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09-07-2013, 10:10 AM
Has anyone played the strategy RPG "Expeditions: Conquistador"? It's about a band of Spanish conquistadors exploring the New World and reminds me a lot of the Banner Saga. It's a mix of turn-based strategy battles, choose your own adventure style plotlines and surviving and exploring in the jungle wilderness. The hex-based combat system doesn't look nearly as complicated as the Banner Saga, the combat seems to be about hiding behind cover (and line of sight) and using lots of special abilities to your advantage. Each of your units has different personality traits and will get upset if you make decisions they disagree with. The game also seems to involve lot of micro-managing, where every night when you camp you have to decide who is guarding your camp, who is scouting, who is hunting, who is making meat into provisions and who is making medicine from local herbs. The game tries to be realistic, where wounded units will get sick and die unless you have medicine and a doctor, and where the harsh jungle climate is as dangerous as the natives you are fighting.

It sounds interesting, but I'm glad stoic decided not to make the travel mechanisms of their game as complicated. Apparently a big part of the game is resource management, and making sure you expedition always has enough supplies. I like their idea of Stoic creating different events when you have bad morale, instead of just applying a combat penalty to your units (which is what this game does).

Expeditions: Conquistador was created with the help of a kickstater campaign as well, and considering they only raised $77,247 the game looks pretty impressive. I've been thinking of downloading the game to distract myself until Banner Saga is released. The developers look like they have been very diligent at patching and improving the game since it's release. Have anyone around here played it? I'd be curious to hear what you thoughts.

09-16-2013, 12:57 PM
it does look very interesting indeed, not exactly like banner saga but closely related. its strength seems to be the writing. i'll check it out, thanks !

01-12-2014, 09:41 PM
I've seen it, but did not know it held that much similarities and depth of gameplay. Let me know if anyone does check it out, what you think

01-13-2014, 06:08 AM
I have checked it out. The combat, travelling and camping isnt its strong point (in my opinion) but the story and story decision (ethical reasoning) are done pretty well.

05-24-2015, 03:34 AM
This seems like the most appropriate thread for this game, recently announced, Expeditions: Vikings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbvVwvO64Nc). I admit that what has mainly kept me away Conquistador is its theme not being medieval :) Maybe this will do it for me!

05-24-2015, 05:29 AM
This seems like the most appropriate thread for this game, recently announced, Expeditions: Vikings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbvVwvO64Nc). I admit that what has mainly kept me away Conquistador is its theme not being medieval :) Maybe this will do it for me!

In many ways this game did certain things better than banner saga. The ethical decision and storyline was better invested in expedition conquistador. It actually felt that your decisions mattered. I liked the banner saga combat better although 100s of steam people dont like it and would prefer this one which is just the standard combat similar to the new xcom. Although I am still in the group that thought that the enemies AI and variability could have been better in banner saga.
And even though I didnt like the camping in this one it did it better than banner saga. Travelling aspect was better in banner than this one (and then I am mainly talking about the configuration, you travelled on a map in expedition and it was not efficient, I liked the linear travelling in banner although it could have had more decisions that varied the travelling).

These games were pretty similar and in my opinion expedition did better in certain ways but banner just had and has quite more potential. The main thing is just I completely adore the banner saga combat although it wasnt completely optimized for banner saga 1 the potential is still there and they still can fix it easily.

05-24-2015, 06:46 AM
I haven't played E:C, but I can definitely agree on the weak points in TBS that you raise:

(1) Decisions didn't really matter, for the *main* story. They just affected some side-branches, like which characters join/leave/die or added an extra item/event.

(2) Combat: It needs better AI and more variety, especially concerning combat objectives. Wars were also kinda "thin", but Stoic said they would redesign it. Now, the turn-order system is probably the most debated issue concerning combat, but I think many objections will be dropped if the AI is better adapted to the combat or if the game provides meaningful (story-wise) incentives to use "maim-dont-kill" strategy.

(3) Traveling and caravan management were too stripped down. Actually, it was just a vehicle for the story and the scenery, and it didn't feel like it mattered on its own. I feel the Renown/Supplies/Morale/Population system is way too simplified to be considered a "core" element of the game.

06-24-2018, 10:56 PM
This looks interesting :)