially when its against other people (and not AI). Losing a cherished win-streak can be a reason to carefully avoid RM. So, the QM gets something like the natural choice. Considering also the wait/queue-times for RM, it gets really-really difficult to support those!

Nevertheless, I understand that TBSF can be though of as a competitive "sport", so there should be some sort of classification of player performance. I think the Elo/Ranking system currently used is the best choice for that, and it accomplishes another task at the same time: If players are encouraged to play RM (only!), then everybody would "settle" at their particular Elo-score, and then the MatchMaker (MM) would match them against equally strong players, so that each battle would be as thrilling as that first one, fighting with 50% chance-of-success :). But, I guess, that this lesson-from-life ("when you lose, learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up and get motivated to win tomorrow") is difficult to infuse in or demand from all video-game players. Some people just wanna win all the time... For those hardcore "antagonistic" players, there's always the Tournament where they can get-off! Some people are just too scared of losing... For them, there's the single-player Saga that will be "beatable".

05-07-2013, 01:24 PM
I agree with aleonymous, i think win-renown should be more for ranked matches. QM are just quicker to find matches and usually easier to win.

also im not sure if this is how streaks work, but i think you can do 2QMs and then win 1RM and still get the streak bonus, then repeat