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Slimsy Platypus
03-21-2013, 06:14 PM
Hello friends! I’m here today debuting my recent writing endeavor: a “choose your own adventure” style narrative inspired by the upcoming Banner Saga conversation system and the recently released Factions!

Let me first state, I am not a writer, nor have I been trained or educated to write. I just love the Banner Saga and it has my head spinning with cool things that could happen within this world! I simply thought this might be a fun way to interact with the community and share my excitement a bit. I hope someone out there will get some enjoyment out of this and that it doesn’t completely suck, time will tell!

So here’s how it works: basically, you will read through the story, and at a couple key points you will be given several options. Each choice will have a different story branch, so you want to be sure to navigate to the appropriate branch rather than simply read what’s next. When the branch ends I’ll let you know, and if you want to hear more, post which branch you were on and I’ll follow up with my next installment by continuing that branch. If I don’t hear anything, well… the story will be quite the short one, and this tale will end at chapter 1. If a couple people want to hear what happens with some different branches, I’m just going to have a roll a Bloody Flail to see who wins (or perhaps I might be in an overly ambitious mood at the time?).

I have tried my best to stay true to the IP here and not directly interfere with the events that we know about (we won’t be fighting Balrogs alongside Gandolf here folks). My characters may acknowledge some events, but I have taken careful consideration to not interfere with what has been told, as in my opinion it just dilutes the “epic-ness” of the original delivery. If anyone notices an aspect that seems like it clashes with the original IP, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate with some editing.

Slimsy Platypus
03-21-2013, 06:15 PM
Chapter 1: A Beginning of Sorts


While feeding the cattle you spot a group of men in the distance, approaching across the nearby hills. Your father has finally returned from his raid! You immediately envision the feast that will follow. The household table covered in roast lamb, salted fish, fresh bread, and everything else! Not to mention a perfect excuse to indulge in plenty of beer and mead! As they approach you hear your mother yell to you:

“Fetch some water, and hurry”. She sounds worried, best waste no time. You head to the spring to fill several drinking horns with fresh water.

When you return to the house, your father is laying on the floor, dimly lit by the fire pit. A broken arrow protrudes from his ribs. Your mother kneels beside him examining the wound. The others of his party fill the hall; the looks upon their faces each more disheartening than the next.

“Bring that water here” your mother calls, as she prepares to dress the wound. There is a lot of blood. “No time to call for the healer, I will tend to this here, best I can”.

“Come over here” your father rasps, raising an open hand at you. “We have provoked the Ylfing’s, and were not able to return with much… they will surely retaliate”

“Shush” your mother snaps. “Save your strength”. She is probing the wound with her fingers, apparently determining what the arrow had struck

Your father continues “I need you to go get your uncle Ivar and some of his men. We will make our stand here in the fields. We will need his help to resist their numbers.”

Your mother stops and looks up, concern across her face “Ivar… he was just here last week, rounding up some cattle for sale. He is likely at Strand as we speak, but if he does not unload all his cattle there, he will surely continue on to the other trade cities. Pack light, you will need to make up time on the road.

You quickly throw a pack together and head for Strand. It’s nearly dusk now, although you wouldn’t know it from the recent spell of long daylight hours. If you hurry, you may be there by morning. Hopefully Ivar has spent more time at the meadhouse than the marketplace. After an aggressive trek through the night, the walls of strand emerge in the distance. You’ll probably be there in hours! A distant voice is heard from the road ahead.

“traveler, I have news from Strand”. This man appears to be leading his family away from the city up ahead on the road. In the distance you see the silhouette of him coaxing a woman and two small children to the side of the road. He approaches. You notice his hand grasping an axe at his side. “You don’t look like trouble, but there’s definitely trouble ahead! Fighting has broken out, Strand isn’t safe. Men fight to claim the governor’s title as we speak! Best not spend any time close to the city. It’s not safe, not even within the walls!”

“That’s exactly where I was intending to go!” you exclaim. “What of the civilians? Where have they sought refuge?”

“Oh… I don’t know of any formal migration out of the city yet. Fighting emerged within the walls like a storm, we were some of the first out of the city last night… now I do not want any trouble. Please, I mean no harm. I just want to keep my family safe. Honor us with safe passage?”

“Certainly” you respond. “I don’t intend any trouble” The roadside traveler’s shoulders sink back, he relaxes a bit. “I am looking for a man; he was selling cattle, probably less than a dozen. He likely was traveling with only a couple men. He probably arrived in the past few days. Long beard on the chin, short hair on the sides, have you seen him? ”

“There are many that come into and out of the city… too many to help you there… but, if you are going to enter the city I would advise you get some… err… muscle. Go straight to the meadhall, you will surely find folks looking for work there. I’m sorry I can’t help you further. I’m going to get my family to safety… I wish you luck in these dark times!” And with that the traveler returned to his family and escorted them by, keeping a keen eye on you the entire time.

Well, it appears this task may not be such an easy one. You continue towards the city, until the walls of the city stand right before you. It’s must be nearly dawn now (at least it feels like it). And you cautiously enter the front gates. No guards on duty. There is shouting up the hill ahead. Best head straight to the meadhall as advised.


The streets are barren. Other than the shouts in the distance the city seems nearly empty. You cautiously make your approach. After a short trek through the outskirts you see it. Casks of mead and beer are stacked outside nearly as tall as the hall itself. You hear voices inside. Relief… surely there will be someone there you can hire as guard so you can safely search the city. You enter the hall. A man at the door greets you.

“Bring no trouble here my friend, we have Varl helping us keep order.” A large Varl stands behind the doorman looking your over, arms crossed. The horned giants aren’t commonly seen out in the countryside, but you’ve seen them before when traveling to the city. “Looking to hire?” The man then points to another Varl to the left, then to a lone woman sitting at the bar, then to a group of raiders to the right. “There, there, and there, pick your poison”.

The Varl to the left looks like he has been heavily drinking. There are dozens of empty glasses beside him. His massive hands nearly engulf the whole glass as you see him throw an entire one back with ease.

The woman in the center is sitting at the bar with her back facing you, a bow strung over her shoulder. She snaps at the bartender “hey, this horn isn’t going to fill itself! You’re lucky you’re the only place selling beer right now!” She proceeds to slam an empty drinking horn against the bar. She does not seem… pleasant.

To the right there is a group of raiders rowdily drinking. They look seasoned for battle and they are adorned in hardened leather armor with portions crudely stained dark red, possibly with blood. On their table between them sits several iron helmets with face guards. They don’t look like the friendly types.

Whom do you approach for assistance?

1A: The evidently drunken Varl? Click Here for Option 1A! (http://stoicstudio.com/forum/showthread.php?1413-Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Factions-Edition!&p=18567&viewfull=1#post18567)
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Slimsy Platypus
03-21-2013, 06:17 PM
1A: You Approach the evidently drunken Varl hoping to hire him as a guard as your search for Ivar

“Excuse me” you mutter. The Varl looks over at you from his seat… then back to the glass in his hand. He finishes in a single gulp then gazes back up at you. He has a long well-trimmed beard and snarled horns extending from the shag of his long hair. You follow up: “Hello, I am looking to hire a guard so I can search the city“.

“looking for some help ehh? Well I only help those who deserve it”. The Varl gives a hardy punch to your shoulder. “Tell me know whyyyy you need help, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I can accommodate”. The Varl grabs another glass full of mead from behind him and begins drinking.

“Well you see… I’m… looking for my uncle. My family may be in danger. We need him… and his men, to help protect what is ours! To keep my family safe! He’s merely trying to peddle some cattle, and was here days ago! I have money, look. What’s the going rate? 25? Here take 50. If there’s trouble I’ve got more”

“Enough said” The Varl interrupted. The name’s Thorfast. And in these times when so much is wrong, I’m simply looking for something right to do. Keep your money, and let’s make haste. Runa! Ulfar! Come here, this man needs our help.” Thorfast stands up, stumbles a bit, and then to your surprise couldn’t appear any more sober.

A grizzled man with a hand axe at his side approaches. “Ulfar here, if Thorfast likes you, well you’re good enough for me. Consider me at your service.”

A woman from across the hall collects a quiver from the ground and throws a bow over her shoulder. Her long brown hair is tied back tight. “Nice to meet you, call me Runa. Another adventure eh?”

Thorfast exclaims “Well if you’re looking for someone in the city there’s only so many places they can be. We will want to stay clear of the Great Hall, trouble brews there. But we should check the marketplace. We can see if he at least made it out of there before things went wild. If you are itching for a scrap, we certainly could patrol the outskirts of the city, to check if he’s trying to make his way out. Alternatively, we could just take a rest here. You can generally catch anyone at the meadhall at one time or another.”

So how should you proceed?

1Ai: Go to the marketplace to search for Ivar?
1Aii: Patrol the outskirts of Strand in hopes you will find Ivar trying to escape the city?
1Aiii: Wait at the meadhall to see if Ivar shows up?

This branch has ended for the time being :(, but that doesn’t mean the story is over! If you would like me to continue this branch in my next installment, post your final choice in the thread below!

Slimsy Platypus
03-21-2013, 06:17 PM
1B: You approach the not-so-pleasant lady archer hoping to hire her as a guard as you search for Ivar

You walk up and sit next to the archer at the bar. Braids of silk blonde hair extend past her shoulders. “Excuse me, but I –“

“let me stop you there. It’s 100 if you have a name, 50 if you want me to tag along. If it will take longer than a week my price goes up to 75.” As soon as she finishes speaking her gaze returns to the bar, never looking you in the eye.

“well I only need a guard so I can search the city. I’m looking for someone… my uncle”.

“A search huh? Easy, let’s say 75… fork it over, and be quick about it”. You count out her pay and hand it over. “This uncle of yours have a name?”


Before you can mutter another word “Ivar huh? Hey barkeep! We know an Ivar right? Long beard on the chin, shaved sides of his head? That him?”

“That absolutely sounds like him!”

The bartender comes over (somewhat unwillingly). “Yeah I know him… you know information doesn’t always flow so freely around here Bera”.

The lady archer responds “here’s 75… now where do I find him”. She casually tosses your payment to the barkeep.

The bartender leans over the bar between you and Bera. “Ivar comes in here all the time, he’s a friend of sorts actually… well he racks up a decent tab at least. He was just here yesterday. Some locals convinced him to take on the Governor’s guard with em while sitting at that table right over there. Supposedly they’ve been fighting all over the city though”. The bartender begins to walk away, then abruptly stops and turns. He mutters somewhat under his breath “if you ask me though, all this fighting seems like a lost cause, the governor has friends, big ones, lots of Varl. Certainly not the type I would want to be fighting against.”

“Well that’s it then” Bera snaps. “let’s go”

“Whoa, where exactly are you intending to take me? Not to the middle of a fight I hope!” You exclaim.

“Well yes… and no. Let’s get close enough to just see what’s going on. If we head up to the Proving Grounds we’ll be able get a good view of what’s going down at the Great Hall, and we’ll be able to see a healthy portion of the rest of the city… at a safe distance. We’ll be able scope out where some of the big scraps went down. Then we can check em for your uncle. Alternatively we can go right to the heart of it and head to the Great Hall. If they want to take on the guard without fear of retaliation, they will have to take it. We could always just go there and if nothing happens wait for the ol’ hammer to fall. Although, yesterday there was a huge scrap down at the beach; should we go check the remains there first? Your call boss… oh and remember, if this takes too long you owe me more money.”

So how should you proceed?

1Bi: Head to the Proving Grounds to get a good vantage point of the city and look for a sign of Ivar?
1Bii: Go to the Great Hall where some fighting is likely happening?
1Biii: Go see if Ivar’s remains are at the beach, where a large battle took place yesterday?

This branch has ended for the time being :(, but that doesn’t mean the story is over! If you would like me to continue this branch in my next installment, post your final choice in the thread below!

Slimsy Platypus
03-21-2013, 06:18 PM
1C: You Approach the rough looking group of raiders hoping they will act as guards on your search for Ivar

After a cautious approach up the three (evidently battle seasoned) raiders, you nervously mutter “excuse me”. The raiders do not appear to notice you. They are involved in some type of game. They’re grabbing and throwing coins off the table in a type of betting frenzy. Glasses of beer and mead are being flung about. “hey!” you say a little louder… no response. “HEY… are you looking for work?”

One of the raiders glances over at you and looks back to his game. He snatches up some coins from the table then takes a couple steps towards you. He has a long disheveled mustache and braided beard, adorned in a thick and worn had leather armor. He looks you up and down for a moment, a wicked glare in his eye. “…yeah we’re looking for work, what you got?”

“Well I need help finding someone in the city, my uncle. He was selling cattle just –“

“STOP… what you got?” he interrupts.

“well I could pay you say 50, if you could just –“

“Alright, we’ll do it for fifty. Let me see it.”

You count and hand him the money. He looks it over and tosses a portion to one of the other raiders. “Hey, another round… on me” he says to his companion. He looks back to you “we’ve got some business to finish up, we’ll be with you later”. The raider goes back to his game.

“Hey!” you exclaim. I need help now! Or… I need that money back, that’s nearly all I have!”. Your response goes seemingly unnoticed. You walk over to the raider grab him by the shoulder.

He immediately backs away, apparently provoked “alright kid, now you’ve done it”. His two companions have grabbed their axes and are approaching with wicked smirks across their faces. “boys, let’s see if this fellow has any more drinks he can buy us”.

The bartender shouts “hey we said no trouble here!” The man you spoke to at the door and an accompanying Varl approach. “Everyone out!” the bartender snaps. The patrons don’t waste any time and begin to exit.

At this point one of the raiders lunges for you, axe in hand. Unarmed you turn away and… SWOOSH. An arrow strikes the raider square in the temple. SWOOSH…. SWOOSH… two more strike his companions, one in the neck, the other in the shoulder. The raider struck in the neck falls to the ground, grasping his wound. Blood covers the floor of the meadhouse. The raider struck in the shoulder snaps the end of the arrow off, lets out a gnarly grunt, and runs out, not looking back. The archer for hire (who was sitting at the bar earlier) now stands atop the bar with her bow drawn, her silk blonde hair falling seamlessly behind a steady glare set on the dying raiders on the ground.


The bartender shouts “BERA… get out of here! And don’t you come back here! You’ve caused trouble for the last time… you just created a bloodbath in the last safe place in Strand!” She smirks at the bartender than works her way out of the meadhall in silence. The bartender passes his gaze onto you. “You too, we said no trouble! Leave now if you want to keep that head atop those shoulders”. The bartender, the doorman, and his accompanying Varl have their eyes fixed on you, it’s time to go. You head outside.

As soon as you walk out the door, the archer runs up to you. Apparently she had been waiting. “Bera’s the name. So you’re looking for your uncle ehh? Well hey! One of my… specialties… is finding people. You took a big hit from those thugs huh? Well pay me later. So where’s this uncle of yours at?

“Well, he came here to unload some cattle, so I would think he would try the marketplace? But I haven’t talked to him since he got to the city days ago”

“Well we certainly can check out the marketplace, but there’s been fighting there so he probably hasn’t stuck around… or we could head back to the front gate and do a quick patrol up on the walls, should be able to see a lot from up there. Looks like the city guard is preoccupied, we should be able to have access without any problems if we’re quick. We probably want to stay clear of the Great Hall, sounds like something heavy is going on there. Also, I know a big rancher of sorts who lives just outside the walls, maybe he bought some of your uncle’s cattle?”

Bera pauses for a moment, then adds “oh and hey, if you even attempt to lay a finger on me” then she exposes a knife at her waste. “And we’re not friends, remember… you’ll pay me later”.

So how should you proceed?

1Ci: Head to the Marketplace to look for a sign of Ivar?
1Cii: Look over the perimeter of the city by patrolling the walls of Strand while the guard is preoccupied?
1Ciii: Go question a rancher who may have purchased some of Ivar’s cattle?

This branch has ended for the time being :(, but that doesn’t mean the story is over! If you would like me to continue this branch in my next installment, post your final choice in the thread below!

03-22-2013, 05:59 AM
damn..um I sorta read all of them (Ooops :P) I like the female archer part the best! but I dont like the way you mentioned her name in 1B..she didnot have a proper introduction with the protagonist yet, how would he know her name is Bera? ....and i would like 1Bi pls XD

03-22-2013, 05:59 AM
Epic work btw O.o

03-22-2013, 02:17 PM
Slimsy, I like the story and neat idea! This could be quite the undertaking, depending on how long the tale goes...many permutations. I followed to 1Ciii (before I went back and read the others :))

Alejandro Mackgyver
03-22-2013, 02:48 PM
This reminds me of the start of the epic WoW forum post entitled You awaken in Razor Hill (http://thelittlestmurloc.tumblr.com/post/39069990648/part-1). I agree this might take be a massive undertaking but hell's bells, why not?

(1Bii) is my story path choice

03-24-2013, 04:41 PM
Good stuff. 1Bi here.

"...We will make our stand here in the fields..."

I want to see that map, preferably with cattle (http://youtu.be/kCZLuQn2Zxs?t=1m18s) wandering around. :)

03-25-2013, 12:23 AM
I also feel that this story should proceed. It was quite interesting. Hell, if you need any assistance in writing more entries, let me know.

03-25-2013, 05:53 AM
Wow, what an awesome story, I choose 1Ai to continue. Also, if you don't have some tricks to loop the story and cut of branches this won't stay managable for long.

03-25-2013, 09:57 AM
whatever man...1bi has the most votes, GIMMEEEE!!!!

Nathan Roseland
04-01-2013, 04:24 AM
I chose 1Bii.