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01-18-2014, 10:03 PM
Just got done playing through what's released of the banner saga so far. I enjoyed it. I think others have already eloquently put what there is to like about it as a whole. I thought I'd share something a little more focused on a way a relatively minor character made a great impact on the way I atleast enjoyed it.

That character would be Eikkil. It seems the majority on there first playthrough chose not to trust him. I can see why. Something about his demeanor made me want to give him a chance on first meeting. Then he seemingly betrayed me right after. Very well then, shame on me for trusting someone clearly dishevelled and uncouth. Oh, and here's this wounded bandit telling me exactly how he set me up. well, this onef fellow seems reasonable. But then, after I left the town, Eikill followed. I chose the meet him and attack option, clearly figuring he was out for...revenge? He did start it.

but lo and behold, he was there to join us. For all his oddness, I honestly could not find insanity in his reasoning. Sure, it could have been another clever backstab- maybe he was simply a mastermind. I took the risk, against better judgement, and let him join. It seemed almost immediately that it was a bad idea, as I got events that caused concern. But, I did not confront him. He had proved a capable fighter in my party thusfar, and I had gone this far with trusting him. So be it when he does betray me, I figured.

Then it happened. Anyone who's gotten this far into the game and kept onef around knows what I'm talking about. And I immediately realized I made the right choice. About Eikkill, that is. He was a man forced into the role of villain by the circumstances, at the time of first meeting. but he never did really do anything unreasonable. The followup conversation whereby he had helped fight off the betrayers and explained onef's true origins sealed his place as a favorite of mine.

A good story creates a conflict in which almost all sides are reasonable in there actions, to them. desperation, culture, pride, greed- the banner saga so far did a decent job of portraying that. There were few, if any situations I encountered where I could not empathize with my attackers- they had there goals, I had mine. Only one of those goals could succeed. That is the nature of conflict. Eikkill should have attacked my caravan the second time, with that reasoning- but he strove above that. Just as my character strived to try and do what was right even amidst a situation in which many had to die and little could be spared for the sake of righteousness.

Anyway, just thought I'd give the guy some positive cred (and to whomever wrote him, of course) if we see our caravan return in episode 2, I'll look forward to more dialogue fleshing out all the different members.

01-19-2014, 09:06 AM
I haven't had any luck with it but is it possible to get Ekkill into your party without Onef?

01-19-2014, 12:14 PM
I believe this "triangle" (Onef-Ekkill-Caravan) was the most interesting part of the story, taking place in Chapters 3, 4 & 6. I followed exactly the same course as you did, Sigvard, and got to like Ekkill even more by the end.

I'd really like to see more character relations reach such "heights":

Rook-Alette is thoroughly portrayed.
Juno-Eyvind participate in (more than) teacher/student relation, which is decently explored.
Hakon-Ludin (and friends) tension builds up fairly well in Chapter 3, but is totally dropped.
Alette-Egil thing is introduced but never really flourishes.
Oddleif-Rook romance (?) is hinted at, but so, so lightly...

Finally, Varl, lacking females (or genre altogether => sexuality) are naturally deprived of such "strong flicks", for better or for worse! Their only concern seems to be drinking and fighting Dredge :) Commenting on the latter, their lack of reproduction doesn't go along well with this war-hungry recklessness their exhibit. They got no concern for their species welfare?

01-19-2014, 12:40 PM
Agreed. I never really saw Ekkil as bad though, just as mentally disturbed, and felt sorry for him, so i took him in hoping he wouldn't snap. After the betrayal i even started hoping he would spend more time with Alette:)

(I was thinking, about the Varl dying out, that the sun obviously have not stopped but rather the earth has slowed down, and the darkness thats spreading is the sun-less side of the planet as it turns slowly, and since its a cold place to begin with that place cant hold life so we have to move.
And! When moving across the continent to get away, what if we discover Varl females, either tall slim with antelope/gazelle like horns or sturdy women with cow horns, or with lion-ish manes/hairstyles and claws?)

01-19-2014, 12:55 PM
They got no concern for their species welfare?

I seem to remember reading that that were individually created by a god. In others words, no reproduction, just one-off Varls. And since the gods are dead and the Varl aren't eternal, their species is doomed anyway... Might as well go out with a bang, eh?

If I remember correctly you get this info on the godstone of the relevant god, though I don't recall his name (I think it's late in the game).