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01-16-2014, 04:30 PM
On the road past Hadrborg there is one small random travel event. First time through I got an event that allowed me to increase my supply. There is an auto save at Hadrborg, and I wanted to test the rng factor of those little random events, so I reloaded it half a dozen times and every single time I reloaded I got an event that allowed me to increase my moral. It never changed once after I loaded regardless of my choices at Hadrborg. Does the game detect loading an auto-save and only give mediocre travel events if you load a checkpoint that isn't the most recent? I also noticed the shop in the next village had different and much worse items after loading the checkpoint. Anyone else test this or was I just getting bad rng?

EDIT: I tried stopping to make camp before the travel event, didn't do anything in camp, and I got the supply event and the better market items in the next town; seems telling. Wonder if I can delete this thread and make a new one called "Gaming the travel events."