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05-17-2013, 08:17 AM
I guess I'm at a point where I'm a little bored with my go to lineup, I've been running 3 Raiders 1 Archer, 1 PK/SM, 1 or 2 WH/WM setup about 95% of the time since release. I'd like to mix things up while I wait for the new units to be released. I've never really got the hang of using the Warleader. I'd like to learn more on how to effectively use him. Any tips, tricks and comboes will be greatly appreciated. You can also share epic WL moments here too. btw I only have my WL at lvl 2.

05-17-2013, 09:13 AM
So uhh... try anything other than bruising build? Incorporate advanced tactics?

- Three archers are a nice challenge - getting to the endgame with them alive and enemies on low armor can be super hard, but landing those puncture shots on Your way to victory is very rewarding.

- Skystriker trapping can be frustrating if the enemy doesn't play along or chooses less optimal targets. Combos with SRM/PK are a lot of fun, but require some planning and thinking ahead.

- WL is a boss, You made a good choice thinking about him. I used to avoid him thinking of the forge ahead as a complete waste (two turns + willpower for 1 turn? WTF?), but the possibilities he opens are truly amazing.

I am toying with the basic ones ATM - archer > forge > archer (big break or break and turn 3 puncture shot/kill) and early altering of the unit order (helping Your key units get ahead their key units, with a seemingly pointless move). Both can be confusing for the enemy and make him/her feel like they are being given an advantage... they just need to move ahead and grab it :]

He can also be used to help WH land a devastating tempest, but many people are on their guard the moment they see WH > WL in turn order, so You are (IMHO) more likely to surprise them by attacking with the WL himself, or forging ahead that surprisingly well positioned archer, they did not notice because of the WH threat (depends on the levels You play at ofc.).

Being a warrior himself, he can pack quite a punch and supplement bruiser build nicely, not even bothering to use his ability.

http://www.twitch.tv/ojustme/old - his stream from today with DUAL WL magic
http://www.twitch.tv/boldbrendan/videos and http://www.twitch.tv/butters_tbs/videos (click on past broadcasts) - both Slimsy and Butters have been streaming their games with totally random units. You can either try having the randomizer select the team for You or check out how they make those crazy compositions win games.

05-17-2013, 07:42 PM
Thanks for Tips and videos. I did a little meddling with WL, Lost a lot but my first win was SA/WL/TH/TH/BB/WH, The combos I had effectively pulled is the break/SnB>Forge ahead>break/SnB. Which makes sets the initiative order of the WL before the Warhawk. After the FA on Siege Archer the initiative order will become SA/TH/TH/BB/WH/WL. Which has the potential to do nifty WH-WL comboes too.. Planning to swap BB with SA to complement the huge breaks on early turns.. :D I must say WL is really an interesting unit and a lot of fun when the tricks are pulled off correctly. FA is probably one of the hardest skill to use to its full potential.

05-17-2013, 07:45 PM
Three archers is definitely interesting; I find Butters 2SM/RM/3BM build interesting, don't have enough renoun ATM to get another Shield Master and a BM, but I'll defenitely going to try the build.

05-18-2013, 02:54 AM
Without concentrating on his ability WL can be serious problem for enemy at the endgame. My own has 3 exertion and maximum strenght, so he can reach and kill/maim almost anyone. But it cost him armor.

05-30-2013, 04:07 PM
One thing I noticed on WL is that it allows me to be aggressive. FA is very handy if your opponent has turn advantage..

09-05-2013, 03:54 AM
:cool: Tatski, I've grown quite fond of this build, after that fight of ours, the other day. Thanks for the inspiration! Here (http://tbs-battle-planner.herokuapp.com/#W1sic2ciLDEsMTEsMTEsW1siYSIsOCw0LDldLFsicyIsNyw0L DddLFsidyIsNiw2LDEzXSxbImUiLDMsMSwzXSxbImIiLDIsMCw yXV1dLFsid2wiLDMsMTMsMTMsW1siYSIsMTAsNSwxMl0sWyJzI iwxMiw5LDE1XSxbInciLDYsNSw5XSxbImUiLDIsMSwzXSxbImI iLDMsMCw0XV1dLFsicm0iLDEsMTEsMTEsW1siYSIsMTAsNiwxM l0sWyJzIiwxMCw2LDEyXSxbInciLDQsNCwxMV0sWyJlIiwyLDE sM10sWyJiIiwzLDEsM11dXSxbImJiIiwyLDEyLDEyLFtbImEiL DEwLDUsMTJdLFsicyIsMTAsOCwxMF0sWyJ3Iiw0LDQsMTNdLFs iZSIsMywwLDNdLFsiYiIsMywxLDNdXV0sWyJibSIsMiwxMiwxM ixbWyJhIiw4LDQsOV0sWyJzIiw4LDQsOF0sWyJ3Iiw2LDUsMTJ dLFsiZSIsMywxLDNdLFsiYiIsMiwxLDJdXV0sWyJ3aCIsMywxM ywxMyxbWyJhIiwxMSw3LDEyXSxbInMiLDE2LDEwLDE2XSxbInc iLDMsMiwxMV0sWyJlIiwyLDAsMl0sWyJiIiwxLDEsMl1dXV0=) is how I have it statted:


Most of the units are statted in a fairly standard way. The WL is the most interesting part. I like having him on raider-level ARM/STR/AB, i.e. 11/11/3 or 10/12/3. His use, apart from the FAing, is to be kept safe in the back (even maimed) until the late-game, where high AB and mobility make a difference.

The strategy of this build is quite stream-lined and works like a charm against "unsuspecting" opponents. Here's how I imagine & play it...

DISCLAIMER #2 -- Use at your own risk.

SA marches ahead and does 5AB to high-ARM target (Varl) -- Be sure the SA is placed where she can't get killed by the two next enemy units. That is unless, you are actually aiming to bait out those units or make them waste WP to kill her...
WL FA's the SA, so that she can deliver another 5AB on the same Varl or another one. The SA is considered dead from now on. If she's spared, she can keep up doing 2AB, or go RoA-hunting.
RM, BB and BM act "normally", cool, as if nothing is wrong, advancing and breaking. Keep the BM safe; she's your last archer.
If the WL gets attacked, don't let him die! Pull him back away from the fight, unless you feel that giving his remaining WP on a 5AB is worth him getting killed. It doesn't -- Read on.
WH stays away from trouble while the enemy is sufficiently broken and/or nicely arrayed for a Tempest. If the situation is right (i.e. the two enemies acting after the WH can't seriously harm him or thwart this plans with RoAs/SnBs etc), do the WH/FA/WH combo from a safe-distance (or from anywhere, if WL is rank-3 and you got the WP). Try to picture your enemy's froth coming out of his mouth and his eyes bulging from anger :D
If you've reached this stage following all the previous steps, the BM acts just before the WL... Are you pondering what I'm pondering? :p If the situation is right (the two units acting after the BM can't seriously harm her), advance the BM in a bold position and do AB on a laid-back enemy. While the enemy starts to believe his luck is finally turning, Forge the BM Ahead to finish off the enemy with Puncture. By now the enemy should have rage-quitted the match... :mad:
If not, blow him away by doing one last FA during Pillage, on one of the surviving raiders acting before the WL, to grant them one extra turn, just for the heck of it.
Congratulations! You've won yourself a mortal enemy, or made a player quit the game forever :(

08-29-2014, 04:51 AM
Here's some maths for the effectiveness of the such Forge-Ahead combos as: Break>Puncture (with 1WL) or Break>Break>Puncture (with 2WL). I assuming a Bowmaster with 8STR/2AB/3EX and lots of WP, whose STR remains intact.

Trivial: A direct STR-attack from the BM, with up to 8+3(WP)=11 "effective" STR, can kill a unit with 11HP or less (HP=Hit-Points=STR+ARM).
Break>Puncture: A break of 2+3=5AB followed by a puncture with +3WP can kill a 18HP unit. The "effective" STR of this attack is 13=8+2(Puncture)+3(WP), so adding the 5AB done in the first turn, amounts to 18HP. That number surpasses the HP of all archers and equals that of rank-0 raiders.
Break>Break>Puncture: Two turns of 2+3=5AB and then a puncture with +3WP can kill a 26HP unit. The "effective" STR of this attack is 16=8+5(Puncture)+3(WP), so adding the 10AB done in the previous two turns amounts to 26HP. That number surpasses the HP of all raiders and sometimes matches that of a low-stated Warrior (e.g. 10/16 WH, 9/17 WM or 10/15 WL).

Raiders' Shieldwall can screw up these calculations, that apply only to isolated units, so be careful there! Also, if your archer is an Siege-Archer with max 7STR, then the numbers are: 10HP/17HP/25HP, respectively. If your archer is a Skystriker with max 1AB, then the numbers are: 11HP/17HP/23HP, respectively.

You can use those as rule-of-thumb when using such Archer-FA builds ;)

EDIT -- For those aiming for a Break>Break>Bird-of-Prey "combo" (e.g. triple-archer or dual-raider, with or without WLs), the highest-HP unit that can be killed by an 8STR BoP+puncture is 23, e.g. the fearsome 11ARM/12STR Thrasher, assuming he received 10AB.