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01-16-2014, 03:11 PM
Played through on Hard. Felt just right difficulty wise, I had some Factions practice beforehand to learn the mechanics. I generally really loved the game. The tactics, story, music and characters are all well done.

If I could skip to the chase though, My One Gripe might be the very linear nature. I have plans to play through again, but I worry that replays will not be the game's forte. I had a similar thought to other posters about something I had in my mind as a slightly more freedom oriented run through, starring a new and perhaps random cast of characters also perhaps on a randomized different continent (separate from the story mode continent).

Towns you reach or events that happen on your journey are randomized. There is still an enemy army at your heels which you will fight from time to time.

Also at certain times in this mode there will be opportunities to "Rescue" someone new from trouble. This battle/rescue is the main source of recruitment in this mode. Though the mercenary shall be random, this event shall be happening now and then rather consistently. This "Gaining" of cast members shall be offset by two other events. One is that occasionally the "Rescue" is simply a trap set up by bandits, and regardless of victory in the battle no new member is gained in the event of a "Trap." The second event which shall also happen in a somewhat consistent manner as you travel, is that you will need to send one mercenary cast member to lead Dredge off away from the caravan along with 10 of your fighters. This "Lead Away" event is unavoidable, and there is a 50% chance you will never see that mercenary of your choosing again (and you lose the 10 or so fighters or 40 clansmen from the caravan stat).

As you rescue mercenaries and also Choose who to send on the most dangerous mission in this mode, of "Lead Away," (50% chance of losing the merc) this mode will allow more freedom because it has a method for weening out those you do not wish to keep.

The Mode ends or is "Won" in chapter 1 when all your mercenaries achieve rank 5 and each is equipped with a rank 5 item. This allows a long game, some freedom to choose your party in this non-story mode, challenge, randomization to the gameplay/playthroughs, and an end goal to be achieved so that you can continue with that particular Freedom Survival Mode Party in chapter 2.

Exactly how many mercenaries max you can recruit in this mode I am not sure. You would want a balance between the challenge of rotating the wounded from battle and the perk of some variety. It does not need to be a hard number. For instance the mode could end when 17 mercs reach level 5 and have a rank 5 item equipped or when only 15 mercs reach rank 5 with a rank 5 item.

To alleviate possible frustrations there Could be an event where one of your mercenaries leads 10 fighters or 40 clansmen to disperse desperate bandits ahead of you. And the mercenary you send if successful comes back with 1 kill. Which goes towards getting him ranked up. There will be a chance however he comes back slightly wounded (2 days) or more wounded (4 days), or worst of all needs 4 days of rest and received no kill.

You can make this "Disperse Bandits Ahead" event easier as necessary. Because along with the 1 kill this event grants, you will still need lots of renown, and you will need to balance the buying of supplies vs. ranking up and buying equippable items, and to win many battles before the Freedom Survival Mode can said to be "Won" or saved for next chapter.

EDIT: As you play this mode and rank up your mercenaries, ever increasingly difficult boss fights will be triggered depending on your overall mercenaries power (ranks). They should be of a mini-boss nature and not impossible, and should trigger after reaching that "power" AND having rested your units to a certain degree.

The supplies running out portion of this mode should still be challenging though I have not mentioned it.

Also it would be cool if on this random continent you could dictate what road you travel. If true random continents is too hard to include, then 10-12 pre-made maps, your starting location and the map itself chosen randomly at game start.

Also the game Freedom Survival Mode could end in a more sleek fashion if you only "Won" after all mercs achieve rank 5, equip a rank 5 item, AND reach one of the designated ports on your map so that they may travel to another continent in chapter 2 seamlessly from that port.

I do not know if Godstones and their save games fit this mode. It may be fun either way. The Godstones could all look broken on this continent, and perhaps there is only 3 saves per Survival Mode. The last two broken Godstone events and your most recent save.

EDIT: Also a boss fight at the port before the mode ends. A boss not seen in the original game.

Thanks for reading. I figured I'd suggest more ideas then you can implement rather then too few. =)
Enjoyed the game so far after 1 playthrough.

01-16-2014, 05:35 PM
Just out of curiosity - what stats did the last boss have on hard? 20/20 or higher? Does he also trivialise the fight by reacting to every attack made against him?

01-16-2014, 05:48 PM
yes. 20/20. yes he reacts to every attack. I got crushed many times, coming up with a winning strategy for that final fight is really the battle. I guess everyone's play will be a little different. I had spent a lot of renown on food as the game went, more so then ranking and items, but then in the last city I had 58 renown or something after a few battles there and had to figure who to rank up that wasn't injured to fight that battle the best. even the win was a near thing

01-16-2014, 07:20 PM
Awww - sucks a bit.
It makes this fight so easy and anticlimactic :(

09-24-2014, 07:01 PM
Resurrection Bump!?
I thought I'd bump this and see if resurrecting the post added to the survival mode discussions. My ideas mainly emphasize randomness in the mode so that play-throughs in survival mode do not become stale. Different Pre-made continent maps can be cycled, adding a bit of randomness to the world you travel. The mercs are gained randomly so that it makes you differ your party make-up from what you might be most comfortable with. I also like the idea that the main char could be something like a thrasher instead of the archer types from the main game. Mini-boss fights after certain party strength milestones are reached, but after you have also rested to a degree. Anyway I reread my post and still liked all the ideas so thought maybe I'd get some feedback now that people are talking about it again.

09-27-2014, 05:53 AM
Forums are so dead nowadays so that resurrected (undead :p) threads are better than nothings :)

+1 to: (a) randomness in encounters, maps and mercs/NPCs, (b) mini-boss fights every once in a while.

I think that the two main (human) characters --Rook & Alette-- were archer types, as those are generally more protected, so less likely to be knocked out in combat. I don't see any reason for not letting the option of "main hero" entirely free; we can choose anyone of a given set of heros to be the caravan leader. Each one will have his/her cons & pros.

The more I read this mercenaries idea, the more I like the concept of NPCs, both as characters and as battle-units. For example, you could choose to bring one of those NPCs to fight at your side, but they will be controlled by the AI. Also, their "characters" will be subject to randomness, meaning that their "attitude" (something like their "morale") will change in a manner not entirely predictable. For example, a Varl merc might get offended if you don't bring him to a fight, but an archer merc might become angry if you bring her in too many fights.