View Full Version : The banners of The Banner Saga

01-23-2014, 01:29 AM
Hey, love the game, I've played it through 4 times already. I just wanted to make one observation.

Regarding the banners of The Banner Saga, I feel like they're a missed opportunity. The banners, in lore, are used to tell a town's history, so why not have them serve players the same way? What I mean is, a player's banner should become patterned according to the choices and events that take place, enabling a nice way to look back over the game, and potentially an easy way to share your story with others.

A shareable banner could also be nice for Factions, where it could serve as a way to share/show-off stats/achievements. Anyway, that's it. Once again, love the game and can't wait for more of it.