View Full Version : strange map loading bug report? transparent ground

07-21-2013, 05:30 AM
I just encountered a strange buck in Quick Match. The match was found okay but when the map loaded (seashore map), the lower half of the screen had transparent/black ground. I asked my opponent if she had the same issue, she said yes. We decided to set up our teams and proceed with the match in the hopes that it would fix itself.

Deploying was okay, though the game started to chug a little with lag. During the first turn, the bug was still there, though we decided to keep playing despite that (after all it just made the game more interesting). However after a couple seconds my game froze and I had to quit. Idk if this is related but windows update was also warning me about restarting soon.

This is the only time this has happened to me and I plan to continue playing this amazing game. If it happens again I will post back here.


AMD phenom II black processor
Windows 7
Nvidia geforce GTX 570
8 GB ddr3 ram