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10-10-2014, 11:20 AM

I recently discovered The Banner Saga and became a huge fan. This is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and I was deeply touched by the story, especially the ending. The Factions is awesome, too, though I am not so good at it. If I had known when the kickstarter was happening, I would have gladly joined.

Anyway, my question is this: Will our choices in this first part of the game pass on to the next chapters?

This question inevitably includes [SPOILERS].

I found that Stoic promised the supporters about the choices made in the present game will be passed on to the next chapters. In the FAQ of the kickstarter page, it said that "The decisions you make and characters you build in Chapter 1 of the game will carry over into the other chapters of the game." I was wondering if this plan is still on going. The reason I would like to know about this is because of the ending. It seems to me that while there exist a lot of choices that could influence the party members, etc., but ultimately, there are two endings, in which one of the 'main character' dies. I noticed that when Alette survives, she puts her hood on for no evident reason, and Iver also points out her wearing the hood and tells her to take it off. In addition, when I check the Heroes roster back in Boersgard, that hooded version of Alette, at level one, is on the roster. I wonder if this change of outfit has anything to do with the chapter-two-version of Alette. I could not check when I chose Alette to shoot the arrow and Rook survived because that was my first playthrough and I was so immersed in the story to check anything :) Is there a 'legitimate' version of ending? In other words, who was supposed to be the one to shoot the silver arrow, Rook or Alette?
I was wondering if any other thread would answer my question, and one thread from two years ago seemed relevant.


Although I did not read every single comment on this thread, this helped me understand the mechanisms of choice-making. However, since this was before the launch, I assume there may have been changes in the plan.

In short,
1. Will our choices matter in the next chapter like those Telltale Games(the Walking Dead series)?
2. Is there a legitimate ending?

I know this is a bit late for this, but thanks to the Stoic for this wonderful game. Keep up the great work!

10-12-2014, 03:49 AM
Hey there, joopaca, and welcome to our humble viking community :)

1. Yes. Actually, Stoic have been extremely vocal about that part, mentioning it in every discussion about the ending and the story and second part.

2. I don't think I understand the word "legitimate" there. Personally, I believe both endings will lead to more or less a similar path, but with your caravan manned and led by different heroes. I hope the choice of having Rook or Alette die is somewhat balanced; both heroes were strong (maybe Rook a bit stronger, ability-wise) and took approximately equal parts in the story-telling. Some people have theorized that the hero who died to Bellower will be somehow "come back" (a la Gandalf?) in the following parts of the story. Then again, others theorize that new heroes will become PoV-characters in the following parts of the story, e.g. Hakon/Juno/Eyvind/Bolverk etc, with Rook/Alette/Iver moving to secondary or support roles.