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06-04-2014, 02:10 PM
Allright, i know most of you have been beating the game 8-15 times etc and so have i... i have a few questions in concern of the caravan.

Whats the max amount of fighters u ever got in rooks caravan? mine was 204!

The shieldmaster in hakons campaign? has anyone figured out a way to keep him in party ? even if we have to mod the files etc?

the event see them off with extra supllies they will be back in less then a week! is there a way to keep them in the party, i mean cuz ive w8ed one week in the game so they could come back and nothing! maybe i took a wrong decision previously?(i know there is the option to force them stay).

ive been trying to find secrets inside the game so far havent found that many

i know u can leave skogr with 65 fighters instead of 35 or 45, dnno if u can leave with even more tough! somehow it seems that the correct lore is that he chieftain has to die but if u dont help fighters u leave with 45 fighters only.

i have a feeling tht u can explore more story details =)

or am i just fantasiaing on something that wont really happen?
one more thing ive checked the máster files with jhons software the one to unlock tryggvi, and i realized that MUTINY event can occur! is not 100% it will occur cuz it has prereqs! couldnt find em tough.

i know that there is a fight where we have to take na aditional route and is on that route that he betray us been thinking that maybe with extra fighters we could cut trough (CUZ THERE DO IS reqs of numbers of fighters and clansman for certain events)!

btw its beeen 6 onths since the launch of the game and so far i havent found a single guy with somthing i havent done before its kinda crazy!

06-10-2014, 06:54 AM
Hello there miguedog. We discussed most of the above topics in the chat, but I will leave some more comments here, for the future generations :p

I've personally done about 5-6 playthroughs so far, but I've played the final battle a lot of times if that's what you're asking. I believe most people beat the game just once or twice. The save-slot system allows you to explore the various options in a chapter-by-chapter way, with the sole exception being the "Onef mutiny" (which is triggered when Onef joins, but takes place much later).
The pursuit of maximizing the caravan population (clansmen, fighters, varl), albeit pointless, might be interesting. I'll have to check my records for the accurate figure, but I think that I've lost the savegame-set that led to the "no death to starvation" achievement, which would likely have the max population too.
Mogr, the Shieldmaster in Hakon's group, can be saved from death in Ridgehorn (chapter 3), that's sure. But, you can't use him until the very last fight. Actually, having no shieldbanger varl in chapter 6 makes things quite difficult there...
The chieftain of Skogr, Oddleif's spouse, can be saved from death by taking the right decisions when leaving the village. But, he supposedly remains gravely wounded and doesn't make an appearance later in the game, even though he's still typically in charge of all his people that left Skogr, until Oddleif passes down the Banner to Rook & Alette.
The mutiny in chapter 6 occurs only if you have taken Onef in your caravan (at the start of chapter 4). The only way to avoid it is by refusing him, or slaying him in chapter 4.
When cutting through the dredge, in Summer Pass (start of chapter 6, right after leaving Einartoft), there is no way to make it through the shortcut. After fighting & winning two wars, Iver stops you even if you try to take up a third war. Having a lot of fighters and varl changes nothing.