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01-25-2014, 02:55 PM
http://s28.postimg.org/5copfv9vt/Screenshot_9.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/5copfv9vt/)

Seriously, I'm playing on hard, and I'm usually pretty good with turn-based strategies, but this battle...either I am horribly incompetent, or am missing out something really crucial, I've tried it like 15 times and still couldn't win.

The problem is, if anyone apart from the shieldbearer (sorry, I still don't remember the class names) gets hit, they will literally be useless in two turns as they don't have enough armor to survive and their strength will go won. And they will get hit, because there is no way to put the shieldbearer ahead when I'm surrounded on two sides, and besides he is really slow and can be simply walked around.

In the very best scenarios, I managed to take the bottom four with no casualties, but then the top five simply ignored the shieldbearer, went for the other guys, they of course couldn't fight back due to low strength, and I lost again and again.

How do I win this?

Daniel M. Kane
01-27-2014, 08:37 PM
I'd try putting Gunnulf and Hakon before Mogr in the turn order. Let one group of dredge approach to attack range, move Gunnulf in to Tempest two (or more, if you're very lucky), and have Hakkon sunder a third. Position Mogr so that he can use Bring the Pain (at his best rank) on one of the other group before they get a chance to attack him, so he shreds their armor faster than they shred his. He might go down eventually. Note that rank 2+ BtP will cause the armor-shatter effect on dredge, since it does 3+ break damage. If he's far enough from the rest of your part, they should prioritize him (and if not, move up and Bring the Pain on one that bypasses you to soften them for your DPS).

You don't want to have your damage dealers finish off their victims, just do as much strength damage as you can without killing them, then move over to crush the guys beating on Mogr. They should have much of their armor depleted at this point. Kill them, then go back to mop up the first group.

Remember, if you kill weak enemies, you give the healthy ones more frequent turns. A 1 str enemy is usually more help than harm.

I'd suggest sending your damage dealers at whichever dredge have better Break stats, since you want Mogr to be able to tank his side as long as possible.

01-28-2014, 02:14 AM
Played this fight a few times already on different Hard playthroughs.

The key to winning is Gunnulf's Tempest ability. You have to find a way to set up an opportunity for him to hit as many enemies as possible with Tempest, but not kill them. This is very important. As Daniel mentioned, you want to weaken your enemies so that their strength is low enough for them to no longer be a threat, but at the same time, keep them alive so that your enemies have less frequent turns.

Start going for kills once every enemy on the board has been severely weakened, ideally with Gunnulf's Tempest again. You will want Gunnulf to get as many kills as possible by the end of Chapter 3, so that he will show up in Rook's caravan later at max level.

This is the biggest, and most important trick you need to learn if you want to survive the rest of your playthrough on Hard. Do not kill off weakened enemies immediately, they are useful for blocking movement and giving each baddie less frequent turns.

01-28-2014, 06:50 AM
This deployment is one of the most difficult ones... Don't worry, I had a similar one, but with 10 Slingers (10-11STR ones) instead of Grunts. The problem was that they moved every time I scratched them! :mad:

Some more tips from me:

Deploy in a corner (have Eirik in the middle, then get him to "Light Step" into cover) and study the turn-queue carefully before engaging.
You'll have tons of turn advantage. Try to hit the ones that just moved, while staying safely away from the upcoming ones.
Having your WH at such low-ARM renders him a "one-hit wonder". So, try to make that one hit count. He'll be the first to go. Use him as a meat-shield afterwards, and keep Tempesting adjacent Grunts to get the best out of Heavy-Impact (minimum 2STR damage to each unit).
Don't get your SM in too much trouble. Don't "light-up" this BtP ability unless he is gonna be hit at least twice. Turn-advantage is a problem here, as the ability "last less". I think that this one will win this fight for your.
Try to keep Hakon healthy, and use him to finish off enemies, or maim the ones who try to sneak around.
I hope you got some ARM-break and EX on Eirik, to make best use of that WP.

01-28-2014, 07:22 AM
Should be relatively easy:
- go for the top left side and let the right side come to You
- put SM as bait first, and keep reducing armor left and right
- use Hakon and Gunulf to kill/maim
- use Eirik to either help with armor reduction or dance him around the lower part to split the second wave coming from bottom
- make sure the dredge coming from bottom dont get a full str attack on Hakon and Gunulf if they had their armor reduced

01-29-2014, 10:34 AM
Not the worst fight in this game. I would recommend charging one side aggressively while stalling the other with a single varl.