View Full Version : Continuous iOS crashes and stuttering

10-13-2014, 07:07 AM
iOS 7.1.2, iPad Mini.

Progressively greater stuttering and eventual crashes in extended battles. There are no save points in the battles or even the between-battle dialogue, so the whole thing has to be re-played (and even then it might just crash again). Has made the game unplayable, so it's money down the drain at this point. I'm confident I'm not alone, as my device is bog standard.

Not much you can do to tweak an iOS system, so I have no ideas for running my own troubleshooting.

Is this a know issue, and are there any fixes?

10-13-2014, 10:55 AM
Ouch. Sounds like a "memory leak". Those problems were noticed on low-RAM PCs as well, where you needed to close the game and re-launch every 2-3 hours of play for it to be 100% stable.

In your case, I'd try freeing up memory by closing all unneeded applications running in the background. As a final measure, you could try de-activating the game's sound+music, as that was usually the culprit of those memory leaks.

EDIT -- Saving while in-battle is indeed not possible. But, remember that the game auto-saves each time you go into camp, or each time your arrive at a city/town/village. To say it simpler, everytime you see a click-able short-travel landmark (Heroes-tent, Training-tent, Leave/Rest tent, Marketplace etc) the game has just saved. That will help you know when you can safely close-and-re-open the game to be less plagued by these "memory leaks".