View Full Version : What Heroes are on your Dream Team? (SPOILERS)

01-19-2014, 07:37 AM
I am on my second play through and I have purposely avoided recruiting Onef/Ekkill and Egil is still alive after the bridge collapse. Fingers crossed he lasts.

For me Rook is by far the best character in the game.
Working to max his Exertion, Armor Break and Willpower. Give him the +3 Armor Break belt and you are good for ranged 9 Armor Break a round.

If you include Krumr in your party just put him a space or two behind Rook in your order and you can decimate any heavy armor Dredge. Say goodbye to 18 Armor in 3 turns!

I just left the bridge and this is my setup. Note that not all of my gear is Rank 5, but these are the items I have on hand.

Dream Team: [All stats are at Rank 5]

Item +3 Armor +1 Aggro
Key stats: 15Arm, 10Str, 5Will, 3Exert

Item +3 Willpower +1 Will per turn
Key Stats: 9Arm, 8Str, 12Will

Item +3 Armor Break Belt
Key Stats: 8Arm, 10Str, 8Will, 3Exert, 3ArmBreak

Item +2 Armor Break
Key Stats: 12Arm, 14Str, 6Will, 3Exert, 4ArmBreak

Item +2 Armor Break
Key Stats: 13Arm, 16Str, 8Will, 3Exert, 3ArmBreak

Item +2 Strength
Key Stats: 9Arm, 9Str, 8Will, 3Exert

Before meeting Krumr I was swapping in Mogun (R2) and Tryggvi (R3) whenever someone was injured. Tryggvi with max Str and the +2 Str item is a machine at 1-shotting archers.

Oddleif had issues killing until I got a +2 Str item, but her crowd control (especially against large Dredge) kept her in my party.

I would have liked to include Nid as she is a beast, but her stats capped out for me after rank 3. I am not sure if that is a bug. She was awesome in my first play through.

So, what are everyone else's favorite setup?