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04-11-2013, 03:00 AM
I had a few suggestions/ideas on the topic of skins and cash purchases. I don't know to what extent the Stoic team is focusing on monetizing the Factions game, but if some of these ideas would be implimented I know that I at least would throw some money at them.

1) A single purchase pack for all in-game skins.
It would be nice to have a single item to purchase for all current skin content, hopefully at a slightly reduced price compared to buying the skin pack for each unit type separately.

2) A cash-based currency within Factions.
Basically the equivalent of "Riot points" from League of Legends. Lets call this currency "Faction bucks". Instead of spending real cash directly on a specific store item, you exchange your real cash for Faction bucks which can then be applied towards the things you normally buy directly for cash.

This seems round-about, but it would allow the Stoic team to put some small incentives into the game via awarding Faction bucks for various things. One main achievement (win 10 games?) which awards some Faction bucks, or giving some Faction bucks to the top 3 winners in a tournament, etc.

Basically by giving away some of this currency for "free", players would get a taste of purchasing 1 or 2 items from the market, which would lead to them to desire to purchase more :).

3) More color combinations or variety for skins.
This could simply be to add more color options to each unit, or it could be tied into...

4) A factions/guild/clan system in-game, each faction having its own color scheme.
Here is the concept I am thinking of: within the Strand/world there are various groups who adhere to different philosophies or bloodlines or leaders. Each would have their own sub-culture, preferred tactics, etc.

The in-game implimentation would be that each player would be able to declare alliegence to a specific faction, and their losses or success would bring glory or shame to that faction. After you have brought a certain amount of renown to a faction (most likely through a set # of wins), you would be allowed to wear that faction's colors (i.e., unlock the ability to purchase that faction's colors in the store).

There could be a weekly/monthly/whatever contest for the players to design new factions, including background lore, color scheme, etc. The best ones could be voted on and added to the game...

04-11-2013, 03:04 AM
Hi Yth. Some good suggestions there :). What do you mean by "Factions bucks" though? Renown is already an in game currency that you can also buy :).

04-11-2013, 03:11 AM
Hello Yth.

1) Buy all colors : +1. I'd also like a combo-pack like that.
2) cash-based currency : I'm indifferent on this, although I'd personally keep money safely away from a FtP game.
3) More color variations: +1. That's definitely a request I'll back. I bet it's been voiced multiple times already.
4) Guild/faction : +1. Yeah, I like this idea too. It has to be shaped though, but the core-concept sounds fun! "Belonging" is something most humans unconsciously strive for, even though many would proclaim the "lone-wolf" concept. Nevertheless, when Winter comes, the lone-wolf dies, but the pack survives [GRRM].

04-11-2013, 04:29 AM
I like all suggestion except another currency. You can load up some money on steam to pay from there AND you can pull that money off as well (e.g. to buy another game). If you want to bind money to TBS:F you can simply buy renown. Afaik the only thing you currently cannot buy with renown are marketplace skins (covered by your first suggestion) and the beginner package as well as the renown boost. I don't think this warrants for an ingame currents that competes with renown and clutters up the store.

04-11-2013, 07:55 AM
Aye, the marketplace already uses "Steam-bucks", if you want top call it that. Having another extra currency would just make it look like these horrible Farmville-like FtP browsergames, that have a second currency that can be almost only earned through real money.
Factions did an awesome job on being a fair FtP, so let's not mess around with that.

+1 on the other issues, though.

04-11-2013, 07:57 AM
The one advantage a second, cash based, currency (not renown) would have is that it would allow Stoic to give out the currency as rewards for certain things, wheras it does not make much sense at all for Stoic to give out RL cash.

The model I am specifically thinking of is League of Legends, which has 2 forms of currency:
"Influence Points" == functions exactly like renown, except you cannot buy even basic skins with them.
"Riot Points" == bought with RL cash, and handed out as minor tournament prizes, also handed out when you reach lvl 10. Can only be used to buy cosmetic changes or "skins".

I agree that it is awkward to have multiple types of currency, but it has the benefit of allowing all players to sample the special skins (1 or 2 with the amount they are given, usually), which acts as an incentive to invest more for more customization options.

04-11-2013, 08:28 AM
Coming to think about how TBS:F will evolve, after the Saga, kinda brings some sense in Yth's remark. Picture this: You have a mighty warhawk and you want to give him a little more edge by simply "buying" him a better sword. I think that Stoic have implied that such "material possessions" will find their way in Factions (e.g. a better sword might give you +1STR, or a better bow +1Range). Could your Renown cover the expenses needed to be paid at Strand's weapon-smith? It seems a little lore-incompatible...

On the other hand, inter-tradeability between all those currencies {Renown,Strand-Money,Real-Money} does make things rather complicated, and we do have to admit that the current balance is very well kept in Factions: Your bang is not related to your buck, i.e., it's not like you can $$$pay$$$ your way to the "Ruling Tourney Champion" title. It's features and ethos like those, that can make a game competitive and timeless.

04-11-2013, 08:43 AM
I agree with all of OP's suggestions except for the currency thing. Renown and the RM market seem plenty, the system works well.
Considering the lack of incentive to pay any actual money to Stoic in the current system, and the quasi-absence of revenue that implies for them (as Arnie mentioned in chat), I really don't think there needs to be more ways for people to get things without spending a dollar (ie giving out currency for paying-exclusive cosmetic options like color patterns, etc).
If we were talking about a game with hundreds of thousands of players, sure, I can see how that would make sense. But Factions is (unfortunately) still small scale and makes hardly any money. If anything, I'd like to see Stoic get a bit more business-like ; they've been all too moral and player-friendly, what with all the cost decreases and what not :p . But I'm confident they'll get plenty of those dolla-dolla-bill things rolling in once Saga proper is out, so I'm not too concerned really :D