View Full Version : Dying on coals in pillage

07-19-2014, 06:21 PM
While i was in pillage with 2 units ( WL and WH) the turn came to my WL standing on coals, he died at the beginning of the turn and then the turn came to the opponent. My WH didn't have a move. I guess game mechanism somehow gives turn strictly to your opponent after dying on coals which is wrong for pillage. It's a very minor bug but it still should be at least registered :)

07-20-2014, 05:06 AM
Yes, this bug has evaded the fixed-bugs-list for a long long time...

Without being 100% sure, I believe that the turn-order bug you mentioned is only associated with Great-Hall coals (not SnB ones), and can happen either if you were standing on them, or walked into them. Those coals have a fundamental difference with the SnB coals: they are not "attached" to a certain unit (thus granting them a one round "life-cycle"), but are an non-disposable map element. The most malevolent instance of this bug is this: When you arrange for the 2nd-last enemy unit to die on the coals at the start of his turn. That way, the last enemy unit is not given first turn in pillage! :D

Actually, here emerges a somewhat fundamental rule (or, better, a fundamental intention) of the game's design: You cannot be killed in your turn. This rule makes it much easier for setting up the turn-order: Each time a unit from one team acts, the turn is given to the opponent team; only small changes apply for pillage. Apparently, there are currently three occasions where that rule is broken:

Standing on burning coals -- Kills you at the start of your turn,
Walking into burning coals or in a RoA trap -- Kills you after a move command was issued,
Killing an ally SS while standing on the tile she had trapped with RoA -- Kills you after you have used an AoE ability-attack (e.g. SnB, Tempest)

This turn-order "discrepancy" was quite hard to tackle/address while working on that TBSF-Simulator (http://stoicstudio.com/forum/showthread.php?1863-Towards-a-Factions-AI-Part-A-Simulator-for-Rank-0-units). I think my simulator is clean of that bug, but I can imagine it will be much harder to track this down in the full-complex implementation of the actual game...

Also, while looking into modding the Saga, I found out that there is a special "tile trigger" used for the Great-Hall coals, and it's actually the only such trigger available as a place-able map-element (not as ability, that is). Strangely, those coal triggers were not used anywhere in the Saga! The tutorial battle against the Skafling chieftain, in the Great-Hall, has only the visual-fx of the coals, not the damage-trigger. For the record, I had to copy-paste those triggers over from the Factions GH-map in the tutorial-battle-mod (http://www.twitch.tv/aleonymous/b/524873198) I made for the Saga.