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02-13-2014, 06:59 PM
This is a conversation that started a little bit in another thread, but I thought it worth opening the discussion in a thread of its own.

In short, what do you think is the best and/or most efficient way to pursue the High Spirits achievement, never allowing your morale to dip low? I've made one earnest attempt, but failed utterly because I couldn't keep enough food in stock (keeping Egil alive means killing/not recruiting Onef, which means missing out on ~150 supply when leaving Frostvellr, and that was a hole I was never able to quite climb out of). I was aiming to both never run out of supply AND keep good morale. Hasn't yet worked, though I haven't restarted to try doing it with Onef & Co.

It was suggested to me that trying to get the Quartermaster achievement (no deaths from starvation) and High Spirits in one run was a bad idea, since morale requires rest and rest uses up supply too quickly. I countered that, while I agree it's harder, it seems impossible to maintain good morale without also maintaining constant supply.

What have people tried? Have you had any success in this, yet? What's the best method to maintaining morale, hopefully without having to rely on getting lucky with certain random events at the right times?

02-14-2014, 03:29 AM
Hello Lightshear.

When I started my second playthrough, I was of a mind to chase three achievements at once:

(1) No starvation --> Ample supplies
(2) No poor morale --> Frequent resting
(3) 120 days to Boersgard --> Little (to no) resting

I also wanted to save Egil, so I missed on all Onef's supplies. Needless to say that I failed on (1) & (3), but I did manage (2). I think (3) is the most incompatible with the other two of that list, which are "do-able" on a single-run.

My failure to (1), no-starvation, was mostly due to me spending quite some Renown on leveling-up my characters. So, I did not drain supplies from each-and-every Market I met. The hardest part of the journey was Chapter 4, from Frostvellr to Einartoft, where there's very few battles (to earn renown) and very few settlement (to purchase supplies).


Another issue that made my task difficult concerned (2), high-morale, was this -- "You can never be sure when the morale moves a click-down"... I noticed that in most cases the coming of a new day dropped my morale by one point; maybe the coming of every second day...? I am not sure. So, I usually rested each "morning" to keep Good morale throughout the day. This means that I practically doubled the caravan-time and hence the supply demand. If we had an indication of when the morale would drop, or if we could rest until morale increased by one point...? Because, increasing the morale sometimes required resting two or even three days... Nevertheless, keeping normal morale was generally do-able, also in Chapter 6, where there were a lot of events that can increase your morale with the correct choices.

I am currently on my third play-through aiming for achievements (1) & (3), which I think I'll have no trouble getting. Thing are actually pretty simple: buy any supplies you come across (I'll be getting that snake Onef too :() and never rest.

02-14-2014, 02:31 PM
My hardest section (the one that caused me to abandon the achievement for this particular playthrough) was leaving Einartoft. I bought every bit of supply I could in chapter 4, draining most towns (including Frostvellr before I left, despite the terrible return on investment). However, the towns and renown gain in chapter 5 were just too anemic. If I'd rested more, morale may have stayed up but supply would have run out even faster. I tried minimal resting, but wound up unable to keep morale up despite (barely) enough supply to get from town to town.

Am I right in assuming that you don't regain morale if you rest but have no food? I would assume so. And I can only assume travelling on 0 supply drains morale faster. I don't know, I'm starting to think the only way to do it is to get Onef at Frostvellr and thus be able to save the 75 renown I spent on supply there until the next towns, where the return is much better. It's a shame, though - I dislike when there's only a single way to solve a given problem.

02-14-2014, 04:25 PM
Am I right in assuming that you don't regain morale if you rest but have no food?

That's right.

And I can only assume travelling on 0 supply drains morale faster.

I've found no indication of that in the game files:

http://i.imgur.com/evjAa83s.png (http://imgur.com/evjAa83)

And Aleonymous is right about one thing I forgot to mention in another topic: Morale changes at the end of the day, no matter when it has been modified (to me this is an annoying bug and definitely not a feature), so rest only at the very beginning of the day to reap full profits.

02-17-2014, 02:05 AM
It might be nice to have a guide for how many days it takes between towns. Maybe even how many days pass in general, so you can know approximately how much supply you'd need.

I can start a (VERY) rough outline. Feel free to chip in with updates/corrections/additions.

Chapter 1: it's about 3 days from Strand to Vedrfell.

Chapter 2: (buy only enough supply to get by - you lose everything but 3 days worth at the end of the chapter no matter what)
Opening to Skogr = ~1 day
Skogr to Godstone Hridvaldyr = ~1 day, forced to rest for 1 day
Hridvaldyr to Small village = ~1 day
Small village to Frostvellr = ~2 days, if you recruit the Thrashers add 1 day
Getting inside Frostvellr might take different amounts of time depending on your choices. I think it's at least 1 day.

Chapter 3: (Probably don't need to buy supply - this is the super-stocked caravan)
Vedrfell to unnamed village = ~5 days (you can skirt around the village, losing around half a day or so)
Unnamed village to Godstone Denglr = ~3 days, forced to lose another ~1 day
Godstone Denglr to Ridgehorn~3 days

Chapter 4: (Do they skip ahead days to the start of this? I seemed to remember ending Ch.3 at one day count, then starting Ch.4 at another)
Frostvellr to Wyrmtoe = ~8 days
Wyrmtoe to Godstone Marek = ~2 days , lose another day (or two?) if you want to get the Godscale item
Godstone Marek to Godstone Hadrborg= ~5 days
Godstone Hadrborg to Village outside Einartoft = ~2 days
Village to Einartoft = ~5 days

Chapter 5:
Einartoft = ~3 days minimum, I think. Then it could be another 3 days if you fight on the bridge, or you can just bug out immediately by blowing the bridge or chosing to abandon the city.

Chapter 6:
Einartoft to village = ~6 days
Village to Godstone Dundr = ~2 days
Godstone Dundr to Haukstorp = ~2 days; if you stop at Haukstorp you lose another day. You can skip around it instead - you miss a good fight, but there's no supply to buy here (at least, there weren't when I went - they were offered at 1:1 renown rate, but had 0 stock).
Haukstorp to Godstone Ingrid = ~1 day
Godstone Ingrid to Sigrholm = ~4 days. You can rest and wait for Juno, but A) She isn't coming and B) You lose a lot of supply by doing so. You can also save some time by trying to cross the river by going across Oregon Trail style, but that also costs a lot of supply (and maybe lives). Going around takes more time (Anybody know the exact number?) but saves food.
Sigrholm to Small village = ~6 days
Small village to Godstone Bjorulf = ~2 days
Godstone Bjorulf to Reynivik = ~2 days
Reynivik to Boersgard = ~4 days

Anybody know which places sell how much supply, and at what cost? Just to make this thing more complete.

02-17-2014, 03:58 AM
I completed the game to get the Forced-March achievement the other day, resting only just before reaching Boersgard. I wasted only a 4-5 days on optional side-quests/events (e.g. at Godstones), but otherwise I pressed on relentlessly. I think its possible to reach Boersgard in less than 110 days. I will check my save-games and fill out the map/day-checkpoints for cross-checking.

02-18-2014, 03:32 PM
Anybody know which places sell how much supply, and at what cost? Just to make this thing more complete.

It's in this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=224065586#-1

02-18-2014, 07:58 PM
It's in this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=224065586#-1

Took me a minute to dig through there and find the link to what you were talking about, but when I did... dang. I'd have saved myself a LOT of time if I'd found that guy's guide first! :D I'm surprised to find that my travel times track EXACTLY with his, though. I expected to have made more mistakes.