View Full Version : Clear Decisions

01-15-2014, 02:00 PM
Let me start by saying that i do enjoy the game very much and i think you guys did a good job.

But considering how important decisions are in this game you REALLY need to make clear what a decision means.
It's incredibly frustrating to choose an option and realize that that was the exact opposit of what you wanted to do. Then you look at the load screen and realize that you have to do the entire damn chapter again if you want to rectify your decision.
I am personally not a fan of save scumming, but you have to either allow it or make the decisions clearer. Maybe with a tooltip explaining in simple clear words what you mean.
2 examples:
After i beat down a varl that didn't want to follow me he said he wanted to join my personal guard. Since all the other options were pretty mean, i thought saying "My Guard, You?" meant something like "Awesome, you wanna protect me?", but no i instead refused him.

When you reach a town infested with Dregh you mate gives you the advice to lure them out and fight them in the open field. Then you have the option to charge in or keep your distance. I thought keeping my distance meant, similar to the situation we just had before, to lure the Dregh out of town and fight them. But no it instead meant to run around the town and avoid them.
That's rediculous. This guy gives us advice and there is just NO option to actually follow it?

This might not seem terrible, but story is important to me, so i don't want to live with a choice that i didn't intend to make. But i also don't want to have to replay the entire damn chapter again. It's just so annoying. Please try to convey your meaning better to the player. The ability descriptions have the same exact problem. They don't really tell you what an ability does, i only find out by trying them out, which is not really a good thing.