View Full Version : FF2012: Day One of Fantastic Arcade [Austin Chronicle]

09-21-2012, 12:36 PM
Day one of Fantastic Fest has come and gone but for those of you who didn't get to attend it, don't worry. Instead, check out this article on Austin Chronicle (here's a snippet):


This might sound like a bad thing. Waterworld and the Titanic both spared no expense, and look how those endeavors turned out. In this case the combined experience of the three studio members has led to great decisions on how to spend the wads of Kickstarter money they earned for The Banner Saga.

Make sure to read the whole article (there is some stuff about Austin Wintory's panel, too): FF2012: Day One of Fantastic Arcade (http://www.austinchronicle.com/blogs/screens/2012-09-20/ff2012-day-one-of-fantastic-arcade/).

Angelo Jr
09-21-2012, 11:21 PM
The horde is coming!!