View Full Version : "The Banner Saga Factions.exe has stopped working" (tourney match was in first)

03-29-2013, 01:19 PM
I just had the client crash (windows 7) for no apparent reason when I was winning my 12th tournament game in a row and was (temporarily) in first place in the tournament. Is there any chance that my ranking (overall and in tournament) could be reset to not include this match?

Edit:After taking a second look, tourney ranking doesn't seem to have been impacted and the match did not register (still have 11 completed not 12). My All Time Elo looks like it dropped by about 30 (from about 1463 to 1434) which makes no sense. Discourages me from trying to work my way up the overall standings.

Edit: please close this bug as I created a newer clearer report.