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11-27-2014, 03:29 PM
I just purchased and installed the Banner Saga from the Google Play store.

The sound is constantly stuttering in game, especially during battle.

I'm running it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (snapdragon version)

Any advice?

12-01-2014, 03:29 AM
I recently purchased the game from Google Play and have the exact same problem as you JonnyOptimua.

The only difference is I have a Tegra Note 7, my Android version is 4.4.2.

Also judging by the comments for the game, every Tegra Note 7 has the same issue.

12-08-2014, 03:23 AM
Hello there. Not sure what we (i.e. the community) can do to help as Android is a "closed" platform. My only advice, is to free up as much memory and CPU as possible by closing any unneeded applications; but, you most likely already tried this.... If the problem doesn't fix itself (...sometimes it happens...) your best choice is to wait for an update, from either the game or your platform. If it persists, try emailing support@stoicstudio.com.

12-11-2014, 02:49 AM
It is a compatibility issue, it will not get fixed with freeing up CPU or memory. You are right that it is best to wait for an update, but that is what we have already doing.

This topic was not originally in the community assistance forum and not really aimed at the community but Stoic and the developers that translated the game to Android. Personally I used every means necessary to inform them of the problem but as yet have not heard a reply on the issue. I only posted here on the off chance that it would help get the issue noticed, trying to cover all my bases.

08-30-2015, 07:24 AM
As I mentioned in another thread: I have no sound at all on the android version (newest version of game and android, Asus Memo Pad 8 LTE).

10-21-2015, 01:24 AM
So I just bought the game. I'm running a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 which can run other relatively high-end tablet games with no problem, but both the audio and the video in Banner Saga stutter significantly. It seems that there's been no response to this thread originally posted 11 months ago, and the app hasn't been updated for 4 months, o I wonder if there's any reason for me to post here.

Does anybody know if it's possible to get a refund?

11-04-2015, 06:02 AM
Sorry guys, your posts were kinda buried and only recently surfaced (first two posts by new members need approval) due to overall "slowness" of these forums/community :(

Stoic are quite rarely seen around here these days, so if they're not responding to emails, I don't know what else you can do. Maybe try through social media? (fb, twitter etc).

@KamiShikkaku -- Don't know about the refund. You'll have to take it with Stoic or VersusEvil (their publishers).