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07-30-2014, 03:45 AM
Hello fellow Banner-fans.

SPOILERS follow! Fair warning :)

I've just finished up my second playthrough of this wonderful game, and noticed that my final number of heroes appeared higher than on my first, I managed to avoid the decisions that lost me my party members the first time around - namely Gunnulf, Yrsa, Egil and Mogr at the end. I also managed to gain Griss - who became a personal favourite. Anyway, to get to the point I checked and found that, with the following exceptions - I had saved/still had all of my heroes (minus Rook/Alette depending on your ending). I wanted to check if there was any way to save/have these guys:

1. Fasolt - my first playthrough, I killed him (heartwrench), my second he died fighting on the bridge. I've heard if you just leave he stays behind. Is there any way to keep him with you?

2. Sigbjorn - leaves with the Ravens in Boersgard - can this be avoided?

3. Onef/Ekkill - While Onef can go and lick a dredge's armour plating, I rather liked Ekkill, for all his nuttiness. I've head conflicting stories about the possibility of having Ekkill without Onef - just want this confirmed or denied

Nothing tremendously important I know, but I managed to avoid losing anyone else, and I like the idea of having as full a party as possible to (maybe) carry forward into the second chapter :)

Thanks in advance!

07-31-2014, 07:51 AM
ekkil comes instead egil, so you can have at least one raider after you lose two raiders (egil and onef). that's the mechanical answer.
the lore reason for not having ekkil without onef is that ekkil goes after your caravan because you took onef. i guess if onef is being injured too many times... maybe you can kill him

07-31-2014, 07:56 AM
i think that theoritcally anyone can reach the final battle but onef, even if not everyone Together at the same playtrough (no ekkil and egil)

07-31-2014, 09:13 AM
Hello fellow Banner-fans.
I wanted to check if there was any way to save/have these guys:
1. Fasolt
2. Sigbjorn
3. Onef/Ekkill

Hello there, and welcome to our little community :)

You are right, there is no way to "save" those characters, except Ekkill, but that also comes with double-edge. So:

1. Fasolt stays in Einartoft, no matter what, being loyal to Jorundr. After the fall of the varl fortress, he is presumed dead.
2. Sigbjorn is either left to die in Reynivik or, if you take him along, he rejoins the Ravens at Boersgard. In the latter case, he's not killed.
3a. Onef, if brought along, always attempts a mutiny, kills Egil (if he's still alive!) and eventually dies himself at Alette's hand.
3b. Ekkill can survive Boersgard and the Bellower fight. There is no plot-line killing him, actually. The problem is that Ekkill offers to join up only if you've already taken Onef. So, yeah, shigad is right: there's always the Ekkill-vs-Egil tradeoff.

For more info, check out our wiki-guide too: http://bannersaga.gamepedia.com/Guides:Keeping_Characters_Alive